Easter Baskets, Chocolate Bunnies and Fancy Jellybeans

Who says Easter baskets are just for kids?  Gift baskets are traded among adults too, so why not participate in the fun of the Easter holiday. If you're drawing a blank, here are some "eggcelent" Easter gift ideas to get you started:

For Her: Spring Spa Day Gift Basket
Every woman needs a bit of relaxation in her life, so encourage her to treat herself. Send her a relaxing spa gift basket filled with candles, bubble bath, body lotion, luxurious spa gifts and delicious sweet treats.  To kick it up a notch, throw in a free massage--from you.

This is one stereotype that exists because it's true: women love chocolate.  Don't forget the giant chocolate bunny and go for gourmet.  Buy the lady in your life an Easter basket filled with gourmet confections.

For Him: A Manly Gift Basket for Easter
We've all heard that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so why not take advantage of it?  Buy him a gourmet food basket filled with an endless supply of delicious goodiefor an ultimate Easter basket feast. Guys have a sweet tooth, too, so indulge his with some gourmet Easter chocolates. 

Coffee is big with guys.  Buy him an upscale coffee gift basket this Easter.  You can pick and choose between dozens of gourmet coffee baskets.  Hand-pick a gift basket that you think your boyfriend or husband will enjoy, and present your Easter basket on Easter morning complete with coffee mugs an added bonus.

Balloons, Balloon Bouquets, Balloon Occasions

Balloons & Bear-5 Mylar Display your message in a unique and special way with this wonderful balloon bouquet and adorable plush teddy bear! Gift Includes: 5 colorful Mylar balloons An 8''-10'' plush teddy bear A free gift card with personal message Features: Hand delivered to the recipient's home or office Same day delivery available A larger teddy bear, roses, candy, or chocolate can be added to your order During check-out, please be sure to indicate your preferred occasion when you choose a gift card. Exact balloon designs and teddy bear will vary depending upon location. Same day delivery is available if you place your order by 2pm in your recipient's time zone, M-F and by 10am on the weekends.

Balloons for Wedding Receptions

Weddings are wonderful opportunities for really going to town with balloon decorations ñ again, have them in color shades and designs to compliment your wedding theme. Latex and/or foil balloons can then be arranged together as table centerpieces, archways, cloud 9ís (a special arrangement particularly suitable for the Top Table), heart sculptures ñ an ideal back drop for cutting the wedding cake- the list of possible designs is just endless. The plainest of venues can be transformed by the skillful balloon artist, using their skills and experience to ensure your special day is even more memorable and your once in a life time wedding photos are even more beautiful.

Balloons for Children's Parties

Another ideal balloon occasion. Every child loves a balloon ñ from a simple colorful latex balloon used for games to a foil balloon with their favorite cartoon character on it. Why not give a balloon to each child at the end of the party in place of the usual goody bag? The balloon will last longer than those sweets and doesnít contain all that sugar!

Of course, although balloons are fun and exciting, there are safety aspects that must be considered, especially around children. Balloons should not be blown up by young children for obvious reasons. Adults should supervise children with balloons to ensure they are not being put in their mouth, an obvious choking hazard. Balloons filled with helium hold another serious safety issue. The inhalation of helium is very dangerous as it can cause asphyxiation and death, neither children nor adults should attempt to inhale helium. As long as these safety issues are noted and adhered to, balloons can be a safe and fun accompaniment to any event/function.

You don't have to have a party to give a balloon as a gift, why not just give one to that special someone just to let them know you care? Balloons can come decorated with all sorts of special messages; I love you, Youíre Special, Special Mum, Miss You, Get Well Soon, Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary etc, the list just goes on and on. To make the gift extra special, why not have the balloon delivered in a box? When the lid is lifted from the box, the balloon and so your special message, floats up to bring a smile to the face of the recipient.

Balloons make ideal gifts

Send balloons to people in hospital, many wards no longer accept flower deliveries so, instead, send a bouquet of balloons! The balloons wonít wilt in the heat of the hospital and they will cheer up the patients and staff alike by brightening up the ward.

New Baby?

