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6 Easy Steps to Creating your own Mother's Day Gift Basket

Mother's Day falls on Sunday, May 9th this year and is just around the corner! It's not too soon to be thinking about what to give your mom on this special day.

Finding a great Mother's Day gift can be a challenge, especially if you wait until the last minute. This year you may want to think about creating your own Mother's Day gift baskets. It's easy to do and will be much appreciated by your mom.

1. Pick a Theme
The first step to getting started is to decide on a theme for your basket. Think about what your mom likes and also her favorite color. Theme ideas can be things like gardening, beauty, day at the spa, or anything you know your mom likes.

2. How Much To Spend
Second, you will need to decide how much you're going to spend on each gift basket. If you're making a basket for your mom, your grandmother, your mother-in-law, or multiples of any of these, you're going to need a budget. Decide on the total amount you can spend, and then divide that by the number of baskets you need to make.

3. What Goes in the Basket
Now that you have a theme, a color and you know how much you're going to spend, think about the contents of the basket. Let's say you have chosen the color green, and your mom loves gardening. You can place items in the basket such as packets of seeds, a small rose bush in a little container, some new gardening tools with green handles, and a pair of green gardening gloves. You will also need some colored tissue to put in the bottom of the basket. If you want to wrap the entire basket up, pick up some clear, colored cellophane wrapping paper from the drug store.

4. Pick Your Basket
A great place to get baskets is Cost Plus. If you don't have one near you, baskets can be found inexpensively at many discount stores such as Target or Wal-Mart. Choose a basket that will fit the contents you've decided on.

5. Remember the Card or Gift Tag!
Don't forget to buy or make a card for your mom. A gift tag tied to the basket is also a nice touch. Stay with your theme and colors and you can't go wrong!

6. Assemble the Mother's Day Gift Baskets

  • Finally, it's time to assemble the baskets. Put the basket on a table or flat surface. Fan out a few pieces of the tissue paper, laying it flat in the bottom of the basket with the fanned corners going over the edges and up the sides, so they're kind of standing up around the inside. Now, Loosely crunch up a piece or two of the tissue paper and put that in the bottom (on top of the other tissue you already have in the basket).
  • Take the items that you have assembled for the basket contents and place them on top of the tissue, move them around until it looks nice. Keep them at different levels by adding more crunched tissue underneath as needed.
  • Sign the card and place it in the basket with your mom's name or "To Mom" written on the envelope.
  • If you decided to wrap the entire basket, do this last by placing a large piece of the cellophane wrapping paper on the table. Put the basket in the middle of the cellophane and bring the sides up all together at the top of the basket. Tie a ribbon tightly a few inches down to close off the cellophane.
That's it! Your mom will be so happy to receive her gift this year. A handmade gift shows the person receiving it the thoughtfulness and joy that went into its creation. So don't wait any longer to get started and good luck!     

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