Finding the Perfect Corporate Christmas Gift Basket Idea

It is more than possible to find great holiday gift baskets for clients when you choose to look at a website that clearly has something to offer everyone.

Variety is the spice of life, and that is exactly what you get when you purchase Christmas corporate gift baskets. Each selection contains an assortment of items, making it highly likely that your gift recipient will appreciate your gesture from the moment it is received until the last item has been removed and enjoyed.

One of the most appropriate times of the year to express your gratitude is during the holiday season. Many individuals are exchanging gifts at this time of the year, so your gift will not look out of place. You can recognize the hard work that someone has put in or the exceptional value that your relationship with a business client has for you.

Corporate Gift Baskets – Ideas for Christmas

As the holiday season approaches, the need to come up with Christmas gift basket ideas for your clients becomes increasingly more important. Fortunately, most of the difficult work has been done for you since a wide variety of themed corporate executive gift baskets have already been assembled. Some of the top choices include elegant wines, champagne and caviar combos, decadent chocolate gifts, deluxe coffee ensembles, and gourmet food baskets. Of course, a diverse selection of additional business holiday gift baskets is available, including those that contain cheeses, jellies, cookies, and monogrammed gift items.

Choosing the Right Christmas Gift Idea for Business Partners and Clients Enhances Your Image

Your business relationship can improve when you take the time to select an appropriate gift for business clients. Christmas gift ideas should convey the message that you want to get across to your clients, partners, and company employees. The bigger the message, the more elegant or expensive your choice in Christmas corporate gift baskets should be. Long-lasting bonds are often forged over the lavishness of this type of presentation.

What criteria should you use when making your selection? Ideally, you should have some familiarity with your gift recipient so that you can choose wisely. You should factor health conditions into your equation along with family circumstances. The importance or longevity of the business relationship should also be taken into consideration when you are deciding which corporate holiday gift ideas are the best ones.

Personalized Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas

Napa Valley Wine Duet with Personalized Gift
BoxAdding personalized merchandise to the holiday gift baskets for your clients is an elegant way to express the true level of your appreciation.

Engraved items and monogrammed merchandise portrays the effort that you took in trying to come up with the right corporate Christmas gift ideas for business clients who are exceptionally important to you. Many strategies exist if you want to personalize your gift, including keepsake items such as elegant suede and leather gifts and more.

Choosing Company Christmas Gift Baskets for Clients and Key Personnel

Each holiday season, you are probably faced with the same type of decision. What should you give to your top personnel to show your appreciation for all of their hard work? Coming up with Christmas gift basket ideas for your personnel is much simpler today than it has been in the past. The availability of themed collections makes it easy to come up with Christmas party gift ideas for the workplace. You may want to consider purchasing company Christmas gift baskets that are similar in size and value to avoid conflict in the workplace, while promoting a sense of togetherness and appreciation. While the gesture itself might seem simple, the message that it sends is usually more complicated. It is important to consider your selection of business holiday gift baskets carefully in order to avoid offending someone when your intention is to show your appreciation, recognize, congratulate, or thank someone.

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Great Gift Ideas For Christmas

Are you confused about what gifts to give this Christmas? Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your holiday shopping list this holiday can be very difficult. This is especially true if you do not want to repeat any of the gifts that you have given before, or you are looking for something exceptional for that special someone this season. Well, whether you are looking gifts for men or women, below are a few great Christmas gift ideas that you can consider this festive season.
Christmas Gift Baskets
Gift baskets are really great ideas for you to consider this holiday season. Christmas gift baskets are getting quite popular when it comes to giving and are the favorite choice of many givers. These baskets are functional, which is one of the main reasons many people love them. Christmas gift baskets will also allow you to add your own personality or flavor to the gift itself. With this option, all it takes is a bit of browsing our website for you to make the perfect gift.
We offer a huge selection of Christmas gift baskets and holiday gift ideas for you to consider this year. With Christmas just around the corner, one of these great gift baskets is a sure way for you to warm up someone's Christmas morning, even if you are working with a limited budget.
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Adorable Gift Baskets offers the most memorable gift ideas, gifts, gift baskets and presents that make lasting impressions. Search our huge selection of specialty gift baskets of impeccable taste, superior quality and value. 

