How to Make Your Own Baby Gift Basket

Have you ever been invited to a baby shower and you're not sure what you should bring?  Learn how to make a baby shower gift basket!

Do you have a friend who has recently given birth to a new baby and you can't think of a baby gift to give? A great way for you to let your friends or family know how much you love is to give them an adorable baby gift basket. People love gift baskets and there is no nicer way to present them with an assortment of new baby gifts that they will love.
Baby gift baskets usually have a theme and contain related items that are special to the recipient. These baby baskets have an assortment of baby gifts that will be helpful to the new parents as they welcome their new baby. If you have the time you can create your own baby gift basket.  Here are several great ideas for what to include in your gift basket.

Nursery Items for New Baby Basket

For the nursery, you might want to include fun, colorful mobiles to capture the baby's attention, lullaby music to soothe him or her and CDs with nursery rhymes. Sometimes people even create deluxe baby gift baskets that might include cribs, layettes, changing mats for tables and other baby furniture. Another great choice would be educational baby toys. The new parents will love that these toys are geared to stimulate the brain development of the baby.

Small, Useful Baby Gifts

It is always great to include small but very useful baby items in the baby gift basket. These might include pacifiers, rattles, feeding bottles, teethers, spoons, bibs and infant cups. You can either make up a basket with lots of these items or use them as stuffers in a larger gift basket.

Baby Bath Time Essentials

Bath toys are very popular in baby gift baskets. You might include baby powder, wipes, baby shampoo, baby towels, tub toys and/or a brush set. It won't be long before that baby loves splashing in the bath. Add to this some of the many darling baby clothes that are available for a complete gift basket. Make sure you either buy for the gender of the baby or buy clothes that are gender neutral.
Sometimes you might want to create a gift basket for a toddler or a slightly older child. In that case, choose items that are suitable to the child's age. This might include board books, piggy banks, board games and soft toys. Kids love those toys and will be delighted. The parents will be pleased if you include toddler clothes.
If your gift basket is intended as a baby shower gift, you can add baby cookies, jelly beans, baby cakes and other baby foods. You can also include invitations and announcements along with picture albums and small picture frames. Your family and friends will love these nice gestures.
For the new parents, it is fun to include a few gifts for them inside the baby basket such as gourmet food, snacks, coffee or tea for their own celebration. New parents will definitely appreciate your thoughtfulness.
A gift basket for a baby girl might be decorated with ruffles and bows but you can also do a decoupage of baby items or baby pictures. You can also include other handmade crafts such as origami, small paintings, sculptures, papier mache and knitted or woven items.
If the baby gift basket is for a baptism or christening, it's a great idea to include silver cups, a small bible or other religious symbols.
Your family and friends will love receiving baby gift baskets. An adorable gift basket always shows your love and friendship in such a beautiful way.

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  1. A nice gift basket this is. Looking great and would be definitely appreciated by the parents of the new born baby. Last year only I wanted to give some gifts like this to one of my best friends. But finally got confused what to include in this basket. I thought of including some chocolates and baby diapers but couldn't choose the best toy from the number of toys. But I enjoyed that baby shower a lot as this was the first one for my friend couple. However, you have displayed here some cool gifts. Thanks a lot.

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