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5 Fun DIY Projects for Halloween

Halloween is the time to adorn your home with fun, festive decor. Making your spirited Halloween decorations is easier than you think. Below are five easy do-it-yourself projects to liven up the home for Halloween.
The crisp air signals the beginning of the Autumn season, and with the Fall comes Halloween. This holiday is the perfect time to splash your house with spooky décor. Show off your DIY skills with these five easy projects that will quickly add Halloween spirit to your home.

Witch Broomstick

Witches with pointy hats and colorfully striped stockings are a central part of good Halloween décor. Adorning your front door with a broomstick gives the illusion that a witch is lurking just around the corner. This project is fun and easy. As an added bonus, most of the materials can be found right in your backyard. To make the broom, find a sturdy stick about a half-inch in diameter and several smaller twigs. Use two feet of twine or yarn to wrap the twigs around the base of the broom. Hide the cord with a Halloween themed ribbon, and you are ready to hang your witch broom on the front door.

Spooky Eyes

Halloween night is sure to bring masses of trick-or-treaters looking for candy and a little spooky fun. Adding hair-raising glowing eyes to your shrubbery makes the walk up to your front door a thrill. This project is an excellent way to recycle old cardboard toilet paper and paper towel rolls. Only turn the roll horizontally and carefully cut scary eye shapes with a craft knife. Take a bit of yellow or red wax paper and glue it on the inside of the roll to cover the eyeholes. On the big night, insert LED tea lights into each roll and hide them around the outside of your home. It will look like creepy characters are staring out of every crevice.

A Colony of Bats

Black bats with their wings like capes and sharp claws are a staple of the October holiday. Make your very own colony to display with black paper. This is a great project to do with your children. Draw a template using your favorite bat shape. Use a pencil to trace the bat silhouette onto stiff black paper, and carefully cut out the bat shapes. Leave them flat, and string them on an orange or black ribbon to make a garland of flying bats. You can also fold their wings to create a three-dimensional bat that will look like it’s flying right toward you.


Ghosts are an essential addition to spooky Halloween décor. These ghosts are so simple to make and look fantastic once they are hung up. All you will need for this project is foam balls, cheesecloth and white yarn. Create your cute ghosts by gluing a square of cheesecloth over your foam ball. Add two or three more squares to create a textured, layered look. Use the yarn to hang your ghosts outside where they can wave in the wind. You can also spray the cheesecloth with a bit of starch to make the ghosts stiff and use them for indoor decorations. The more you make, the better they will look.

Spider Tree

Spiders are scary all year around, and Halloween is the best time to break out the biggest, hairiest spiders you can find to add extra creepiness. Grab a pack of eerie spiders and a fine white cotton thread from your local craft store. Use the thread to spin a sinister web in a tree on your front lawn. Now comes the fun part. Put the spiders in their new home, and make sure to have some dropping from the upper tree branches for a scary spider sensation.
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