Couples Baby Shower. How to Throw a Baby Shower for Couples

Below are great ideas for a fun Couples Baby Shower. Invite close friends, grandparents and those special people in the mom’s life. This is an easy baby shower to put together, it's so comfortable and easy to set up. 


DECOR AND TAKE HOME GIFTS: Take small stuffed teddy bears and attach with ribbons to small clay flowerpots. Set it as if the teddy bear is holding the pot on its lap. Put a pretty little plant it each, one per couple and single guest. Then for the mother to be, give her the exact same gift with a big teddy holding the clay flowerpot (tie it to the bear with a ribbon). To conserve money put your take home gifts on the tables and larger bear for the “mom to be”, on the food table as a centerpiece! Then at the end of the party have the guests & soon to be mom, take home their appropriate gift. 

Couples Baby Shower Activities

"WHO'S THAT BABY?"  -  Have all the guests bring baby pictures to the host ahead of time. Have them posted on a board with numbers. Give each person a piece of paper and let him or her guess who each baby is? You can choose to give a gift or not. You don't necessarily have to when you have take home gifts for each. This game is a great conversation starter! 

"BABY BINGO"  - Make up blank bingo cards - have the guests fill them in with baby items, then you have precut pieces of paper with baby items on them and start pulling them as you would for bingo. Give the guests a colored marker to check off their called items. 

"BABY NEEDS MEMORY GAME" - Place a bunch of new baby necessities on a tray (small items) and have them covered. When the game begins each person will have 10 seconds to look at it then you cover it back up. Even make the guests close their eyes until you tap them for their turn. After everyone has had a turn - hand them a piece of paper and pencil and give them 5 minutes to write down as many things as they can remember. The one with the most wins and the “mother to be” will receive all of the baby items on the tray - she will be thrilled. 

FOOD: Have a good old fashion BBQ. Grille out your favorite food and even have the guests bring their favorite side dish or dessert. 

TABLEWARE: Make sure you have pre-purchased a themed or colored table pattern. Supply one per person on the dinner and dessert plates, with 4 to 6 extra, in case you have surprise guests. Over buy the cups and napkins by about a half, in case a guest would happen to throw away their napkin or cup and then need new. Remember to supply enough napkins for the dinner and dessert, along with the extra. 

Your friends and family will have a wonderful day of friendship and memories. What a wonderful way to share your love for the “mother to be”. 

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