Remember the True Meaning of Christmas Gifts

The origins of Christmas gifts stem far back into time.  The ancient Romans celebrated a season of festivities to honor their deity and raise the spirits of the people.  The people gathered together and created traditions amongst their families.  Gifts were given from the elite to honor citizens and soon the tradition spread.  Gifts were soon given generously amongst the people to express love and appreciation.  It was a time of joy and merriment. 

Throughout time we see the pattern of giving repeated through cultures.  Tales are sprinkled throughout history that tell of a man with secretive helpers who delivered gifts to the children to bring them joy and happiness.  The children would merrily set out shoes or stockings for their treats to appear in overnight.  The generosity of the mysterious man was reflected in the people.  Homemade sweets and handcrafted items were given amongst family and friends during the holiday season.  

The Bible tells of the three wise men that came to see the Christ upon his birth.  They each brought a gift to honor him.   It became a tradition amongst his followers to give gifts to one another to celebrate his birth each year.  The season became named for Jesus Christ, yet traditions throughout many religions and cultures have been intertwined to create the modern holiday. 

Today Christmas is celebrated throughout the nation.  It is a holiday that warms the hearts and homes of millions.  Families today have created their own traditions just as people did in the ancient times.  Christmas is a time to celebrate and appreciate the people dearest to you.  Christmas gifts are a means by which we express this love and appreciation.  However, it seems that in recent decades giving has turned the season of joy into a taxing occasion.

The giving of Christmas gifts has become obligatory and stressful.  Long lines, sold-out items, and expensive electronics have caused many to forget the true meaning of giving on this holiday.  Christmas is about love, family, and merriment rather than stress and anxiety.  Christmas gifts are an altruistic way to express love and appreciation. 

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