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5 Tips for Easy Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Every year, millions of American families scramble to prepare and execute a successful Thanksgiving dinner. Besides cooking a great meal, decorating the table is one of the key ways to be a fun host and put guests in the holiday spirit. 

Sandwiched between Halloween and Christmas, Thanksgiving can be overlooked, and subtle things like decorations are easy to skip, especially with a busy schedule.

So, how do you exert minimal effort and create unique Turkey Day decor? Check out the five easy decoration ideas below to get a jump start on your table decorations. 

1. Natural Centerpiece

What could be better than getting the centerpiece for your table without spending a dollar? Most places throughout the United States have an abundance of trees that can provide original table decorations for free. Next time you go on a walk through your neighborhood, keep your eyes peeled for pinecones and fallen leaves of varying yellows, oranges, and reds. Better yet, if any children (preferably your own kids) are available, ask them to bring home pinecones and leaves they find throughout the week. Once you have the materials, you can assemble them into a wreath or similar shape. If necessary, you can use a glue gun to stick everything together. 

2. Seasonal Fruits

Possibly the quickest and easiest decoration, seasonal fruits and vegetables can be strategically placed along the table to bring out different autumn colors. A few of the best fruits to pick up include mini-pumpkins, persimmons, corn, and squash. These should all be available at your local market or even big supermarkets. If you purchase three or four of each type, you can make several identical clusters around your dining area. 

3. Corn Husk-Wrapped Candles

Candles are an essential component of any holiday meal. An easy and affordable way to turn any candle into a Thanksgiving flame is to wrap the existing candle holder in dried corn husks. The one tricky part with this decoration is getting the corn husks. There are packages available on Amazon for a few dollar,s or you can try your local farmers market or pumpkin patch. Once the husks are acquired, a little tape is all you need to complete the project. 

4. Seed and Nut Displays

Another creative way to use food to decorate the table is with jars or glass containers filled with nuts and seeds. A few varieties that work well include acorns, walnuts, and pumpkin seeds. If you want more color, cranberries are nice for adding some red. This decorating tactic can also be used to spruce up a glass candle holder by putting the nuts underneath the candle inside of the container. 

5. DIY Placemats

Lastly, a creative way to spend some time or get the rest of family involved is to make placemats. One favorite DIY placemat strategy is to buy some Thanksgiving-themed paper placemats with leaves and other shapes, and use markers to color them in. Another option is to collect some fallen leaves and press them with books. Once they are nice and flat, you can glue them down onto a rectangular piece of stock paper to give it form. 

Whether this year's Thanksgiving will be spent with some friends, a few family members, or a massive extended family, it's always nice to add some autumn colors and textures to the evening. If you follow some of these table decoration tips, your guests are sure to be thankful for yet another thing. With so many easy and imaginative ways to use leaves, nuts, fruits, and candles, you shouldn't be surprised when you come up with your own tweaks and ideas to make new and exciting decorations.

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