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Easter Baskets and Great Ideas for Your Easter Party

The Easter season is a time of great celebration and excitement for children and adults alike.  Easter is of course many things to many people.  For devout Christians, Easter marks the holiest day of the calendar, a time to reflect on the sacrifice, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  For children, of course, Easter represents a time to Easter baskets filled with get candy, chocolate bunnies, jelly beans and other treats, all faithfully delivered by the Easter Bunny.

Easter is also a great time for parties, and spring has traditionally been the perfect time to celebrate new life and new opportunities.  More and more people are taking the opportunity to create fun and memorable Easter parties for their family and friends.

For a great table decoration, try transforming a plain white sheet into a great Easter tablecloth by sponge painting Easter eggs, bunnies and other fun shapes onto the sheet.  Use bright primary colors like blues, reds and yellows for a great result.  If you do your sponge painting using textile paints, the tablecloth will be able to stand up to washing and be used the next year.  When creating your tablecloth be sure to allow 24 hours for the paint to set.

You can create a great Easter napkin ring by threading a fine gauge elastic thread with jelly beans.  After the beans are strung, tie off the ends in the form of a circle and slide this great napkin ring over your rolled napkins.

When it comes to food for the Easter party, try creating cakes, cookies and pies in bright spring colors.  You may want to serve lemon meringue pie, strawberry custards and key lime pie at your celebration.  Not only are these deserts delicious but they are very festive and attractive as well.  The menu options for an Easter party are virtually endless, but many hosts like to keep the fare light.  Tableware, plates and napkins in bright pastel shades complete the look.

Easter Crafts
Of course no Easter celebration is complete without some Easter decorations, and kids love to make their own Easter crafts for the table and the room.  Let the kids use construction paper and patterns to create Easter eggs, Easter baskets, Easter Bunnies and other festive decorations.

We have all made our own Easter bonnets, and little girls continue to enjoy this time honored tradition.  To make your own Easter bonnet, cut a large foot long circle out of heavy poster board.  Use a compass to ensure a good circle.  After the circle is cut out attach a satin ribbon to the center of the circle, leaving a tail to tie the bonnet.  The finished bonnet can be enhanced with all manner of festive decorations, including paint, glitter, ribbons and lace.

For a  more adult Easter party, many hosts like to host a plant exchange.  The Easter season is a big one for gardeners, and an Easter party provides a great opportunity for guests to exchange cuttings and garden tips.  As everyone to bring plants from their garden to exchange, and provide each guest with a set of labels and some plastic nursery containers.

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