Send Halloween Gift Baskets by Mail

Adorable Gift Baskets offers a huge selection of Halloween gift baskets, Halloween basket gifts and Halloween gift ideas for children and adults. Halloween gifts include candy, chocolate, food, fruit, sweets and tasty treats. Halloween is a child’s favorite holiday and Halloween candy gift baskets are hard to forget.

Halloween Candy Facts

  • Halloween nets the largest candy sales of the year with more than 2 billion per year spent on Halloween candy.
  • Among the favorites in Halloween candy are miniature chocolate bars, Halloween candy corn, and other ghoulish candy treats such as chocolate eyeballs and wax lips.
  • According to the National Confectioner’s Association, over 20 million pounds of candy corn is made each year and not only for Halloween!  Candy corn is also manufactured for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter and in Fall (Indian corn).

    Other than the fun and sweet treats associated with Halloween, what else is Halloween known for?  Most people don’t realize that the history of Halloween can be traced back over 2000 years with traditions that evolved from the Celts, the Romans, Christianity and Paganism?  When “history of Halloween” is typed into an Internet search box, facts and traditions associated with this spooky holiday can be found.  For example, the first jack-o-lanterns were actually carved out of turnips and not pumpkins!  Jack-o-lanterns were thought to ward off evil spirits that wandered the night on Halloween.  Costumes were warn for this same reason – to scare the spirits into leaving you alone.

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  • The Best Holiday Gift Baskets

    The best holiday gift baskets can be found online at Adorable Gift Baskets. Our free shipping gift baskets and gift basket discount coupons can make your holiday gift shopping much less expensive. You can also place your orders online early and simply enter the date you wish to have them shipped. We’ll do the rest while you enjoy your holidays.

    Shop Adorable Gift Baskets
    We offer gourmet holiday gift baskets for the food lover, corporate holiday gift baskets for business giving, and literally hundreds of gift basket ideas to cater to every whim and interest. 

    The best holiday gift baskets for special people in your life are those that recognize individual tastes, hobbies, and passions. 

    Adorable Gift Baskets also offers Christmas gift baskets with a festive holiday flair if you simply want to celebrate the season of giving. 

    Affordable gift basket ideas for  holiday gift baskets that won’t put a big dent in your budget:

    Sports-themed holiday gift baskets with team colors, miniature sports paraphernalia, and game food items such as flavored popcorn and snacks. Christmas gifts dressed up in festive holiday gift boxes, gift towers and holiday packages, from elegant to whimsical, holiday gift boxes are a great solution. Pamper bath gift baskets with lotions, perfumes, soaps and toiletries for the person who needs to take a break, relax and enjoy. Holiday Food Gift Baskets filled with a variety of flavorful treats for those whose hearts are best reached with edibles.

    These are just a few of the many ways in which you can tailor a holiday gift basket to anyone’s wants and needs. Make this season memorable! Send Adorable holiday gift baskets to the ones you love!

    Stir Up More Business With Previous Clients

    If you own a business, you realize the importance of building a solid corporate image. Customers, business associates, and vendors usually desire a personal relationship with the companies they work with. Now you can grow your business and create dependable relationships with your customers and associates with gourmet food gift baskets.

    Gourmet food gift baskets can add life to any business gathering. Special corporate gift baskets may contain delectable treats such as cheese spreads, crackers, almonds, caramel cookies, luxurious chocolate snacks, olives, truffles, wafers, fruit, breadsticks, wine, or gourmet coffee. Gourmet food baskets for corporate gifts come in a variety of sizes, styles, and arrangements to suit every business occasion.

    When hosting a company picnic, provide gourmet gift baskets for all attendees. During the holidays, surprise your employees with a gourmet basket gift bubbling over with goodies at their work station. When an employee or business associate experiences a loss or is sick, send a corporate gift basket to demonstrate your thoughtfulness.

    Have you been trying to stir up more business with previous clients? Why not plan a special promotion to gain additional business from high-end clients and include a complementary gourmet food basket with your offer. One satisfied client can be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars over a lifetime! Gourmet food gift baskets can also reward an employee of the month or an employee that goes the extra mile for the company's benefit.

