What is Your Most Precious Possession?

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What is your most precious possession?

Is it your kids, your car, your home. Maybe it's that home theatre you just bought. For some it's that Saturday night case of beer. What is it that's so important? For me it's something that I can't touch, taste, see, or smell. But when it's not the way I want it to be I can sure feel it.

I'm talking about my ATTITUDE. How's yours?

It's a funny thing about something that most of us pay little, if any attention to. When it's good, or great, then everything is right with the world. When it's bad it can make you feel like a dirty diaper. Here's a simple test to assess your attitude. Finish the following sentence with whatever comes to mind first.

Life's a ...   If you habitually finish that the way most people do then Isuggest that your attitude may need a little fine tuning. Have you ever wondered why the people who succeed at anything, do it against the odds a lot of times. It's because they develop the attitude needed to succeed.

Life's an adventure and you never know what may be around the next corner. Problems are opportunities to greater things. Solve the problem and what lies beyond is yours.

Your attitude determines whether you drag yourself out of bed in the morning or look forward to the new day. It affects how you handle things and interact with others. It determines what you'll do, or refuse to do.Here are some tips to help you maintain an above average attitude. Yes like anything else it does take some effort.

  • 1.      Decide you want to do everything with a good attitude. You'll be surprised how quickly unpleasant tasks seem to fly by.
  • 2.      Be careful who you associate with. They may be your friends, but if you want to change how you see things, then listening to what's wrong with everything is going to take it's toll.
  • 3.      Be curious - It's hard to be negative, or down when you try new things. The stimulation they provide takes you out of the "SAME OLD, SAME OLD". Your brain is a muscle that needs flexing. The more exercise you give it the better it works.
  • 4.      Stay away from TOXIC THOUGHTS - don't worry about how long it will take, how much work it is, or any rejection you might get along the way. Focus on what you want, and the task at hand. The rest will take care of itself. I have a thought that I cultivate every day to combat this. Worrying is like wishing, so be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.

    So tomorrow when you get up tell yourself you'll do whatever you have to with an exceptional attitude. Use one of JohnColanzi's tools, AUTO SUGGESTION. Simply talk to yourself. Repeat what it is you want, such as my cure for worrying, over and over again. At first you may feel a little silly, and that will make you grin. Try having a lousy attitude with a grin on your face.

    Improve your attitude and see for yourself if things don't look brighter. It takes the sting out of the most unpleasant tasks.

    Until next time...May your dreams be your reality.

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