The Whole Point of Giving & Receiving

Gift Giving & Receiving: Why?

It’s usually around the holidays when people think a lot about gifts and when you’re blessed enough to give someone less fortunate a gift they need or desperately want it fills our hearts with a warm sense of all around goodness. 

The receiver in these cases feels as though they have been blessed and that’s the best kind of gift giving and receiving, unfortunately, there are other kinds … sometimes a ‘gift’ just ain’t a ‘gift’. Before you give or receive, make sure it’s for the right reason!

First off it’s a good idea to cover the facts of gift giving and below we’ve outlined the most important to start out with.

Gift Giving Facts:

  1. There are no laws (at least in the U.S.) that force anyone to give a gift; if you don’t want to give---don’t!
Gift giving has ill effects too! When you give someone a gift when you really don’t want to give, somehow the person receiving the gift almost always finds out that you didn’t want to give and that can cause some trouble.

  1. Even though there are no laws … there are guidelines/rules to follow.
If you’ve been married for twenty years and you’re in search of the perfect anniversary present but you feel that your spouse simply has everything they could possibly dream of … don’t be too confident!  One man who gave his wife a new stove for their anniversary is still missing. When everyone showed up for the party they were all impressed with the food yet Mr. Jenkins has yet to be found. Some believe that Mr. Jenkins is hiding in the sewer system.

  1. There is a time and a place for every kind of gift.
I saw this personally and it was not good. Someone who attended a baby shower gave the expecting parents some condoms. Although the gift of choice was intended as a joke, the expecting mother didn’t take too kindly to the thoughtful gesture and it’s been rumored that in a bout of revenge she covered this gift givers car in pure cow manure. All in all, it caused a big stink.

Gift Receiving Facts:

One of the most memorable gifts from history just happens to be the Trojan horse and if you remember the story then you’ll know just some of what can happen when you accept a gift … enough said.

The Basis of Gift Giving & Receiving:

Usually, gift giving and receiving isn’t so tricky, especially when the thought comes from the heart … the way that it should. Gift giving wasn’t invented from an idea to “brown nose” a person’s way up the corporate ladder, to hurt someone’s feelings or to place incriminating evidence in a person’s home.

Gift giving and receiving marks a celebration. Whether it’s a wedding, a holiday, a thank you gift, an engagement, a birthday, an achievement, get well wishes, a graduation, a new home, a new life it’s always best to give what you want that special person to have from you and by following that rule, those receiving will likely never forget the gesture.

The birth of Jesus Christ was celebrated with many gifts and no one complained, no one gave a gift because they felt pressured; it was simply heartfelt giving. And that’s the basic rule of thumb you should follow when giving or receiving a gift.

The Point of Gift Giving & Receiving:

Some people make gift giving harder than it really is by searching high and low for a gift that a special person will appreciate. The simple fact of the matter is the receiver will appreciate the gift simply because they’ve been acknowledged and they know that someone cares. All in all, remember that it is not the gift but the thought that truly, truly matters.

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