5 Fun DIY Projects for Halloween

Halloween is the time to adorn your home with fun, festive decor. Making your spirited Halloween decorations is easier than you think. Below are five easy do-it-yourself projects to liven up the home for Halloween.
The crisp air signals the beginning of the Autumn season, and with the Fall comes Halloween. This holiday is the perfect time to splash your house with spooky décor. Show off your DIY skills with these five easy projects that will quickly add Halloween spirit to your home.

Witch Broomstick

Witches with pointy hats and colorfully striped stockings are a central part of good Halloween décor. Adorning your front door with a broomstick gives the illusion that a witch is lurking just around the corner. This project is fun and easy. As an added bonus, most of the materials can be found right in your backyard. To make the broom, find a sturdy stick about a half-inch in diameter and several smaller twigs. Use two feet of twine or yarn to wrap the twigs around the base of the broom. Hide the cord with a Halloween themed ribbon, and you are ready to hang your witch broom on the front door.

Spooky Eyes

Halloween night is sure to bring masses of trick-or-treaters looking for candy and a little spooky fun. Adding hair-raising glowing eyes to your shrubbery makes the walk up to your front door a thrill. This project is an excellent way to recycle old cardboard toilet paper and paper towel rolls. Only turn the roll horizontally and carefully cut scary eye shapes with a craft knife. Take a bit of yellow or red wax paper and glue it on the inside of the roll to cover the eyeholes. On the big night, insert LED tea lights into each roll and hide them around the outside of your home. It will look like creepy characters are staring out of every crevice.

A Colony of Bats

Black bats with their wings like capes and sharp claws are a staple of the October holiday. Make your very own colony to display with black paper. This is a great project to do with your children. Draw a template using your favorite bat shape. Use a pencil to trace the bat silhouette onto stiff black paper, and carefully cut out the bat shapes. Leave them flat, and string them on an orange or black ribbon to make a garland of flying bats. You can also fold their wings to create a three-dimensional bat that will look like it’s flying right toward you.


Ghosts are an essential addition to spooky Halloween décor. These ghosts are so simple to make and look fantastic once they are hung up. All you will need for this project is foam balls, cheesecloth and white yarn. Create your cute ghosts by gluing a square of cheesecloth over your foam ball. Add two or three more squares to create a textured, layered look. Use the yarn to hang your ghosts outside where they can wave in the wind. You can also spray the cheesecloth with a bit of starch to make the ghosts stiff and use them for indoor decorations. The more you make, the better they will look.

Spider Tree

Spiders are scary all year around, and Halloween is the best time to break out the biggest, hairiest spiders you can find to add extra creepiness. Grab a pack of eerie spiders and a fine white cotton thread from your local craft store. Use the thread to spin a sinister web in a tree on your front lawn. Now comes the fun part. Put the spiders in their new home, and make sure to have some dropping from the upper tree branches for a scary spider sensation.
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Thoughtful Gifts Always Appreciated and Welcome

Adorable Gift Baskets provides an easy way for you to effortlessly send a cheerful gift to your friends, loved ones, or employees. Your gift basket will arrive with blistering speed to your specified recipient's home or office.

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We make it easy for you to surprise your loved one without hassle. Our gift baskets are delivered anywhere within the continental USA. Simply make your selection online, and let us handle the rest.

We will create a beautiful gift basket and deliver it to your specified recipient. Such thoughtful gifts are always appreciated and welcome.

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Send holiday gift baskets decorated for the Christmas

Christmas holiday gift basket delivery
Affordable holiday gift baskets for delivery by mail. The Christmas shopping season is right around the corner, and you're frantically trying to find the right gifts for all your friends and loved ones. Make the holiday season fun and surprising this year with Christmas gift baskets. Why race to the mall and fight the rush when you can easily secure elegantly arranged holiday gift baskets right from your own home computer?

Christmas gift baskets can be ordered online and delivered to your loved one's home as a surprise.  Or, you can have your holiday gifts shipped directly to you so you'll experience the joy of giving the basket in person. For that special someone, include a personal greeting card and perhaps some flowers or an inspirational book. You can also include a new calendar for the upcoming year with the basket as an added gesture. Another idea is to place a holiday basket under the tree for a family treat on Christmas morning.

