Manners Matter, Kids Demonstrating Good Social Skills

Most parents agree that they want their children to display good manners.

We nudge “please” and “thank you” from their mouths hoping they’ll grow into mannerly adults. But, should good manners stop with those two gestures? Parents have wonderful opportunities every day to demonstrate good social skills.

At the Store —Drive slowly in the parking lot. Allow pedestrians to cross. Take your basket to the cart return bin. Say “excuse me” when crossing in front of someone scanning a shelf. Hold the door for someone walking closely behind you. None of these acts seems like a big deal. But, if you’ve ever been spattered with mud by a passing car, been caught in the rain waiting for traffic, or had a rolling stray cart hit your vehicle, you know what a big deal they can be.

At the Restaurant —Talk in a low voice so you don’t disturb other diners. Say “Thank you,” to servers who refill your glass or bring you food. Brush up extra messes that young children might create. Don’t take cell phone calls at the table.

On the Road —drive slowly as you pass walkers and bikers, wave and thank drivers that have pulled over to allow you to pass, get off the cell phone, pull over for funeral processions.

At the Park —throw away trash after a picnic, don’t hog the walking paths. Move to one side or the other to allow others to pass, and don’t play too close to other groups or disturb their activities.

At the Movies —talk low while waiting for the show to start. Don’t talk during the movie. Try not to kick the seat in front of you.

It’s important to teach children that we all live together in the same world. We have the choice everyday to help make our world a nicer place or not. Each time we, as adults, perform a common courtesy we provide an opportunity to teach a child the proper way to treat others. Don’t take your job as a parent for granted. Don’t forget that even if you aren’t a parent, you teach children manners also by your actions. Make the most of teachable moments.

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How to De-Stress, 20 Stress-Reducing Options

Constant stress can wreak havoc on our bodies, our minds and  our souls.

Some medical problems are triggered by continual stress, and emotional trauma, instability and mild forms of depression are also likely to result.

By taking a few moments to de-stress when you feel the levels and intensity rising, you can save yourself from undue anxiety and potential health problems. Below are 20 stress-reducing options to help you eliminate the physical and mental feelings caused by stress.

Take a Hot Bubble Bath. The soothing suds and warm water can wash your cares away while relaxing your tired, aching muscles. If you want to enhance the healing effects, turn on some soft music, dive into a good book, or just daydream the night away.

Throw on your Comfiest Pajamas and Grab a Good Book! Snuggling up under the covers in your cozy bed with soft, comfortable clothing can be enough to relax you almost immediately. Find your favorite magazine, pull out a book you have been meaning to read or just put on one of those cooling eye-masks to alleviate them from the cares of the day.

Pamper yourself with a Pedicure and a Facial. The softness and smoothness returned to your weary feet may be enough to relax you and help you reduce your stress level, but don't stop there! Use a gentle cleanser and apply a mud-mask and sit back for 10-15 minutes while it works its wonders. If you're feeling especially energetic, cut two cucumber slices to place over your eyes. Think happy thoughts and drift away from the things that trouble you.

Take a 20-minute "Power-Nap". If you've got more things on your To-Do List-Right when you get home from work, shed your business attire and hop into your bed-set your alarm for 20 minutes if you have other things on the evening's agenda, or allow yourself to awake naturally if you have a free schedule. Your energy should return to you in no time!

Make sure you have some Delectable Desserts in the house and Indulge! Cakes, cookies, pastries, brownies... they are all comfort foods to me. Treat yourself to something extravagant and delicious.

Light an Aromatherapy Candle and Play some Soft Music-Close your eyes and imagine whatever peaceful moments come to mind. Relax and think about your hopes and dreams for the not-so-distant future. (Be careful not to leave candles burning unattended).

Convince your Sweetheart to give you a Massage! A simple back massage or foot massage has been known to greatly reduce stress and send the recipient into a super-relaxed state. Just don't forget to return the favor when your sweetie is having a bad day!

Kick Back in Comfortable Clothes and Look through your Photo Albums-Memories of happy times can easily bring a smile to your face and take you back to days when the tides weren't so turbulent... Plan a vacation or a get-together with friends for another photo-taking opportunity to add to your scrapbooks, and the simple act of having something to look forward to should significantly help you cope with your stress.

