4 Reasons to Spend Halloween with Your Children

Below are 4 reasons why you should spend it with your kids this year instead of hiring a babysitter and going to an adult party, dance club, or special event for the evening. 

Exercise. Halloween gets you and your kids to exercise by walking around the neighborhood or at the public center's trick-or-treating night. This year maybe you can go out on a limb and put on a costume instead of just walking with your kids for safety reasons (and don't forget the free candy!). 

Togetherness. There are certain times of the year, Halloween being one of those times, that your child is built up to expect family time. Your child expects you will make an effort to enjoy Halloween with them. Helping your child to plan a special Halloween costume is the first way to plan spending this fun Halloween holiday together! 

Stay close to home. Halloween poses unique safety issues when thousands of teenagers and young children take to the streets for a night of trick-or-treating. When you trick-or-treat in your own neighborhood, keep your kids close to home and protect them from stranger danger. You, not babysitters or friends, are your child's best protection. 

Fun. This seems like an obvious reason, but don't you want to give your children the best Halloween experience ever? Even if you are on a tight budget, you can make preparations for Halloween by visiting the local dollar store. Another fun Halloween idea is to accept the neighbors' invitation to celebrate Halloween at their house. 

Halloween also brings many events (often free-of-charge) to the local community. Choose the right Halloween celebration with your kids at home or in the community! Just once you can give up the goal of winning the costume contest prize at your favorite night spot. Remember your kids love spending time with you and what better time than Halloween! 

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