Send a basket that's overflowing with all the gourmet foods or chocolate indulgences your family craves. You will find a vast selection of Christmas food gift baskets, each garnished with tasty holiday favorites such as caramel popcorn, chocolate candies, chocolate chip cookies, crackers, truffles, cheeses, dried fruit, peanut brittle, pistachios, and many other fine snacks. At our specialty gift basket shop online, you'll browse hundreds of finely crafted holiday baskets with various themes and treats for any gathering.

Bring gift baskets along to a Chinese auction, or send a Christmas basket to a loved one that lives a long distance from you. Christmas gift baskets can express thoughtfulness to your employees as a holiday gesture.  Treat-filled baskets are also great for gift name drawings at holiday family gatherings. Holiday gift baskets are specially decorated for the Christmas season with red or green bows and ribbons, festive baskets, and heartwarming goodies fit for a cold winter's eve.

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Holiday Gift Baskets: An Easy Solution to the Holiday Rush

holiday-gift-baskets-Christmas-giftsThe holidays tend to bring about much stress with tiresome gift shopping and last-minute planning for family gatherings. It's not easy to pick out that "special" holiday gift for every member of the family, close friends, or co-workers. That's why many shoppers are turning to online gift sources as a solution to the holiday rush. With holiday gift baskets, you can easily shop for that perfect gift while saving time and money.

Holiday gift baskets are filled with delightful treats and holiday favorites such as hot cocoa, chocolate delicacies, crackers, cheese spreads, gourmet foods, wine, and soothing herbal teas.  Years ago, if someone mentioned "holiday gift basket," what might come to mind would be a small inexpensive basket with a couple of treats and maybe a small pouch of coffee or tea. But with the extravagant Christmas basket arrangements today, your loved one will be very impressed with your thoughtful gift.

Today's hand-arranged holiday gift baskets are large and overflowing with specialty gourmet foods and sweets to entice the taste buds. The baskets are decorative for the holiday season with bows and elegant designs, and the foods and treats are fresh and mouth-watering.

Holiday gift baskets can be ordered online at any time, day or night, and shipping or delivery is usually very affordable. You can have gift baskets delivered to your home or directly to your friend or loved one. If you have several friends or relatives that are difficult to buy for, a holiday gift basket stuffed with goodies they enjoy would be an easy solution. You won't have to go from store to store desperately seeking their gifts. You can pick and choose from hundreds of select Christmas food gift baskets online to suit their taste.

One thing you'll notice at Adorable Gift Baskets is we strive to arrange a variety of holiday gift baskets with different blends of foods and treats to satisfy any gift recipient.  The holidays can be a blessing... not a headache, when you give a delightful holiday gift basket from the heart!

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Sympathy Gift Baskets – More Personal Than Flowers

Any time you are thinking about sending flowers, consider sending a gift basket instead. Our gift baskets are just as beautiful as any floral arrangement, and they express your thoughts, caring and warm wishes just as well. But our gift baskets last far longer, and their contents will continue to bring joy long after the last rose would have wilted.

In fact, many people are now choosing comforting gift baskets instead of flowers when there is a death in the family. Sending a gift basket may not be your first thought at such a time, but those who have received them have said how much they loved them. Sending a sympathy gift basket is the perfect way to express your condolences and positive thoughts, whether you live around the block or across the country.

At Adorable Gift Baskets, we specialize in bringing smiles to people’s faces, and our gift baskets by mail can do just that, even in the saddest moments.

Below are a few comforting gift ideas to consider:

Fruit Basket Delivery Same Day
fruit baskets
Healthy, delicious fruit basket delivery is perfect for any occasion. Fresh fruit baskets are also great last minute gift ideas.

Thinking of You
thinking of you gift deliveryUnique thinking of you gifts delivered to their door with your personal message of best wishes.  Show someone special that you're thinking of them today.

Last Minute Gifts
same day gifts deliveredGifts of fruit, food, wine, chocolates, flowers, plants, balloons and more that can be delivered today or within 24 hours. Perfect gifts to send.

