Think your mom holds the earth, moon, and stars in her hands?

Mother’s Day is approaching, and you are wondering what on earth to get your Mom. She’s the woman who goes out and buys herself everything she wants and needs throughout the year and never leaves those around her much to choose from when special days like birthdays, Christmas or Mother’s Day approaches! While flowers, hanging baskets, and spa treatments are all nice gifts, sometimes you just want to give something different. Here are five unique and clever gifts that are sure to make your mom feel special and remember this Mother’s Day the rest of her life:

1.) Think your mom holds the earth, moon, and stars in her hands? Well, then why not name a star after her? While it won’t be officially recognized by NASA, you can adopt a star, name it a name of your choice and even choose which constellation the star is in if you wish. You adopt the star from the International Star Registry, you name it (after your mother in this case), and they send you a certificate displaying the name you chose and even a chart showing where the star is located in the heavens! Your mother will love it, and it’s relatively inexpensive.

2.) Is your mom crafty? Take her to the local self-glaze pottery shop. Most cities have pottery shops, and they have hundreds of pre-sculpted clay items to choose from. You can then paint what you choose with glaze, and then they fire your item for you. You can have fun just being creative and get a new coffee mug out of the deal as well! It can bring back some wonderful, nostalgic memories of sitting at the kitchen table together with your mother when you were little doing craft projects together!

3.) Does your mom have a soft heart for animals? Make a donation in her honor to a dog rescue. Most dog rescues rely entirely on private donations. These rescues not only receive animals from families who can no longer keep their pets but many of them make trips several times a month to look for dogs who are on “death row” at local kill shelters. They adopt these animals and, after socializing them if needed, work hard to place them with a loving family. All of your donations go directly to the care of these animals. You’ll feel good and save a life at the same time!

4.) Donate your time. This sounds simple, but in today’s hustle and bustle world, sometimes we don’t always have the time to lend ourselves to those around us. Does your mom volunteer somewhere? Go with her and help her during her volunteer time. Is she always asking you to go to church with her on Sunday mornings but that’s when you do your weekly grocery shopping? Do your shopping Saturday night and pick her up on Sunday morning for service. Many churches have a special service on Mother’s Day and imagine how pleased she would be to have you there! It could be as simple as going to the antique shops with her on Sunday afternoon and then to lunch at her favorite restaurant after. Sometimes simplicity is the best!

5.) The final and last idea is also simple, and it’s inexpensive, but it could be the best gift you’ve ever given to your mom. Purchase a memory book from the local craft store. This is a book that has blank pages in it for you to write in. Then sit down and do just that. Write down your favorite memories of her. Memories of your childhood, favorite Christmases, best vacations, from the time you were little until the present. Write down the times when you thought she looked particularly beautiful or the times that meant the most to you, times when she inspired you or when you drew on her strength. Include poems, photos, quotes…anything that reminds you of her. When she opens it, read one or two entries with her. It’s a gift that’s from the heart, one that will revive warm memories you can share. One she will treasure for the rest of her life.

It comes down to this, your mom is special. What better day than Mother’s Day to let her know that? Give her something that she never knew she wanted until you gave it to her! The gifts that will mean the most to her heart are the ones that came from yours. And those are the ones she’ll remember forever.

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