Giving the Perfect Corporate Gifts - a Smart Gift Giving Guide for Busy Business Owners

As a business owner, you have a lot of things to think about, and plenty of things on your plate. When the holidays and special occasions roll around, gift giving etiquette and who to choose the perfect gift might not be top of mind. Even so, giving the perfect corporate gift is an essential part of running a successful business, and in many ways giving the wrong gift is worse than giving no gift at all.

Whether you are saying thank you to your biggest customer to welcoming your latest client to the fold, there are some clear guidelines to consider when choosing the perfect corporate gift. Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is that there is no such thing as a perfect corporate gift - the gift that is perfect for one customer may be wholly inappropriate for the next.
The more you know about your customers, the easier it will be to create the perfect gift to thank them for their business. A gift basket is always a great choice for corporate giving, but knowing what to put in that basket is the hard part. The avid golfer in your client list might be thrilled with a gift basket full of tees, golf balls, and green fee gift cards, but an individual with no interest in the sport would be wholly unimpressed. Your fishing buddy/corporate partner would surely love a fishing-themed gift basket, while his non-outdoors enthusiast colleague would not.

If you are lucky enough to know each of your clients well enough to craft an appropriate gift basket, half the work of corporate gift giving is already done. Unfortunately, many business owners are not so lucky. They may know a bit about the hobbies of their biggest customers and corporate clients, but far less about others on their gift list. Fortunately, there are some gifts that are always appropriate, no matter who the recipient is or what they like.

A customized and engraved photo frame is always an appropriate corporate gift. Just about every business executive has at least a few family photographs in their office, and that makes a high-quality photo frame a much-appreciated gift. If you want to make that photo frame even more special, you can use it as the centerpiece of a beautiful gift basket. Just place the frame in the center of the basket, and fill in the rest with a variety of simple but elegant items.

Gift baskets filled with an array of edible or useful items are always great corporate gifts as well. Everyone will appreciate a wonderful basket filled with fresh fruit, delicious chocolates or other gourmet treats. No matter who your clients are or what they like, you can find a gift basket that will thrill them and make them think of your firm fondly every time they see it.

There is no doubt that corporate gift giving can be a real challenge, but choosing the perfect gift does not have to take you away from your other duties. Learning about the clients on your gift list and choosing gifts that will always be appropriate for corporate giving can make the next holiday season easier and make your business more successful.

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10 Creative Baby Shower Gift Baskets New Parents Will Love

A baby shower is a magical celebration of new life and parenthood. Make your baby shower gift memorable for the parents-to-be by creating a gift basket of items that are sure to come in handy when the baby arrives.

Here are 10 baby shower gift basket ideas you can use to make your baby gift a treasured one.

Baby Bath Set

Give the parents-to-be a bathtub full of gifts that will make bathing an infant less intimidating and more fun. Start with a plastic baby bath that can be used in the kitchen sink. Try to find one with a removable mesh hammock for newborns. Add baby shampoo and body wash, a thermometer for checking the bath water temperature and a cozy hooded towel. Don't forget a rubber ducky.

First Savings

Money and savings bonds are a popular gift for a new baby, and the right packaging can make it adorable.
Pick out a ceramic piggy bank featuring cute polka dots or another fun pattern. You can even have the bank personalized with the baby's name. Put cash, coins or savings bonds into the bank.

If you're crafty, use cash to create something cute to go along with your gift. Look online to find instructions for folding dollar bills into the shape of diapers, hearts or flowers. Tape each bill to a craft stick, and you have a money bouquet.


Even very small children can play with toys, and you can create a gift out of supplies for the baby's very first playtimes. Fill a small toy box with traditional baby toys like colorful stacking cups, shape sorters and handheld objects that rattle or jingle. Add a few cloth books and a big stuffed animal.

Portable Comfort

Comforting a tired baby can be difficult in new surroundings. If parents will be taking their baby on trips or visits, make a present that will help soothe their little one to sleep. Start with a portable baby swing with motion to help calm the child. These are smaller than traditional swings and can be tucked into the back of a car for travel. Also, give a white noise machine or a machine that mimics sounds from nature to help the baby sleep. Finish your gift with some cozy swaddling blankets.

Feeding Fun

Mealtime can be a cute theme for a baby gift. A bottle warmer is a useful luxury for warming a bottle quickly when a baby is crying for food. Surround it with bottles if you know which kind the new parents are planning to use.

Be sure to include a few feeding gifts to use as the baby grows. A mesh fruit feeder is a great tool for letting babies chew on fruit without parents worrying about choking. Mom and Dad can also fill it with fresh fruit to soothe a fussy teether. Top off the gift basket with a cute place setting that includes a baby cup, plate, and utensils.

Practical Presents

New parents get a lot of adorable gifts, but they may not be getting the practical items they need. You can create a gift by assembling several items that are sure to be useful. Many diaper bags have excellent organization systems and come with extras like built-in changing pads. Use one of these bags as the container for your gift.

Inside the bag, place a copy a traditional baby care manual such as "What to Expect the First Year." Then add a baby health care kit that contains suction for stuffy noses, a thermometer to measure temperature, a medicine dropper and even infant sized nail clippers. Include a package of linking rings that can attach toys and treats to a stroller or car seat.

On the Move

Babies love to get outside and see the world. Make it easier for new parents to take the baby on walks with this themed gift. A snap and go stroller frame is a very useful tool for getting out and about with a baby. It's simply a metal frame that an infant carrier can easily clip onto, so the baby doesn't have to be moved from one seat to another before a walk. It also folds quickly to fit in a car.

Round out this gift with a picnic blanket so the baby can stop during walks and play. Also, include a small cooler bag for snacks and drinks on the go.

Nursing Necessities

If you know that the mom-to-be is planning on nursing, you can help make the process easier with some luxury supplies. Surprise the new mom with a breastmilk pump that includes all the bells and whistles like an LCD screen for controlling the suction and measuring the amount taken. A bright screen is helpful because it can be seen even when Mom is trying to pump in a dark room.

A nursing pillow is another useful item that can make nursing more comfortable. It props the baby up so Mom can relax. Nursing pillows are also nice for new dads who can bond with their babies through bottle feedings. You may also want to include a package of nursing pads.

Dressed Up

Shopping for baby clothes is a delight, but the new parents will probably be getting a lot of cute outfits and onesies. It's okay to buy some traditional clothing but think outside the box as well. Consider adorable fabric baby shoes. Some feature sweet designs, and many have little animal faces on the front.

While you're looking for clothes, purchase a few sleep bags. Regular blankets are not recommended for infants, but a sleep bag is safe because it moves with the baby. Parents will find themselves reaching for these night after night. Top off your gift with a sweet hat cap.

Sleep Basket

A Moses basket makes the perfect, portable baby bed. It can be set up in the family living area for naps or used in a crib at night for sleeping. Be sure to include specially made sheets for the basket. You can also buy a swing frame that rocks the baby to sleep right in the basket.

Give a baby shower gift that new parents will always remember and appreciate by creating a present around a theme. The gift will be fun to open at a baby shower and is sure to come in handy many times during the baby's first year and beyond.

You can use one of these baby shower gift ideas, or let these ideas be an inspiration to come up with something creative of your own.