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Special Occasion Ideas for Food Gift Baskets

One of the best ways to spread cheer and show someone you care is to have a beautifully arranged food basket delivered to their door. And regardless of the occasion, a food arrangement says it all...that you're thinking of that special someone!  Food baskets have changed so much over the decades; these are no longer simply "fruit and wine baskets" for corporate gifts but can be filled with delightful treats for any occasion, such as gourmet chocolate candies, sausage/cheese varieties, gourmet coffee and tea, holiday treats and so much more.

So when's a good occasion to send a food basket?  Here are just a few ideas...

Housewarming and Real Estate Closings

Moving into a new home can be exhausting.  There's the packing and unpacking of smaller items as well as large furniture that must be moved and arranged.  What better way to show you care than to send a food basket to restore the new homeowners' energy during and after the move?  Hunger should be the least of their worries, and a yummy food basket will do the trick!

Wedding Anniversaries

A simple yet thoughtful way to show you care during a special wedding anniversary is to send a picnic basket.  These baskets povide a bundle of picnic snacks that suggest a "getaway" for a day.  Couples of all ages can enjoy a lovely picnic when weather permits!  But even when inclement weather spoils the chance of a picnic, you can choose a food basket filled with delicious chocolates and candies, or a gourmet coffee or hot chocolate basket that the couple can enjoy during a romantic evening by the fireplace!

New Baby Arrival

Nothing brings cheer like the arrival of a precious baby.  The new parents will be tremendously thankful when you bring a food basket after they have stayed up all night with their newborn!  Visitors, phone calls, diaper changes, feedings...these can cause fatigue in no time.  So a food basket filled with ready-made delights provide an easy snack for the parents and their guests!

Vacation / Going Away

Whether it's a "spur of the moment" getaway, a honeymoon or anniversary vacation, food baskets make a wonderful "going away" gift.  For automobile travelers, food baskets provide delicious food for the road, such as fruits, cheese and crackers, chocolate snacks or breakfast items. For those who travel by plane or train, you might have a vacation food basket delivered directly to their hotel room!


During winter holidays, it's easy to become overwhelmed when trying to find the perfect gifts for friends and loved ones.  Food basket gifts simplify the shopping process, and you'll be amazed at the variety of holiday baskets available today!  Hosting a holiday party?  Food baskets filled with winter treats such as crackers and cheese, sausage, hot chocolate, gourmet coffee and tea, chocolate, candies, fruit and more make it easy to welcome your guests. If you're attending a holiday party, take a food basket as a gift for the host!

Food baskets come in various shapes, sizes and with a multitude of tasty food choices. These provide an affordable gift option for many different occasions, and it's easy to find the right gift basket by browsing Adorable Gift Baskets online!

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