Start Keeping a Diary or a Journal, just for yourself! Record your innermost thoughts and feelings, and vent out your angst of the day. It can be very effective to get your troubles off your chest and onto a sheet of paper, where they'll stay for the rest of the night.

Immediate Results for Urgent Needs: Deep Breathing-Take deep breaths when you feel your stress levels begin to escalate. Start by counting to three inhaling and then to three while exhaling. Gradually increase it to five, six or seven as you try to calm yourself from the aggravating element.

Stretching, Especially if you find yourself irritated at work, raise your arms above your head, arch your back and give it a good stretch. Get up from your desk and walk around-five minute breaks are definitely allowed when your sanity is at stake!

Go Somewhere to Be Alone and Have a Good Cry or Confront the Source-I have been on the brink of tears while on the job, and sometimes the best solution to an overly stressful day is to lock yourself in a room (failing that, your car) and let loose. The relief and renewal experienced by letting out a couple of tears rejuvenates the body and the mind. Get mad, get upset, but get over it...cry in privacy or express yourself to the afflicting individual-chances are you will feel much better once you confront the agitating factor.

Do Something for YOU. Play an instrument, knit or crochet, work on a scrapbook or partake in another of your hobbies. Lose yourself in the moment and do not think about your stress until you must. Go to bed early with a light heart and dream of happy and carefree moments ahead.

Exercise or Go for a Jog. Do some abdominal workouts, aerobics or lift some weights. Exercising renews the body and gives the mind an easy escape from daily troubles.

Enjoy a cup of Herbal Tea and a few Cookies or a Good Book. Soothe yourself with a warm beverage and some sweets or get lost in some good reads. Reading can be a great escape from stress because it requires your mind to focus on something other than your own problems.

Order-Out! Indulge in some Comfort Foods or a cup of Hot Cocoa-Avoid making dinner or dessert for the night and call for a pizza, pick up some Chinese food or find a place that makes great seafood to go. Whatever your palate desires, treat yourself (and your family) to a night of take-out.

Try Something Like Yoga or Meditation to Relieve the Day's Stressors-Beneficial results occur by relaxing the body through yoga exercises. Mental, physical and spiritual responses to yoga and meditations can very powerfully reduce stress's effects on your mood and your body in general.

Break out of the Routine! Do something unusual and avoid the stressors. Your laundry can wait another day or two, run the dishwasher tomorrow and just relax! Get together with a few friends and go on an adventure-leave the town you know and the buildings you inhabit day after day and take a hike, hit up the beach or go sailing on a beautiful body of water.

Spend Time with Loved Ones and Pets! If they are the ones making you stressed out, you may think about some alone-time, but more times than not, there's nothing quite like that unconditional love freely given by our furry friends who look to us for the same affection.

No matter what stressors affect you from day to day, it is important to try to combat them before they get out of hand. Job related stress could follow you home and may then have an effect not only on you and your body but on your family, too. 

Do what you can to reduce stress and ask those who are close to you for advice if you can't find a reasonable alternative to the taxing feelings forced upon you by stress. Remember: worrying does not get you anywhere-all it does is take up time. Get out there and do something about it!

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Recovery, Thinking of You Gift Basket

Thinking Of You Gift Basket

Lift their spirits with this beautiful recovery gift basket of scrumptious gourmet food, sweets, treats and gifts to brighten their day.

Get well, sympathy, comfort...Know someone who could use a little recovery treat? This thoughtful gift basket is perfect for anyone who needs a little spirit lifting. They will know you care when they receive this beautiful gift basket.  Available in two sizes. Select desired size at checkout.

  • “Thinking of you” gourmet Snack Mix
  • Toasted Almond Cookies
  • 2 Ghirardelli Chocolate Bars
  • Rum Cake
  • English Cinnamon Tea Cookies
  • Lemon Almond Thimble Cookies
  • Chocolate Almond Toffee
  • French Vanilla Cocoa
  • Gourmet Hazelnut Coffee
A larger white basket with everything mentioned above plus;
  • Rich Chocolate Truffles
  • Gouda Cheese & Chive Bites
  • Toasted Butter Crackers
  • Wild Alaskan Smoked Salmon
  • Camembert Cheese Spread

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Couples Baby Shower. How to Throw a Baby Shower for Couples

Below are great ideas for a fun Couples Baby Shower. Invite close friends, grandparents and those special people in the mom’s life. This is an easy baby shower to put together, it's so comfortable and easy to set up. 