What are gift baskets? A gift basket is a big, beautifully packaged and presented basket gift filled with lots of smaller gifts tucked inside.  Gift baskets are perfect for showing that you care; to say thank you, send get well or birthday wishes or happy holiday greetings.

You don't even need a reason or an occasion to send a gift basket.  Send a gift basket anytime to let someone special know that you're thinking of them.
Grand Celebrations Fruit and Wine Basket

Grand Celebrations Fruit and Wine Basket

This philanthropic basket of wine, fruit, and gourmet food is both a superlative culinary and aesthetic gift. Choose either Chardonnay or Merlot ($20 retail each) to accompany the fine fruits and gourmet. Each bottle of wine is individually selected by a trained wine connoisseur to ensure maximum quality. The fruits may include exotic and domestic fruits such as Pineapples, Bananas, Apples, Oranges, Kiwis and Tangerines. The gourmet items will include savory delights such as Cheese, Nuts, Sausage, Crackers, and Hard Candies. The basket is aesthetically arranged by a skilled designer with a stylish bow to finish the holiday theme.

Adorable Gift Baskets delivers fruit baskets, food gifts,  care packages,  plants and flowers, desserts, fresh baked cookies, candy and unique gifts and presents.

One Dozen Happy Holiday Brownies

One Dozen Delicious Happy Holiday Brownies

An intricately designed ''Happy Holidays'' box opens to unveil a dozen deluxe brownies, each one different and more elaborate than the next. With each bite into these moist, chocolatey treats they will fall deeper and deeper into a wonderful brownie euphoria. A truly delicious way to ring in the holidays! Gift Includes: 12 uniquely flavored Gourmet Brownies in flavors like Chocolate Mint and Espresso Nib See the What's Inside tab for a full list of flavors Features: Handmade from fine cake flour and rich Belgian chocolate Individually wrapped for freshness All natural (no artificial flavors, hydrogenated oils, or preservatives) and certified Kosher Packaged in a festive winter holiday-themed gift box.

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What is Your Most Precious Possession?

One Dozen Thinking Of You BrowniesOne Dozen Thinking Of You Brownies
 Make someone's day brighter with a gift box full of a dozen gourmet brownies in twelve scrumptious flavors. The recipient will one enjoy specialty brownies in fun flavors like Toffee Crunch, Mint Chocolate, and Cream Cheese. The brownies are handmade from fine cake flour and rich Callebaut Belgian chocolate, and will arrive individually wrapped for freshness. Please see the Contents Tab for a full listing of flavors. These delicious brownies are all-natural and certified kosher, as well as being free of trans fats, hydrogenated oils, preservatives, and artificial colors. Gift weighs 2.7 lbs. and includes a festive thinking of you gift box.

What is your most precious possession?

Is it your kids, your car, your home. Maybe it's that home theatre you just bought. For some it's that Saturday night case of beer. What is it that's so important? For me it's something that I can't touch, taste, see, or smell. But when it's not the way I want it to be I can sure feel it.

I'm talking about my ATTITUDE. How's yours?

It's a funny thing about something that most of us pay little, if any attention to. When it's good, or great, then everything is right with the world. When it's bad it can make you feel like a dirty diaper. Here's a simple test to assess your attitude. Finish the following sentence with whatever comes to mind first.

Life's a ...   If you habitually finish that the way most people do then Isuggest that your attitude may need a little fine tuning. Have you ever wondered why the people who succeed at anything, do it against the odds a lot of times. It's because they develop the attitude needed to succeed.

Life's an adventure and you never know what may be around the next corner. Problems are opportunities to greater things. Solve the problem and what lies beyond is yours.

Your attitude determines whether you drag yourself out of bed in the morning or look forward to the new day. It affects how you handle things and interact with others. It determines what you'll do, or refuse to do.Here are some tips to help you maintain an above average attitude. Yes like anything else it does take some effort.

