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Adorable Gift Baskets offers a huge selection of Halloween gift baskets, Halloween basket gifts and Halloween gift ideas for children and adults. Halloween gifts include candy, chocolate, food, fruit, sweets and tasty treats. Halloween is a child’s favorite holiday and Halloween candy gift baskets are hard to forget.

Halloween Candy Facts

  • Halloween nets the largest candy sales of the year with more than 2 billion per year spent on Halloween candy.
  • Among the favorites in Halloween candy are miniature chocolate bars, Halloween candy corn, and other ghoulish candy treats such as chocolate eyeballs and wax lips.
  • According to the National Confectioner’s Association, over 20 million pounds of candy corn is made each year and not only for Halloween!  Candy corn is also manufactured for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter and in Fall (Indian corn).

    Other than the fun and sweet treats associated with Halloween, what else is Halloween known for?  Most people don’t realize that the history of Halloween can be traced back over 2000 years with traditions that evolved from the Celts, the Romans, Christianity and Paganism?  When “history of Halloween” is typed into an Internet search box, facts and traditions associated with this spooky holiday can be found.  For example, the first jack-o-lanterns were actually carved out of turnips and not pumpkins!  Jack-o-lanterns were thought to ward off evil spirits that wandered the night on Halloween.  Costumes were warn for this same reason – to scare the spirits into leaving you alone.

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