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What’s So Special About Father’s Day?

Once a year fathers around the world get excited and feel a little special. They take a break from the normal hubbub of life, and let themselves be pampered a little. This is their day, a day when fathers can think about their role in the family, what they mean to their family and what their family means to them. Father’s Day has been decreed to be a special day, but what makes it special?

Father's Day Cheesecake
Father's Day Cheesecake   -  One of the most important aspects of Father’s Day is that it enables fathers to reflect on their life to date with their family. For most, hopefully, they will feel that they have done their best for their family, and have set good standards for the household. Sometimes it is only in looking back over our lives that we see how we got to this point. Father’s Day can be a bit like an annual stocktaking exercise where fathers can make a judgement about how they have steered the family through what can often be a turbulent life.

An advantage of looking back in life is that it gives clues as to what direction is best to travel. Father’s Day is one of those wayside markers in the year when fathers can decide if a mid-course correction is needed. This could be with respect to changing jobs, financial planning, homemaking decisions or family relationships. Father’s Day can be a time when fathers plot a new way forward in life.

Happy Father's Day Wine & Gourmet
Happy Father's Day Wine & Gourmet  -  Fathers often see themselves as the cornerstone of the family, and have to bear a lot of the pressures in running a household. Society, finances and family relationships are becoming very complex, and it is increasingly difficult to provide for a family and make all the right decisions when difficult situations arise. Father’s Day is one day in the year when fathers can hopefully look back with a sense of achievement at a job well done. It is not easy to look after a family, and where fathers are making a reasonable job of it, they should be able to give themselves a pat on the back.

Perhaps the happiest aspect of Father’s Day is that it is often a day spent with the family. It is an occasion of celebration when family members make the effort to come together and meet as a family unit. It’s unfortunate that we should need specially defined occasions to do this, but that’s the way of the modern world, and Father’s Day enables us to do what we perhaps should be doing anyway.

At a national level, Father’s Day is a celebration of fatherhood. We live in a world where the concept of a family unit is under attack in every aspect of life. Each year Father’s Day helps to assert the role of the father in the family, and to remind us all of the importance of fathers to all family members. Without Father’s Day, our family lives would be a little poorer, and our national view of the father a little more diminished.
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