Then why not send a cuddly toy with a balloon attached, or a bouquet of balloons or even an air walker balloon for extra impact, in order to announce the new arrival. A new mum will not have time for arranging a vase of flowers, but the gift of the balloon requires no effort on her part and will be remembered for a long time.

The Best Birthday Gifts for Her


Spa gift baskets for a woman and relaxing, stress relief bath & body gift sets are among the most popular gift ideas for women. Every woman loves to receive pamper bath gift baskets filled with aromatherapy scents and soothers.

Gift Baskets for Women
gift baskets for women

Gift basket ideas for a woman and thoughtful gifts for her. Mom, wife, sister, significant other and every woman in your life.

Just a note to say Thank You for the excellent customer service I received today. I have ordered from Adorable Baskets on several occasions and it is a pleasure to work with your staff. The recipients are always delighted with the gift baskets and the "live help" line is terrific. Thanks again! -Trish Jewett, Ops. Project Mgr. Dubuque, IA ....more 

Adorable Gift Baskets offers beautiful birthday gift baskets for women. Select an elegant birthday gift for every special women in your life. Whatever birthday gift basket you choose for her, your best birthday gift will always be your thoughtfulness.

  • Pamper Gifts For Women
  • Birthday Balloons
  • Her Birthday Presents

  • Look no further for birthday gifts for her. Adorable Gift Baskets offers a wide range of fabulous, indulgent birthday gift ideas for sister, mother, girlfriend, wife, daughter, sweetheart, friend and every lovely lady in your life.  Here's a great birthday gift idea; treat her to a relaxing spa gift basket for her birthday to show her that you care, and to remind her of how important she is and how important it is to relax.

Happy Birthday and Many More; The Good News About Birthdays, Getting Older and Aging Without Illness

Six tips to staying healthy

Before you study the tips below, remember it is never too late to incorporate these life style choices into your life. The human body is very resilient and it responds positively when we treat it well! People with existing health problems should always consult a doctor before engaging in exercise or making other radical behavior changes. However, these SIX suggestions are good advice that anyone should be able follow.


Eat to live

While there ís no denying that eating is a pleasurable experience, we should never forget that we are eating to maintain our bodily functions. Topping the list of must-eats are foods that are high in antioxidants, like fruits and vegetables. These protect us from the oxidation damage that takes place in our cells from our bodyís normal metabolic processes, as well as from environmental pollutants. Fish is another beneficial food, as research suggests that the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish may actually reduce the risk of developing heart disease and some types of cancer. Whole grains are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and soluble fiber for digestive health. Additionally, if you donít already do so, start drinking tea. It is full of antioxidants and other cancer-fighting compounds.

A few healthy foods are a little more surprising. Nuts are the perfect snack food, as they are filled with vitamins and minerals. Also, healthy fats, like olive oil, have innumerable benefits, including lowering your bad cholesterol, raising your good cholesterol and protecting your heart.

Keep moving

Exercise is an essential component of good health. Aerobic exercise raises the heart rate, improves the oxygen system and strengthens the cardiovascular system. Strength training builds strong, toned muscles and is one of the most effective ways to remain younger longer. And, if formal exercise seems daunting, remember little steps go a long way, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking further back in a parking lot, and spending more time on your feet rather than sitting in front of the TV or computer. Be sure to exercise your brain as well. Challenging yourself to learn new things is a great way to improve your mental ability in later years.

Get a good night sleep

Sleep is the way we replenish our bodies and it should be on the top of your list for staying healthy. Doctors recommend at least seven hours a night, plus a short nap during the day is a great refresher, too.

Stay positive

Scientific studies have now confirmed that stress does not just cause emotional discomfort, but also actual physical damage. Therefore, staying positive is a very important factor in maintaining our health. Seeing the glass ìhalf fullî rather than ìhalf emptyî may be a clichÈ, but it accurately describes a positive mental attitude. A great way to stay positive is to surround yourself with other positive people.

Baby your skin

Caring for your skin is more than a matter of vanity; it helps to promote good health. Using moisturizers daily, for example, helps keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Sunscreen is an absolute must for protecting yourself against cancer-causing UV radiation.

Enjoying a longer, healthier life

The end result of all these measures is a longer and healthier life. It means that you may not only live to celebrate many more birthdays, but you will be healthier and happier at each occasion.

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