  • 1.      Decide you want to do everything with a good attitude. You'll be surprised how quickly unpleasant tasks seem to fly by.
  • 2.      Be careful who you associate with. They may be your friends, but if you want to change how you see things, then listening to what's wrong with everything is going to take it's toll.
  • 3.      Be curious - It's hard to be negative, or down when you try new things. The stimulation they provide takes you out of the "SAME OLD, SAME OLD". Your brain is a muscle that needs flexing. The more exercise you give it the better it works.
  • 4.      Stay away from TOXIC THOUGHTS - don't worry about how long it will take, how much work it is, or any rejection you might get along the way. Focus on what you want, and the task at hand. The rest will take care of itself. I have a thought that I cultivate every day to combat this. Worrying is like wishing, so be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.

    So tomorrow when you get up tell yourself you'll do whatever you have to with an exceptional attitude. Use one of JohnColanzi's tools, AUTO SUGGESTION. Simply talk to yourself. Repeat what it is you want, such as my cure for worrying, over and over again. At first you may feel a little silly, and that will make you grin. Try having a lousy attitude with a grin on your face.

    Improve your attitude and see for yourself if things don't look brighter. It takes the sting out of the most unpleasant tasks.

    Until next time...May your dreams be your reality.

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  • Tips For First Time Grandmothers

    baby-gift-baskets-click-hereBaby's First Wagon Flower Bouquet - Preparing for baby is an exciting process that can be as unique as childbirth for first time grandmothers. Once you recover from the initial shock that your baby is no longer your baby, it's time to get mentally and physically prepared to offer proactive support to both mommy and daddy from the beginning of the pre-birth process until the end of the new mom's recuperation phase. It is truly more than preparing for baby showers, opening gifts, and recording cards.

    It all begins with the announcement. From the moment you¡¦re told you are about to be a grandparent, nothing is the same. My husband and I received our announcement on Christmas Day. Our daughter and son-in-law came to the living room of their home to say the test was positive, congratulations grand mom! A new life had formed, a child was in the wings. The excitement is indescribable. It is one of many times you realize that it is only through the power of God that such a miracle would be possible. The months of preplanning begins by encouraging the mom to eat and sleep properly, initiate planning the baby shower with save the date cards, helping to monitor gift registries and coordinating materials that would be useful after the baby is born. Even selection of what the mom and baby would wear on their first trip home is reminiscent of the bridal planning process.

    There are several issues, however, that are often overlooked during the preparation phase. The future Grandmother needs to be proactive about getting ready for the level of hands on input and support that will be needed from her before, during, and after the birth. Essential elements of grandmother preparation should include one of several things:

    Watching your diet, taking vitamins, starting an exercise program, you could be actively involved in the birthing process. I was part of the designated support team and, as such, participated in the breathing exercises, hand holding and offering the gentle conversations my daughter needed while experiencing labor pains. In addition to singing songs, stroking her head with a wet cloth throughout the process, I reminded her of scripture verses that she could use as a source of her strength including I look beyond the hills from which cometh my strength. My help comes from the Lord who made both heaven and earth. (Psalm 121:1-2 KJV)

    Being prepared with a CD player or recorder for playing favorite her favorite music and other inspirational messages can be very helpful in providing comfort at the most strenuous moments. The Grandmother¡¦s role is pivotal for both the new mom and dad and she must be physically up to the challenge even in early hours of the day. The best time to get ready physically is before you are needed. A nine month low impact aerobic or regular walking routine will make a world of difference during a 10-20 hour labor.

    Taking time to refresh your knowledge about pregnancy and birth. Especially if you are going to be part of the child birthing process, a brief refresher of what to expect would be helpful. Your daughter will look to you at various points of the process for your reassurance. It would be helpful if you are able to use terminology she learned during the birthing preparation classes to let her know you are aware of what she is experiencing and can relate with up to date information.

    Setting aside at least two to three weeks time and being available to spend or be on call to help the new mom during the recuperation and adjustment period is an invaluable gift your daughter will never forget. Sleep schedules, adjusting to feeding, doctor appointments, stabilizing meal schedules, addressing unexpected emergencies, doctor visits, and helping with general lifestyle changes all make a difference between smooth and traumatic transition. The significance of your presence during this time cannot be measured.

