Christmas Gift Ideas on a Low Budget

Christmas is just around the corner, but how do you buy gifts for friends and family without creating a financial burden for yourself in the New Year? In this time of recession, when job uncertainty is the new norm, use some imagination and flair to enhance low-budget gifts and enjoy the season of giving without breaking the bank.

Christmas Gift Baskets

Dressing up a small gift with the use of a basket provides an instant impact for the recipient. A simple present becomes grandiose with the visual effect of a well-decorated basket. Scour your local thrift stores and second-hand markets to pick up high-handle baskets for pennies. Spend a couple of dollars on a reel of floristry ribbon to create bows and ribbon curls for each basket. Buying floristry ribbon is an inexpensive way to create a variety of decorations that make the gift look professionally presented. Shred Christmas wrapping paper to half fill each basket. Position your gift, such as a box of chocolates, in the center of the basket. Arrange two or three budget-priced Christmas gift boxes of crackers or cookies around the gift. Sprinkle a couple of handfuls of single-wrapped toffee or sweets, from a low-priced packet, into the gaps between the gift, cookies, and crackers. Add two mini-sized chocolate candy bars from a multipack to give another dimension to the basket. Spiral a length of ribbon around the handle. Center a multi-looped bow on the top of the handle to complete the look.

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