DECOR AND TAKE HOME GIFTS: Take small stuffed teddy bears and attach with ribbons to small clay flowerpots. Set it as if the teddy bear is holding the pot on its lap. Put a pretty little plant it each, one per couple and single guest. Then for the mother to be, give her the exact same gift with a big teddy holding the clay flowerpot (tie it to the bear with a ribbon). To conserve money put your take home gifts on the tables and larger bear for the “mom to be”, on the food table as a centerpiece! Then at the end of the party have the guests & soon to be mom, take home their appropriate gift. 

Couples Baby Shower Activities

"WHO'S THAT BABY?"  -  Have all the guests bring baby pictures to the host ahead of time. Have them posted on a board with numbers. Give each person a piece of paper and let him or her guess who each baby is? You can choose to give a gift or not. You don't necessarily have to when you have take home gifts for each. This game is a great conversation starter! 

"BABY BINGO"  - Make up blank bingo cards - have the guests fill them in with baby items, then you have precut pieces of paper with baby items on them and start pulling them as you would for bingo. Give the guests a colored marker to check off their called items. 

"BABY NEEDS MEMORY GAME" - Place a bunch of new baby necessities on a tray (small items) and have them covered. When the game begins each person will have 10 seconds to look at it then you cover it back up. Even make the guests close their eyes until you tap them for their turn. After everyone has had a turn - hand them a piece of paper and pencil and give them 5 minutes to write down as many things as they can remember. The one with the most wins and the “mother to be” will receive all of the baby items on the tray - she will be thrilled. 

FOOD: Have a good old fashion BBQ. Grille out your favorite food and even have the guests bring their favorite side dish or dessert. 

TABLEWARE: Make sure you have pre-purchased a themed or colored table pattern. Supply one per person on the dinner and dessert plates, with 4 to 6 extra, in case you have surprise guests. Over buy the cups and napkins by about a half, in case a guest would happen to throw away their napkin or cup and then need new. Remember to supply enough napkins for the dinner and dessert, along with the extra. 

Your friends and family will have a wonderful day of friendship and memories. What a wonderful way to share your love for the “mother to be”. 

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Are you looking for a Father’s Day gift delivery?

You’ll be surprised at how many interesting Father’s Day gift basket choices are available.
A gift basket for Father’s Day doesn’t have to be only about meats and cheeses. There’s a gift basket for every father from the hunter to the home repairman. Instead of hunting for one perfect gift you can give an assortment of thoughtful gifts. Prepared and wrapped with Dad in mind and delivered by mail with careful, professional packaging, it’s easy to order gift baskets online designed with your dad in mind.
For example, how about the NASCAR basket with a checkered flag ribbon? The King of the Grill basket has just what he needs to show off his outdoor cooking skills. A wine and gourmet basket offers treats his refined taste buds will savor.
Choose a basket for horsemen, hunters, or handymen which combine foods and other items with books just for fathers like him. Of course, there are Father’s Day gift baskets purely in honor of fathers and grandfathers and other father figures in your life who have gone beyond the call of duty in their manly role.
Here are some tips for picking the perfect Father’s Day gift basket. What comes to mind first when you think of him? If it’s your gratitude, check out the appreciation baskets such as “A Great Dad!” which celebrate him as a father. If you see him in the woods on the first day of hunting season, you know what to pick. If it’s the office you think of, perhaps the decorative “Trunk Set” basket, an upscale gift for the office in a horse theme. If he’s a quality coffee lover, there’s a gourmet coffee gift basket for that. Laid back dads will love the “5 O’clock Somewhere” basket. It’s as close to personalized as you can get without choosing everything yourself.
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Baby Gift Baskets, Adorable Baby Gifts

Send the sweetest, cute and cuddly new baby gift baskets for your recipient's baby boy or baby girl. 

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