    Scheduling, Readiness, Packing--Do not wait until your daughter is heading to the hospital to pack items as you may be asked to stay with mom and dad at the hospital overnight. Be sure to include dried fruit, juice, peppermints, and other light refreshments you can use during break times. Our team took turns sleeping and eating during the 17 hours my daughter was in labor. We prepared a food kit that included toothbrush, wash cloth, music for her comfort, and fresh fruit. Unfortunately, hospital machines offer carbonated soda and potato chips that are uninviting during the early morning hours.

    Another preplanned strategy you should consider is talking to the new mom and dad about what they may need from you after birth of the child. Often new parents don't consider the need for help until the issue arises. By initiating this conversation, new parents have the option to consider whether there is a need for help for one or two weeks to support a variety of issues including monitoring phone calls and visitors, helping with home chores, washing clothes, and preparing meals. These are a few of their favorite things.

    Participating in the birth of your first grand-baby will mark a moment in your life that can only be matched by your daughter¡¦s birth. Your role is different this time, but it is pivotal to the joy of your daughter's birthing experience.

    Congratulations Grandma!!
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    The Gift That Keeps On Giving

    gift-givingIt's almost Christmas, a time when some families open Christmas presents.....or at least, the kids get to open one gift and save the rest until Christmas morning!

    So what's under the tree for you?

    Did you know that you can give yourself a truly fantastic gift this year? You can give yourself a small taste of the Fountain Of Youth! Sounds too good to be true? Read on.....

    You can give yourself a gift this year that will help you live longer, lower your risk of heart disease, help you look better, lower your cholesterol, lower your blood pressure, make you more mentally alert, create a sense of well-being, give you confidence, and so much more! You can give yourself a gift this year that helps you sleep better at night, gives you more energy, makes your old clothes feel baggy, and even lowers your risk of some cancers!

    So what is this gift? Is it truly a taste of the Fountain Of Youth?

    The gift you can give yourself this year is the gift of regular exercise. Only exercise has been proven to provide all the benefits listed above, and then some! What a gift! The benefits of exercise are so fantastic, so incredible, that if we saw a product being advertised on TV making the same claims we'd probably file a complaint for false advertising. But, with exercise, it's true! Regular exercise gives us the same benefits that we'd see from the Fountain Of Youth.

    But of course, there is a catch. Nobody can give you the gift of regular exercise. You have to give it to yourself. Nobody else can exercise for you. Either you open the gift of regular exercise or you don't.

    This Christmas, and all through the new year, give yourself the gift of good health. Give yourself the gift of regular exercise!

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    Gourmet Tea Gifts, Teatime Food Gift Basket Delivery

    Traditional Teatime Gift Basket Traditional Teatime Gift Basket

    Delight your favorite tea enthusiast with this abundant basket that delivers unique teatime pleasures day after day. A classic handled basket will arrive brimming with teas with enticing flavors like Ginger Lemon Grass and Peppermint Chamomile Jazz, as well as, delicious complementing foods such as Chai Tea Shortbread and Carlsbad Oblaten Lemon Wafers. A gift that offers a superior tea experience. Tab for more information. Personalize It! We'll print your message on a satin ribbon. One line with up to 45 characters, requested text repeats across entire ribbon.

    Whether you want to show thanks for a kind act, give an upbeat birthday or holiday gift, comfort a sick loved one or send a sympathy gift, tea gifts provide an easy means to do all these and more. At Adorable Gift Baskets, you can send numerous tea gift baskets to friends, loved ones, and even business clients whenever the occasion arises.

    Comfort Food baskets for loved ones who need encouragement come with cookies, pretzels, nuts, Bellagio blend coffee, popcorn, cake, lemon meyer tea, and other delicious comfort foods.

    If you want to spark a little romance with your wife or husband, try a breakfast in bed gift basket. These coffee & tea gift baskets make wonderful morning presents and are filled with breakfast treats such as pancake mix, syrup, Ghirardelli white mocha hot coffee mix, Canterbury cuisine tea, honey, coffee, and more.