    Gourmet gift baskets can be arranged to fit any business occasion and can easily be ordered online at affordable prices. Adorable Gift Baskets has an amazing selection of gourmet food gift baskets with a variety of specialty foods and treats to fit every corporate need. Your clients will adore you; your associates will refer their friends to your company. With corporate gourmet baskets, your company will be known as the "company that cares
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    Encourage Relaxation with a Coffee Basket

    Coffee lovers usually drink coffee daily
     maybe even several times a day!  What better gift to offer to a dedicated coffee drinker than a fresh gourmet coffee gift basket? Coffee gifts are perfect to surprise a friend or loved one with a birthday or anniversary nearby, for the holidays, or any occasion.

    The typical discount coffee store basket might only include a couple of pouches of coffee and a coffee mug.  But the elegant coffee gift choices in the online market are remarkable, with specialty gourmet coffee gift baskets that include everything from books to caramel corn to mouth-watering chocolates. Your loved one will be overwhelmed with joy as they explore the delightful treats contained in their lavish coffee gift that is fit for a king.

    Select a coffee gift basket that's made fresh with a coffee theme that suits your loved one's personality and taste buds. Do they love Starbucks coffee? Treat them to a Starbucks coffee gift basket filled with Starbucks brand coffee and coffee mugs along with delectable sweets such as chocolate caramels, cookies, chocolate bars, and wafers.

    Java coffee gifts contain gourmet coffee pouches with coffee bonbons, chocolate-covered biscotti, almond vanilla biscotti, decorative coffee mugs, cookies, and candies. If your friend loves to read while sipping their morning coffee, opt for a coffee basket that includes an entertaining or inspiring book for their enjoyment. Or, give a Barnes & Noble book lovers gift including a bookstore gift certificate complemented by well-blended coffee so they can choose their own reading.

    Encourage relaxation with a coffee and tea gift basket.  Serve breakfast in bed with a breakfast gift basket containing mocha coffee, regular coffee, tea, pancake and waffle mix, gourmet breakfast syrup, and preserves.  Specialty coffee baskets such as Europa, Italian, Latin American, or Nostalgic can impress a client or business associate.

    With its natural soothing properties and intense aroma, gourmet coffee makes a great gift for any coffee fan. Adorable Gift Baskets offers affordable coffee gift baskets in an array of assortments so you can easily enrich the life of your friend or loved one.

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    What Is A Cornucopia?
    The cornucopia (Latin: Cornu Copiae) is a symbol of food and abundance dating back to the 5th century BC, also referred to as Horn of Plenty, Horn of Amalthea, and harvest cone. In Greek mythology, Amalthea raised Zeus on the milk of a goat. In return Zeus gave Amalthea the goat's horn. It had the power to give to the person in possession of it whatever he or she wished for. This gave rise to the legend of the cornucopia. The original depictions were of the goat's horn filled with fruits and flowers: deities, especially Fortuna, would be depicted with the horn of plenty.
    In modern depiction, the cornucopia is typically a hollow, horn-shaped wicker basket typically filled with various kinds of festive fruit and vegetables. The cornucopia has come to be associated with Thanksgiving and the harvest. Cornucopia is also the name of Whistler's annual Wine and Food celebration held in November.
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    Thanksgiving Gift Basket Ideas

    Ready to Change Up Your Turkey Day?

    Today’s technology makes it easy to reach out to faraway  friends and relatives who live across the country.  Show them that you are thankful to have them in your life. Send beautiful Thanksgiving Gift Baskets by mail delivered to their door. 

     If  Thanksgiving has become a chore instead of a celebration, maybe it’s time to rethink the holiday. Here are ways you can make Turkey Day terrific from start to finish. 


    This year, roll out of bed on the fourth Thursday of November and start a new tradition. Get active by biking before breakfast or running in a local road race. Give back to your community by clearing a town park of debris or delivering food to those who are unable to leave their home. Bring the neighborhood together with a game of touch football or coffee and donuts at the cul-de-sac. Or for a real treat, head to New York City and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in person.