Bereavement Gifts
Thoughtful bereavement gift baskets to comfort the broken-hearted. Find bereavement gift ideas to show support to the grieving during their time of loss.

Flowers Same Day Delivery
Same day florist delivery. Send flowers, plants, roses, bouquets and floral arrangements with last minute gift delivery to home or office.

Sympathy Gift Baskets
sympathy giftsSympathy gift ideas for grieving. Send sympathy gifts, baskets of fresh fruit, comfort food and inspirational gifts. 

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New Orleans Special Events, Festivals and Gifts

Premium Wine and Gourmet Basket
New Orleans Gift Basket Delivery 

Send New Orleans, Louisiana gift baskets and presents including New Orleans food baskets, Christmas holiday gifts and presents for all occasions.
Premium Wine and Gourmet Basket

Special Events in New Orleans, LA

New Orleans, the melting pot of music, food, and culture, will truly be a unique, enjoyable, and memorable experience for any visitor. Tourists have their pick of festivals: music, culinary, art, multi-cultural, film & literary, as well as theater. Quite a few special events to enjoy while visiting New Orleans are the festivals. There are multiple festivals taking place throughout the year.

There are sports events such as the Sugar Bowl, held at the Superdome, in January. Even though the game is the most anticipated event, there’s also a pep rally, sailing, basketball, horse racing, and more. Other sporting events are the Zurich Golf Classic, for golfers, and the Crescent City Classic, the largest 10k race, for runners.

The top festival in New Orleans is the ever-popular Mardi Gras held in February. More than a parade, Mardi Gras is a celebration with madness and music, romance and revelry, parades, colorful floats, beads, and more. In order to understand the spirit of Mardi Gras, it has to be experienced upfront.

New Orleans also has the Jazz & Heritage Festival (Jazz Fest) which takes place the last weekend of April on the Fair Grounds Race Course. Featuring 13 stages, it showcases almost every genre of music and helps preserve the city’s music culture. With over 60 food vendors, craft booths, and artists demonstrations this special event is fascinating and entertaining.

Food festivals are a delicious special event to partake in. Savor the succulent flavor of shrimp, at the Shrimp Festival in September. Enjoy alligator burgers and fried alligator at the Alligator Festival also held in September. The Voodoo Music Festival takes place in October at City Park, just in time to cast a spell of fun and festivities over the entire city. With plenty to do for the whole family, the Oak Street Po-Boy Festival in November celebrates the “hoagie” or “submarine sandwich.”

Close out the old year with a bang, and ring in the New Year at the biggest outdoor celebration in the city. At the New Year’s Eve festival in December everyone can party to their heart’s content. This special event takes place from Bourbon Street to Jackson Square. Instead of watching a ball drop, spectators get to count down as the Baby Bacchus descends from Jax Brewery.

For more information, visit New Orleans Official Tourism Web Site - Plan your New Orleans vacation with our FREE New Orleans guide book. Find coupons, maps, and complete information on hotels, dining, festivals, events and New Orleans tourism.
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Great Teacher Gift Basket Ideas

Finding The Perfect “Thank You” Gifts For Your Child’s Teachers

When thinking about “thank you” gifts, you should ask yourself: who is one of the most important people in your child’s life? Other than family, teachers come in at a close second. A good teacher can shape your child’s educational ideas, give him a desire to learn, and even become a friend or counselor when things aren’t perfect in his life.

Because of this, it’s important to let the teacher know at the end of the year that you appreciate her and all of the effort she put into teaching your child. And what better way to express those feelings than with a thank you gift basket. Just visit any school on the last day of the year and you’ll likely find the parents carrying gift-wrapped boxes, bags full of warm store-bought pastries, home-made cakes and baskets stuffed with goodies.

But how do you know what to give? After all, you probably don’t know the teacher outside of the classroom, so you won’t be privy to her hobbies and personal interests. Based on that, you’ll have to find the perfect “Thank You” gift!

Here are a few great gift ideas for teachers.

First, everyone knows that apples are for teachers, so you can look for cute “thank you” gift items that feature apples. You could buy apple shaped accessories for her desk at school, apple dishtowels and pot holders for her kitchen, or even a fruit gift basket filled with fresh delicious fruit.

