How To Write Your Sweetheart A Love Letter

The best known love letters ever written were crafted with good old pen and paper, and that's what I'm going to suggest too. Granted, many of those romantic letters were often penned with a quill and parchment, however good quality stationary and your best pen will do just fine. A fountain pen or even a calligraphy pen would be a nice touch though. For those romantics that happen to be "messy Marvin's", rest assured that using your favorite word processor and printing off your love note on a printer using your best and brightest paper, is a very acceptable substitute.  Romantic Gift Ideas

One of the best love letters I' ve ever received was written using that method. If you do opt to use a word processor to craft your words of endearment, then I suggest using a clean, easy to read, 12 point sized type face. As well, you'll find your letter easy to read if you have a double space between paragraphs or sets of thoughts. 

If you must decorate the letter with clipart or other graphics, keep it minimal and simple as you don't want to detract from the main event - the words of love itself.

Perhaps a simple decorative border to frame the page would suffice. Before you actually sit down to write a love letter, it's generally a good idea to get into the right frame of mind. Clean your desk and your mind of all the clutter, because you're about to write your innermost thoughts to your beloved. Even if you've been together with this person for a long time, revealing your innermost thoughts, desires and hopes can become muddled. Some people like to put on music to help them get into the correct frame of mind. There are two reasons why I suggest that you don't go this route though. 1. Although music can soothe the soul, far too often it's nothing more than a distraction when one is writing. 2. The lyrics or the composers own thoughts can taint your writing. When it comes to romance, your loved one doesn't want recycled sentiments that someone else penned or sang about. They want to read about what you think about them and what they mean to you. So my advice is to be cautious about using outside influences such as music.

Start your love letter by writing down the date at the top of your sheet of paper. Left or right, it doesn't really matter. I tend to prefer on the right side of the paper. The reason for dating your letter is simply to provide future fond reference of when this particular note was written. Of course if you become famous, future historians will definitely be interested in knowing this important date. :) Begin the letter with a suitable salutation such as, "My Dear ____," "Dear ___," "My Precious ___," "To My Darling ___,". In the blanks, insert a term of endearment or your lover's name. These aren't the only salutations that you can use, if those don't suite you, choose a similar greeting. Whichever way you c hoose to address your love, make sure that it's both natural and appropriate to the level of your relationship with them. In the body of the letter, begin by telling your recipient what you believe makes them so special to you. Try listing their emotional, physical and even spiritual qualities and traits. Describe how he or she makes you feel. Write from your heart in a sincere and caring manner, it'll really shine through. You may even want to share your hopes and dreams of the future of your relationship. Express your adoration but avoid clich├ęs.

When you come to the close of the letter be personable and sum up by signing off with an appropriate valediction on a separate line. For example, "I will love you always," "Yours forever," "All my love," "I anxiously await your reply," "Love," "Your beloved Husband," "Your beloved Wife," Lastly, sign your name. If you've been writing your love note on a word processor, then this is the point in time where you put pen ink to the paper. Be bold and creatively heartfelt in writing your love letter, as it's something that will be cherished by your recipient for a very long time to come, even if it gets misplaced. Wishing you much success and fun in your romantic writing.

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