    From your daughter’s college roommate to a member of the clergy, welcome friends to your Thanksgiving table. It will make for more lively conversation, and may also encourage that unruly uncle of yours to be on his best behavior.


    Have you been reluctant to mess with beloved favorites? OK, so keep the melt-in-your-mouth mashed potatoes. But give everything else a makeover. Use a different bread in your stuffing. Serve an apple or pear relish instead of cranberry sauce. Toast marshmallows on top of sweet potatoes. Add pecans to your pumpkin pie. And if you haven’t attempted turducken yet, what are you waiting for? Surrender yourself to this savory Southern specialty!


    For family members who you spend the holiday with, devote some time to getting to know them better. Ask about family history, play a game, or have Thanksgiving be potluck so you can all work side by side to prepare dinner.


    Thanksgiving doesn’t have costumes or fireworks or presents. It is simply a day to give thanks. So take the time to do just that. Encourage everyone to write down what they are grateful for, and then post those notes on the dining room wall. Or during dinner, go around the table and ask each person to share their thoughts of appreciation. Experiencing these sentiments together will make for a more meaningful holiday.

    Fall Gift Basket Ideas

    Gift baskets are designed to hold everything that you wish to express. And the person who receives your gift will appreciate your thoughts and wishes. Giving gifts in baskets is one of the oldest, most treasured traditions in the world. People have been making – and giving – baskets for more than 10,000 years! In every corner of the world, baskets are the oldest hold-it-all and give-it-all present made by human hands. Some people even think that we got the idea from Nature’s own gift basket – a bird’s nest that holds the gift of newborn baby birds. Is it any wonder that baskets have come to symbolize the bounty of nature – from the basket cornucopia of classical Greece to the heaping bushel baskets of crisp, red apples that you see in the farmers’ market today.

    Our gift baskets carry on this age-old tradition, offering a charming selection of treasures for every occasion. Whatever you want to celebrate – from a holiday to a thank you to a heartfelt welcome – we help you express your fondest thoughts. You’ll be looking for an excuse to give one away. From the beauty and quality of the basket itself to the design of the decorations and special accents, each gift basket sparkles with charm. The contents are carefully selected for quality and beauty, chosen with care to provide a complete array that reflects the theme and mood of the present. Just when your lucky recipient thinks that it’s the bottom of the basket, there always seems to be just one more special item tucked away.

    There are so many reasons to give gift baskets. A gift basket is a wonderful gift idea to celebrate any holiday, birthday, anniversary or to mark a special accomplishment. What a perfect house gift when visiting friends and family, to thank them for sharing their hospitality with you. Or give a housewarming gift basket to welcome them to their new home – their first apartment, their first house, even a welcome to their first dorm room! To express your sympathy for a loss or as a boost for someone who is ill, a special basket can let them know that you are thinking of them in their time of need. Or, send a gift basket just because – there’s no better reason than simply that you are thinking of them.

    We take great pride in providing a complete balance in our gift baskets. In fact, for every occasion, just about everything they will enjoy is included – from gourmet food and sweets to those touching little extras that make a basket a complete gift. Each item is chosen with care, to make sure that it meets our strict standards for quality and taste.

    It is so easy to give a basket to that special someone. Just select the gift basket that you want to send from our detailed descriptions on line. You can place your order from wherever you are – at home or when you’re on the road. We’ll take care of the rest! Gift basket shipping is free, but express delivery is also available. You can schedule in advance for a holiday, birthday, anniversary or other special occasion; we’ll make sure that it’s there in time. Payment is easy, with major credit cards or PayPal. And rest assured that our web site has the highest level of encryption to keep your personal information safe. You can also track your order as it speeds its way to your recipient. If you have any questions or concerns, just contact us – we’re here to help!

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    send fall gift basket giftsInexpensive gift baskets provide a convenient way to shop for pleasing gifts right from your own home computer.

    You can browse our online selection at Adorable Gift Baskets to find delish, affordable baskets to fit the occasion, and even have charming gift baskets shipped directly to your friend's or loved one's door.