If you want to do something original, think about thank you gifts that focus on pampering gift baskets. Who doesn’t like to be spoiled? Relaxing gift baskets are filled with bath and body products such as creams, bath beads, fragrances, candles and powders will delight just about any teacher. Pamper spa gift baskets are beautifully wrapped and tied with a luxurious bow!

Gourmet food gift baskets are always a great thank you gift ideas. Or, you can make your child’s teacher something yourself—such as your specialty homemade cherry pie—or you can select or custom order something special for the teacher. Other great gift ideas are snack food gift baskets full of crackers and cheese, fruit baskets, or a pretty gift basket filled with gourmet coffee or tea.

Whatever “thank you” gift you decide on your child’s teacher, don’t forget to include the thank you note! Tell her how much you appreciate her. She just may like this part of the gift most of all!
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How To Negotiate A Real Estate Contract

Real Estate Closing Gifts

Extreme Real Estate Marketing Tips, Better Than Thank You Notes

Real Estate Closing Gift Baskets and Unique New Home Gifts

Adorable Gift Baskets offers an extensive selection of real estate client gifts, sales and housewarming gifts to support, enhance and promote your real estate business.

If you are a Real Estate professional you surely know that a new home is a milestone in every-one's life. Our new home gift baskets and gifts make excellent real estate closing gifts for your clients while providing the perfect way to say congratulations or thank you.

Negotiation is the process of communication back and forth in order to reach a joint agreement.

There is no "one size fits all" strategy of negotiating a real estate contract. Many of our clients have been very experienced negotiators, and we have learned a great deal from them, as well as from books on the subject. We would like to share some of our thoughts on negotiating with you:

What do we want to achieve in a negotiation?

The best negotiators bring an attitude of high expectations to the table. They are hard on the problem and soft on the people. Letting the seller know what you need, in a clear and reasoned way, is the first step toward getting it. We try to keep all of these goals in mind:

Enable you to move into your new home. Obtain the lowest possible price for the property. Close within an acceptable time frame. Solve any repair issues fairly. Have no title, survey or loan problems, or solve any that do arise. Develop a good working relationship with the seller. Have no future problems after closing.

Is a cooperative or combative approach more effective?

Our experience shows that the cooperative style is the most effective and efficient way to complete a transaction. Professional negotiators usually try to preserve the relationship between the parties, and work together to resolve problems. The goal is not to reach an impasse in which neither the seller's nor the buyer's needs are met. Buyers sometimes submit a letter to the seller describing why their house is not worth what they are asking, pointing out deficiencies, etc. This almost always backfires, and starts the negotiation off with a defensive seller. It is best to anchor your price to the marketplace, while remaining very complimentary of their home.

How do you work with a combative strategy by a seller or agent?

The combative style is sometimes encountered. This strategy includes: negative comments, emotional statements, table pounding, threats to walk out, ego involvement, and stated positioning. Creative solutions and trade offs are not as likely to be found in this environment. Working with a combative style negotiator requires a considered approach:

Do not respond emotionally.

An angry or defensive response will escalate the negotiation into a no-win battle. Do not argue. Arguing usually positions them more strongly and drags the negotiation process off course.
Do not ignore their arguments or statements. Listen carefully, but do not accept or reject.

Firmly anchor pricing and other terms to outside data.

Show that the price has not been chosen arbitrarily. Reduce misunderstanding by following up with written summaries of discussions. Do not allow hazy or unclear proposals to stand. Offer some "wins" on some of the terms. Face saving is very important. Look for ways to meet their underlying interests. Remember that they may have a beautiful home that satisfies the buyer's goals.

Is every point in the contact negotiable?

Yes. However, one of the most effective means of coming to an agreement is to rely on consistent standards or norms when possible. For example, it is common practice for the seller to pay for the title policy and for the buyer to pay survey cost. Using accepted standards prevents buyer and seller from haggling over every point. Working within the accepted "norms" for our area helps to legitimize offers, and focus the negotiation on just a few points. On the other hand, all the points in an offer can be used to help structure the deal. They offer trade-off opportunities for both parties to get what they want from the negotiation.

