Treat Your Mom to a Bountiful Gift Basket for Mother’s Day

Being a mother is the toughest job on earth. The hours are dreadful, there are no fringe benefits, there are no days off, and there is no paycheck.  If that isn’t enough to intimidate any job applicant, the requirements for the position also includes the daunting task of raising caring, psychologically balanced and morally upstanding members of society.

Mother’s Day is a day that honors remarkable women and their influence on motherhood throughout the world. Although this day marks an annual event, it is observed on different dates depending on the country. 

Mother’s Day is an occasion for children of all ages to express the everlasting bond of love for their mothers. On Mother’s Day, you have a special opportunity to show your mom that she is an important part of your life. It’s a day to acknowledge her value and commitment. From the time she gave birth to nurturing you throughout the growing years, her love and devotion stood strong and firm. In honor of her dedication, what better way for you to reciprocate that allegiance than with a bountiful gift basket of special delights that she will surely enjoy?

Depending on what you plan on putting into the basket, gift baskets are easy to assemble. A personalized gift basket is truly a labor of love and more distinctive than commercially made baskets. With a bit of planning, you can create a custom-made basket that looks remarkable and brings a smile of gratitude to your mother’s face.  You have many options to choose from including size, shape, and color and they come with or without handles. You can make the final result look stunning with a basket full of her favorite pleasures and finish it off by wrapping the basket in beautifully tinted or clear cellophane. Attach a big bright bow and add a handmade card that simply says, “To Mom with love.” If your mother likes a particular color, pick a basket in that shade.

Gift baskets are generally made around a special theme. They are stuffed with an assortment of popular items that a person enjoys such as food products, gardening supplies, a spa package, gourmet chocolates, home décor or anything else that reflects the person’s interests. Once you’ve decided on what type of pastime that your mom might really enjoy, make a list of the items before you head out to purchase the collection. Try to be inventive when finding objects to fill the basket that are as unique as this special lady.

Below are two samplings of very popular baskets for Mother’s Day, but the sky is limited only by your creativity and imagination.

The Garden Basket:

With spring rolling in, the gardens are beginning to wake up again. One of the most distinctive baskets that you can create is a wheelbarrow chock full of items that every gardener is sure to love. It can include everything from tools, gloves, trimmers, pruners, plant seeds, plant food, knee pads, sun hat, apron, waterproof shoes, horticultural books, sundials, bird feeder, bird seed, garden figurines, wind chimes, birdbaths and a gift certificate for a local nursery. Wrap the whole wheelbarrow up with a big bow on top and leave it on the front steps for mom to discover on her special day. She will be thrilled by your thoughtfulness.  

The Spa Basket:

What better way to spend a day than to receive a gift basket that is all about luxury and personal pampering.  Treat your mom to everything that she needs to escape from the daily grind of work and family. Let her have a day to luxuriate with items such as scented soaps, foot pumices, massage creams, face and body exfoliants, hand and body lotions, luffa sponges, bath salts, face masks, shaving creams, scented oils, and candles. Top it off with a split of champagne from France and some gourmet chocolates. Add a gift certificate for her to have a relaxing massage with a local massage therapist. This basket idea is not only very popular but a well-deserved extravagance for the hard working woman that we call mom.

Mothers are the heart, soul, and backbone of the family and their love is unconditional. A personalized and plentiful gift basket is a great way of showing your mother how much she is cherished. It’s a memorable Mother's Day gift that she will appreciate and surely love.

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