Tips for Creating a Memorable Corporate Holiday Party

Christmas-gift-delivery.jpg Planning a great holiday party is always a challenge, but the obstacles are even greater when planning a corporate party for the holiday season. When you plan a corporate holiday party, you need to consider not only the comfort of your guests but the reputation of your company as well. Whether you like it or not, planning a corporate holiday party means putting your company and its good name on the line, so you want to make sure that every little detail gets the attention it deserves.
From the food you serve at your holiday party to the kinds of decorations you choose, every detail is a reflection of the company. That is why it is important to plan ahead and think carefully about what you want the party to be. Above all, you want your guests to have a great time, so paying careful attention to the food and beverages you serve is an absolute must.
Bite-Sized Portions
A corporate holiday party should be the perfect opportunity to graze and try new things. Make it easier for your guests to get a little taste of everything by serving bite-sized portions of favorite holiday foods.
Instead of serving full-sized desserts, consider serving a number of small tortes, chocolate mousse cups and other popular desserts. Those smaller sizes give guests a chance to sample a few favorites without feeling stuffed by the end of the night.
Go Easy on the Holiday Spirits
When planning a corporate event it is a good idea to limit the amount of alcohol you serve. While you do want everyone to have a great time, allowing unfettered access to the bar can backfire in many unpleasant ways.
If you still want to include alcohol in the festivities, consider serving a signature drink. That gives your guest a treat while limiting the amount of alcohol everyone drinks. You can also limit the alcohol to a few varieties of beer and wine or impose a maximum on the number of drinks any one guest can enjoy.
Focus on Employee Appreciation
When you plan a corporate holiday party, it is a good idea to focus on the business side of things. One of the best ways to do that is to make the holiday party an awards presentation as well. The holiday season is the perfect time to let your employees know that you value their hard work and dedication throughout the year.
Giving awards to individual employees and teams who have made a big impact throughout the year is the perfect way to reward those workers for their dedication. Many companies also like to present each worker with a small gift in recognition of their time with the company. Just be sure that the awards you choose are tasteful, high quality and suitable for display at the office.
Spice Things Up with Seasonal Fruits and Veggies
When planning the menu for your holiday party, be sure to focus on ingredients that will be freshest this time of year. During the winter months many fruits and vegetables are shipped long distances, and that can mean a loss of freshness and taste.
By focusing on locally grown fruits and vegetables you can avoid this problem and give your guests a delicious assortment of appetizers and desserts. Just check out your local organic supermarket or farmers market to see what is in season, then plan your menu around those fresh ingredients.
Use Lighting to Set the Mood
You can do a lot with creative lighting, from designing an attractive after dinner dance floor to highlighting the recipients of those corporate awards. If you are planning a corporate holiday party, be sure to work with the venue to design the right lighting scheme.
Many venues already offer a variety of lighting choices, making it easier for party planners to create the perfect look and feel. Using the existing facilities to their fullest can also mean fewer costs on your part, giving you more money to spend on food, drinks and corporate awards.
Planning a successful and enjoyable corporate holiday party can be difficult. There are many important details to think about, and many unique challenges to overcome. That is why it pays to start early and stay focused on the end result. Starting early means you will have plenty of time to find a great venue, plan a delicious menu and deal with all those important details.
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Start a Gift Box to Avoid Stress

How often have you received a last minute invite to a birthday party or realized that you have to attend a baby shower and forgot to buy a present? Unless you are a super-organized person, this has probably happened to you more than once! This article will show you exactly how to avoid this problem and never be stressed out over a party or shower again!

The first thing you need is a large box. This can be a plastic box with a lid, or just a regular old cardboard one. If you want to make it look nice, cover the outside with contact paper. This is where you will be storing all of your advance gifts.

Now, you will need several plastic bags or smaller boxes to categorize the gifts. On top of this, you should have everything you need to present the gift right there in the box so you won’t be cursing yourself for not buying Scotch tape at the last minute.

Start off with wrapping paper. You will need about five or six sheets. At least three of these should be very generic, so you could feasibly use them for a wedding gift or a bar mitzvah gift. Red, light blue and yellow are perfect colors for this purpose. You can also go with stripes, polka dots, etc. which are fine for any occasion and work with either sex. The best idea is to have all the paper generic, but you may want to throw in some fun birthday paper with balloons or a baby paper with rubber duckies. Again, avoid specific genders.

Also include a Ziploc bag with tape, scissors and a glue stick. And don’t forget tissue paper in red, white and yellow. This can be used inside of several gift bags that should also be included in your box. They can be generic as well, in plain colors or with simple designs, like a teddy bear or a bird. Avoid flowery bags and try to have a few different sizes available.

Lastly you will want to collect gifts in several different categories. You can add or eliminate categories depending on what type of events you are usually invited to. The gifts for each category need to go into a box or bag that is clearly labelled.

Baby Shower: booties, stuffed animals, onesies, baby hats, sets of baby soap and shampoo, blankets or receiving cloths, etc.

Kid’s Party: paint sets, board games, craft kits. Aim to have something for each age group, but particularly the same age groups as your own kids.

Wedding: Candlesticks, napkin/placemat sets, vases, picture frames

Adult Birthday: Facial cream, nice wallet, scarf, board game

You can probably think up a few more categories. The idea is to always have something on hand for those emergency gift situations. There you go, gift stress eliminated!

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Create Memories With Your Child This Christmas

The Christmas season may be busy, but it also provides an array of options for parents to spend time with their children and create memories together. With the hustle and bustle that accompanies Christmas, though, it can be easy to let those opportunities pass by unnoticed. Do not let that happen to you this year. Rather, seize the opportunities to make this Christmas a memorable one for you and your children.

If you are looking for ideas for creating memories with your child this Christmas, here are five suggestions to get you started:

1. Turn decorating into a team effort.

Rather than attempting to do all the decorating by yourself, recruit the help of your child. This can be a fun and relaxing experience to enjoy together. Do not fret if your child does not hang all the decorations perfectly; just enjoy the time spent on a shared project.

2. Plan special activities to do together.

Take a few days of vacation either in the days leading up to or following Christmas Day and invest that time in shared activities with your child. Depending on the options available in your region, you can try activities such as ice skating, building a snow fort, hiking on a nearby trail, camping overnight, or going for a sleigh ride.

3. Work together on a charitable cause.

Whether you volunteer together at a local charity, fill a shoe box with gifts for Operation Christmas Child, or help out an elderly neighbor, the investment of time and energy will be both meaningful and memorable. Converting your charitable activity into an annual event can reap benefits for years to come as it shapes your child's character by teaching the values of generosity and altruism.

4. Allow your children to participate in a Christmas production.

Even if your child has no aspirations to be a professional performer, he or she can still enjoy taking part in a community or church Christmas presentation. Make a few calls or check the newspaper for opportunities in your area. Make sure you start early, though, as rehearsals for such presentations often start as early as September or October.

5. Make the obligatory trip to visit Santa at the mall.

If your child is young enough to enjoy visiting Santa, then find out when and where you can find the jolly old elf. To capture the moment, get a photo of your child sitting on Santa's lap. Your son or daughter is sure to talk about the experience for the next several days, possibly even weeks.

Do not allow the busyness of Christmas to rob you of valuable time with your child. The years pass by quickly, so take advantage of opportunities to create memories together while he or she is young.

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