    Cheer someone that's in poor health with one of our choice get well gift baskets. These include comforting foods, books and gifts to make them smile even while under the weather. Our inexpensive gift baskets for a sick loved one include items such as teddy bears, delightful cookies and chocolates, chicken noodle soup mix, stress relief products, spa items, and even sugar-free snacks for diabetics. Invest in your friendship by sending an inexpensive gift basket when they're feeling down.

    Entreat a business client without spending a fortune by selecting an inexpensive gift basket for corporate needs at Adorable Gift Baskets. Display your company’s professionalism while wooing an important client with a fruit basket, gourmet food basket, or a luxurious coffee gift basket. For children, bring some enchantment in their lives with our inexpensive gift baskets for children. These come with toys, games, puzzles, books, and edible goodies that will brighten their day.

    When looking for a good buy during the holidays, don’t buy a thing until you browse the online selection of inexpensive baskets at Adorable Gift Baskets. Our Christmas gift baskets will help you spread holiday cheer with sugary treats such as candy canes, chocolates and cookies, or aromatic coffee with tasty gourmet foods. Holiday baskets are easy to order, but be sure to secure your gift early so it will be delivered on time.

    Adorable Gift Baskets wants your shopping experience to be affordable and enjoyable. Send inexpensive gift baskets for an anniversary, to express thanks, or to astound your Valentine true love. With our dreamy gift baskets, you can give a warm surprise to anyone while realizing great savings!

    With inexpensive gift baskets by Adorable Gift Baskets, you'll never have to be caught off guard again. Whether you need a gift for the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or new baby or wedding showers, you can dazzle your friends and loved ones with any of our fanciful gift baskets while saving time and money.

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    Best Kept Beauty Secrets of Beautiful Women

    gift-baskets-for her

    Imagine what you would do if you knew miracle working beauty secrets.

    And if you had the self confidence that comes with being beautiful. Now before you laugh and say you’ll never be beautiful, listen up.

    I know where you’re coming from! At one time I didn'’t know any beauty secrets. Before I learned any beauty secrets I was plain, even bordering on ugly. I had acne, chapped lips, weight issues, wardrobe disasters, and not so white teeth. But that's all become past with the 5 beauty secrets that have changed my life.

    But I pulled through them all and learned some valuable beauty secrets as a result. Now people are always commenting to me on my beauty. Saying I should be a model, etc.... And guys are no longer even an issue! I don’t have to look for them, they come to me.

    It turns out the best beauty secrets are those that are won by personal knowledge and experience. Not just by reading general tips in magazines. So by experimentation over the years and by perseverance, I’ve found out what really works and what doesn’'t.

    Beauty Secret 1

    - Unchap and beautify your lips with this technique. For soft, beautifully kissable lips, you need the following: a washcloth (I’m not kidding either), warm water, and your favorite brand of lip balm.

    First you apply a coat of lip balm. Then wet one corner of the washcloth, put the warm wet corner of the washcloth between your lips, press them together and hold for 5 seconds. Then gently massage any remaining lip balm from lips with the wet corner of washcloth, and dry lips with a corner that's dry.

    Apply lip balm again to keep your lips chap free. You may also apply lipstick or lip gloss on over the layer of lip balm. I learned this was the best way to keep lips from chapping, after going through too many winters with dried, and chapped lips.

     best kept beauty secrets

    Beauty Secret 2

    - Clear your acne, and get beautiful skin. For clear glowing skin, a little home remedy does wonders for my complexion, as it should with yours too.

    Steam your face for 20 minutes every night after washing it, then every other night after steaming your face, massage a half teaspoon Castor oil over face. Leave it on at night while you sleep and wash off immediately upon waking. Steam face for twenty more minutes in the morning after washing. When you finish steaming your face splash your face with cool water and dry it.

    If your skin starts to show any signs of a pimple forming take one night off from steaming and applying Castor oil and apply Benzoyl Peroxide over face. Take the next night off also from the steaming, Castor oil, and benzoyl peroxide. Continue facial regimen with steaming and Castor oil the following night. This beauty secret will moisturize your face at the same time it will help clear up acne and pimples. But only if you work at it consistently.
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