The value of trust in a negotiation:

The value of trust in a negotiation cannot be overstated. Most people are fair minded and reasonable. They respond well to respectful treatment and to having their concerns heard. If the seller feels that the buyer and agent are acting with integrity, their attitude will be much more cooperative. Contract negotiation is a sensitive area, and anxiety can be high. The buyers may have had an unpleasant past experience with buying a home. The seller may be under pressure, with future plans at stake. Acting with integrity does not mean that all "cards have to be put on the table." It is not proper to discuss personal issues that affect the buyer, such as your financial ability or urgency to move in.

It is valuable to develop rapport because trust increases your leverage. Here are ways:

  • Listen and understand what the seller has to say.
  • Express appreciation for the seller's home, gardens, decorating.
  • Respond within a reasonable time to counter offers.
  • Reassure the seller of your ability to close
  • Reveal some personal information about yourselves.

    Finding common ground with the seller can be a very powerful tool in the event of multiple offers. I can think of several instances in which sellers selected their contract for very personal reasons. (The family reminded them of themselves when they moved in with young children years before. Or, they were both of the same religion. Or, the new owners would care for their gardens

    Understanding your leverage:

    The more we can find out about the seller's needs, the better chance we have to find solutions to negotiation hurdles. We will be able to offer information or concessions that appeal to the seller's deepest concerns. Obviously, if the house has been on the market for 300 days, you have a lot more leverage than you would with a brand new listing. If their time frame is immediate, and you can meet it, you have some leverage. If they have multiple offers, you have very little leverage!

    How much under list price should you offer?

    Buyers usually offer less than list price, unless it is a strong sellers market. There is no standard percentage "under list price" that can be used. A market analysis will show recent sales for the neighborhood, which is the best way to establish the offer price.
    It is usually counter-productive to offer so low that the seller will automatically reject the offer. This will set a negative tone, and may result in an emotional response from the seller.

    What if we have a multiple offer situation?

    Occasionally the seller receives more than one offer on their property. The Austin Board of REALTORS® has a policy that allows two options: disclosure to all parties that multiple offers have been received, or disclosure to no one that there are multiple offers. We prefer disclosure to all parties. However, the listing agent and seller will make the decision as to how they will handle offers. By simply disclosing that there are multiple offers, they are not "shopping" your contract. Shopping occurs when the seller discloses the terms of an offer to induce a buyer to submit a better offer. This can result in major distrust of the process by the parties, and the likelihood of loss of the buyers.

    Usually the procedure is to notify each party that multiple offers have been received. Each party is then given the opportunity to raise or adjust his offer by a certain time. After that time, the seller is free to review all offers and choose one to work with. They are not obligated to choose the "first" offer that came in. The selected offer may be countered, or accepted as is.

    Roselind Hejl, Austin Texas Real Estate

  • g-housewarming-gift-box.jpg
    No Place Like Home, Real Estate Gift Idea

    Make their homecoming a whole lot sweeter with this collection of tasty treats and sweets. Whether as a housewarming gift or as a real estate closing gift, the new homeowners will absolutely love this wonderful gift basket filled with lots of special goodies.

    This charming new home gift box includes

  • Chocolate Delights Cookie Truffino (truffle like cookies)
  • Cranberry Almond Nut Mix
  • Cashew Buttercrunch Toffee
  • Chocolate Wafer Cookies
  • Dark Chocolate Mint Delights
  • Chocolatey Cherry Cheesecake Fondue
  • Cinnamon Vanilla Cookie Dunks
  • Soft Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Attractive keepsake gift box

    Makes a wonderful gift to welcome a new neighbor, a delightful housewarming gift, new apartment gift idea and the perfect gift for real estate professionals.

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    Fantastic Baseball Gift Basket
    This baseball gift basket will be a hit with any baseball fan. They will enjoy the baseball cutting board and the cheese and sausage that come with it. You are sure to score big with this sporty, deluxe baseball cutting board/serving platter, loaded with a host of game day favorites!


