Great Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Hallmark and FTD have made a fortune on gift buying for mom on Mother's Day, but it might be time to move away from the standard bouquet of flowers and the frilly, glittery card and embrace some new gift ideas. 

Mother's Day is officially and unofficially recognized in most countries worldwide. Whether or not it is called Mother's Day depends upon the country celebrating it. One thing is true, no matter where you are, and that is that mothers are honored and given gifts like flowers from their children and grandchildren on that special day. As evidenced by statistics from AT&T, more long distance phone calls are made on Mother's Day than any other day of the year. 

Since mother is such an important figure in your life, maybe it's time to break away from tradition and give her a gift that is not flowers and candy.

Adorable Gift Baskets is devoted to creating and sending a gift baskets to mom, grandmother and the mother figures in your life.  However, if you have the time you may even end up saving money by doing it yourself. Below are a few how-to ideas.

Baskets are readily available at any craft or big box store in the gardening section. They are normally constructed of wicker or a woven material and come in a huge selection of sizes. You can tailor the basket to match your mom's personality or her hobbies.

If your mom loves to plant flowers, put seeds, tools, gardening tip booklets, gift certificates to local garden shops and even lawn decorations like plant stakes or row markers in the basket. A mother or grandmother who loves tea would benefit from a basket filled with varieties of teas, small boxes of cookies, teacups, tea cozies or even cup doilies for her end tables. Crafters might like a basket filled with yarns, needles or patterns.    

Every basket can be unique, and you do not even need to put it all in a basket. You can use tin pails, buckets, tote bags or anything else that will hold the gifts. Finish the basket by wrapping it in cellophane and add a card.

Of course, if you are pressed for time or need to ship out of state, Adorable Gift Baskets is devoted to creating extraordinary Mother's Day gift baskets for delivery nationwide. The whole point is to make mom or any woman in your life feel special, and Adorable Gift Baskets will help you do just that!

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Treat Mom to a Gift She Would Never Buy for Herself

Mother's Day gift baskets are among the most personal and special presents you can give to mom - much better than flowers, a gift card or free meal at the local eatery. 

One of the great things about giving a gift basket for Mother's Day is that you can do it from anywhere. Whether you live right down the street or halfway around the world, you can send a beautiful one-of-a-kind gift basket your mom will love.

Your mom might not be the kind to run to the spa or treat herself, but you can give her that indulgence on her special day. A Mother's Day gift basket is the perfect excuse to let your mom indulge her softer side.

Treat mom to a luxurious Mother's Day spa basket and your mom is sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness and think of you each time she pampers herself.

The chance to give mom a gift she would never buy for herself is part of what makes gift basket giving so special for the giver as well as the recipient.

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Kids Gift Baskets and Fun Gift Ideas for Children

Whether you need a child's get well gift basket, birthday gift basket for a child, Easter candy basket, Halloween gift basket or Christmas presents, we have you covered! 

Adorable Gift Baskets offers gift basket delivery for kids and unique gift ideas for children. Find a big selection of gift basket ideas for kids of all ages.

It's pure puppy love at first site when youngsters receive an adorable gift basket for kids filled with a cute plush puppy surrounded by snacks, treats and lots of fun gifts for kids. 

 After all, don’t kids just wanna have fun!
Adorable Gift Baskets offers Easter gift baskets for delivery to bring your family together and create beautiful Springtime memories. Easter is every bit as exciting today, for kids of all ages, as it has always been. Send one of our delightful Easter baskets to that special grandchild, best friend or good neighbor. Choose a plush Easter bunny, chocolate Easter bunnies, Easter candy, adorable bunny baskets and gifts. Whatever your Easter celebration may hold, we hope you enjoy the beauty of Easter and find very special Easter gift baskets to share with friends and family. 

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Not All Gift Baskets Are Created Equal

That's right, not all gift baskets are created equal and a poor quality gift basket sends exactly the wrong message. 
That is why choosing the right place to buy your gift baskets online is just as important as choosing the right type of gift basket. Simply put, quality is the most important ingredient in any gift basket, and it is what sets our gift baskets apart from the competition. 
When you buy your gift baskets for delivery from Adorable Gift Baskets, you can be sure that you are buying only the finest quality ingredients, all created with care, packed and shipped to those on your gift list.
Whether you choose a gourmet gift basket, one of our fine holiday gift baskets or something else from our collection, you can be sure you are getting only the best.
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Easter is almost here and the Easter Bunnies are trying to decide which Easter basket to send to loved ones: Easter candy basket? Plush Easter bunnies? Chocolate Easter bunnies and chocolate eggs? You'll find all these popular Easter baskets and Easter gift ideas at Adorable Gift Baskets! 

Celebrate this special day with Easter baskets and gifts for everyone you love. Order your Easter baskets online today, then relax, have fun and enjoy the family fun!  

Adorable Gift Baskets and gifts are guaranteed to please. Let us make all your holidays and special occasions delicious; order today!

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Easter Baskets, Bunnies, Fuzzy Ducks, The True Meaning of Easter?

What do you think of when you hear the word "Easter"? If you're like most Americans, bunnies, cute fuzzy chicks, and colorful eggs spring to mind. For the more traditional among us, Easter is an opportunity to dress up in our finery, enjoy an inspiring church service, and visit with friends.

While these delightful, family-oriented activities draw us together socially, they do make it easy to forget -- momentarily -- that there's a sober and serious side to Easter. We all know the story, even if it occasionally gets lost in the tradition: that three days after His lonely death on the crucifix, the stone of His tomb rolled aside, and Jesus emerged reborn before ascending to Heaven in glory.

Although Easter has taken second fiddle to Christmas in many parts of the world, it was once the principal festival of the Christian calendar; and in some traditions, it remains so. It's definitely the second oldest Christian observance after the Sabbath, and is quite literally the root from which all of Christianity has sprung. Without His Resurrection, the glorious proof that He was, indeed, both the Son of Man and the Son of God, Jesus Christ's teachings might not have taken hold as firmly as they did in that brutal era of Roman repression.

Easter as currently celebrated in the English-speaking world is a convergence of Christian, Hebrew, and European pre-Christian beliefs. Because Jesus was crucified during Passover, for the first few centuries of Christian tradition, the Passover and the Resurrection were celebrated together. The Passover celebration has since faded from Christian tradition (except in some Eastern churches), and the holiday has differentiated into Good Friday and Easter, not to mention associated holidays and observances like Lent, Ash Wednesday, and Palm Sunday.

The name of the holiday itself derives from "Eostre," the name of the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring, whose festival was celebrated at the vernal equinox (the springtime occurrence when day and night are of equal length). When the peoples of the British Isles accepted Christianity, Eostre's festival became Christ's, and her familiar name was retained for it. Eventually, it became a movable feast that now occurs on a Sunday sometime between March 21 and April 25.

Most of the traditions now associated with Easter (the bunnies, chicks, and eggs) aren't the childish frivolities they seem at first glance. They're all associated with the concept of rebirth and renewal, in terms of both springtime and the Resurrection. However, the family-oriented Easter that we Americans celebrate didn't become popular after the Civil War. Some say that its newfound popularity was, in fact, a nationwide symbol of renewal, resurrection, and rebirth -- as we tried to put behind us the scars of the past, and moved onward with renewed hope.

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