Easter Baskets, Chocolate Bunnies and Fancy Jellybeans

Who says Easter baskets are just for kids?  Gift baskets are traded among adults too, so why not participate in the fun of the Easter holiday. If you're drawing a blank, here are some "eggcelent" Easter gift ideas to get you started:

For Her: Spring Spa Day Gift Basket
Every woman needs a bit of relaxation in her life, so encourage her to treat herself. Send her a relaxing spa gift basket filled with candles, bubble bath, body lotion, luxurious spa gifts and delicious sweet treats.  To kick it up a notch, throw in a free massage--from you.

This is one stereotype that exists because it's true: women love chocolate.  Don't forget the giant chocolate bunny and go for gourmet.  Buy the lady in your life an Easter basket filled with gourmet confections.

For Him: A Manly Gift Basket for Easter
We've all heard that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so why not take advantage of it?  Buy him a gourmet food basket filled with an endless supply of delicious goodiefor an ultimate Easter basket feast. Guys have a sweet tooth, too, so indulge his with some gourmet Easter chocolates. 

Coffee is big with guys.  Buy him an upscale coffee gift basket this Easter.  You can pick and choose between dozens of gourmet coffee baskets.  Hand-pick a gift basket that you think your boyfriend or husband will enjoy, and present your Easter basket on Easter morning complete with coffee mugs an added bonus.

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