  • Picnic Time Baseball Shaped Designer Cutting Board/Serving Tray
  • "Nuts About Sports" Gourmet Snack Mix in Designer Bag
  • Ref's Whistle
  • Toasted Pepper Blend Water Crackers
  • Parmesan and Herb Artisan Hors D'Oeuvre Crackers
  • Olive Oil & Sea Salt Artisan Hors D'Oeuvre Crackers
  • Italian All Beef Summer Sausage
  • All Beef Salami
  • Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese
  • Onion and Chive Cheese
  • Pepper Cheese
  • Wisconsin Swiss Cheese
  • Garden Vegetable Cheese
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Wisconsin Chipotle Cheddar Cheese
  • Handsome and practical cutting board
  • (Take your tailgating to a whole new level with this handsome and practical cutting board. constructed of eco-friendly bamboo and features a classic baseball pattern. Generously sized for cutting and serving needs measuring 12" Dia x 3/4"H.)

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    "Happiness is not so much in having as sharing. We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give."
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    Capture the Magic of Gift-Giving: Gift Baskets for Every Occasion

    Gift baskets create a uniquely magical gift-giving experience, making the recipient feel truly celebrated. The almost infinite variety of available designs makes gift baskets the perfect way to express the giver's regard while making any occasion a memorable one. The Adorable Gift Baskets collection includes stunning gift baskets for every occasion — all creatively designed to capture that magical moment.

    Gift Baskets Offer Versatility, Variety, and Sophistication

    Gift baskets are one of the most versatile ways to show friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and loved ones just how special they are. Because each basket is individually designed to create an immediate and lasting impression, you'll find it incredibly easy to choose one that will appeal to the people you care about. Since our selection is virtually endless, it's practically a given that you'll find a design that's not only appropriate for the occasion but is also just right for each of the special people on your gift list.

    Even the hardest-to-buy-for person with the most discriminating taste can hardly resist a gift that offers a feast for the eyes while providing an artfully arranged selection of tantalizing treats. If you happen to be buying for the proverbial "person who has everything," you'll be even more delighted to know that a well-chosen gift basket will lend an air of sophistication to your gift-giving.

    A Gift Basket for Every Occasion

    No matter what the occasion, a carefully chosen gift basket can provide the perfect expression of your regard for the special individual you are celebrating. Whether your gift will honor a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or graduation, welcome a new baby, or celebrate a new corporate contract, you'll find many attractive gift-basket styles to express your heartfelt sentiments and brighten your recipient's day.

    Edible Gifts: A Perennial Favorite

    From fruit to nuts and cheese to chocolates, the delectable treats that make our gift baskets so magical are arranged in an infinite variety of ways, creating an impressive presentation that's sure to make that special someone's day every bit as wonderful as he or she is. Many of our baskets also include fine wines, specialty coffees, teas, or cocoas nestled cozily among our gourmet delicacies. As you browse our selection of tastefully appointed specialty foods and beverages, you may in fact find it a challenge to choose just one.

    Gifts that Keep On Giving

    Long after the goodies are gone, our gift baskets remain, a pleasant reminder of your thoughtfulness and a practical and decorative container that can be used again and again. Some of our baskets also include additional useful and enjoyable items that your recipient can incorporate into daily life or cherish as a keepsake. The creative gift combinations we use to design our baskets allow your recipient to savor our gourmet treats today while enjoying our carefully selected companion items in the days to come.

    Our spa gift baskets are one such gift that provides the special women in your life with many hours of luxurious pampering, making them think of you each time they use the rich creams and lotions, refreshing bath products, scented candles, and soothing extras that bring a new sense of tranquility to their lives. When you're looking for a unique gift for a woman you care about — one that offers both tasty treats and tantalizing bath and body treatments — our unique spa baskets can create, for that special female, a peaceful oasis from the busyness of modern life.

    Create Gift-Giving Magic with Adorable Gift Baskets

    The almost limitless variety of our gift-basket designs gives you the flexibility to choose the gift that will create the most magical moment for your recipient. Each carefully conceived design provides a stunning visual presentation that's sure to capture the essence of the occasion while offering a tangible reminder of your admiration. Browse our extensive Adorable Gift Baskets selection to find the gift that will create a uniquely memorable snapshot of that special someone's next momentous occasion or milestone.

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