    Trying to win a big client for your company? Why not have a delectable tea gift basket delivered to their office? Adorable Gift Baskets offers the perfect corporate baskets for this purpose, stuffed with snacks, cheese spreads, smoked salmon filet, olives, nuts, coffee, cookies, syrup, biscotti, and soothing herbal tea.

    Coffee & tea baskets arrive packaged in a well-decorated gift basket along with other goodies and gifts. Coffee lovers will enjoy having their favorite morning beverage with the aromatic gourmet coffee found in our sumptuous basket arrangements.

    For instance, in our Thomas Kinkade basket, your loved one will be pleased with the inspirational items bundled inside, such as a book, notepad, and pen gift set with a Thomas Kinkade theme. This basket also includes Afternoon Ceylon black tea, dark roast blend coffee, a wafer, and biscotti.

    Adorable Gift Baskets provides an easy online search to find the coffee & tea gift baskets you need for any occasion. You can surprise your loved one with the ultimate coffee or tea lover's gift basket and never leave your home or office. Online gift baskets with coffee, tea, and other snacks are available in a variety of arrangements so you just can't go wrong!
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    How to Write a Sympathy Note or Letter

    In Their Honor Sympathy Fruit and Gourmet Basket
    In Their Honor Sympathy Fruit and Gourmet Basket

    A fruit and gourmet basket is a thoughtful way to share your condolences. We fill a classic wicker basket with fresh fruits and time-tested favorites such as cheese, crackers, and cookies. Combined, the healthy fruits and gourmet indulgences are a great way to provide comfort during a time of bereavement.

    Sympathy gift baskets and comforting gifts

    Bring peace and comfort to the brokenhearted. Stylish sympathy gifts for the grieving family and friends that respectfully express condolences and concern.

    How to Write a Sympathy Note or Letter

    It's important to convey condolences to those who have lost someone special in their lives. But, what is the best way to proceed? Here are some helpful tips on how to write a sympathy note or letter, with examples to help you create your own caring message.

    When a friend or family member suffers a loss, his world is awash in grief. What he needs is a reassurance of love and support from those he considers close confidantes in his life.

    But writing sympathy notes can be an awkward, uncomfortable experience. You want to say the right things without sticking your foot in your mouth or sounding trite. Here are some tips to help write that important sympathy note.

    When to Write A Sympathy Note

    As soon as you’re aware of the situation, take pen in hand and communicate your heartfelt thoughts. Send it out in that very day’s mail, if at all possible. Time is of the essence, as addressing the situation swiftly demonstrates your genuine concern about the issue.

    How to Write In A Sympathy Note

    This is not the time for email, text messaging, nor printing out your condolences on computer paper. Go ahead and compose your thoughts in a word processor if you like, but for the final draft, nothing gives the personal touch like a handwritten missive.

    What to Say In A Sympathy Note

    The purpose of the sympathy letter is to acknowledge the sad event, express your positive reflections about the deceased, perhaps share a fond memory or two about the person, and offer your condolences and support however it’s needed. Sympathy cards are saved for a lifetime, cherished along with other memorabilia of the deceased. Your words will be treasured for a long time to come, so make sure they are positive, encouraging words; words that bring comfort and peace to one who has been through an extremely traumatic experience.

    Speak not only of your praises for the deceased, but for your devotion to the survivor. This person likely feels scared and alone, and could use reassurance that friendly, caring hearts are rallying around in support at this critical time.

    What to Avoid When Writing A Sympathy Note or Letter

    Unless you’re a bosom buddy or a close family member, don't use the telephone to contact the bereaved. A phone call is more likely to disrupt than assist the grieving person, particularly if the bereaved has to explain again and again the details of his loved one’s demise.

    Your handwritten message of support is not the place to request explicit details of the love one’s passing. If you don’t have all the details at the time you write your letter, rest assured you’ll be filled in eventually as to what happened. The goal of your letter is not to cause the survivor to re-experience the pain and suffering of his loss over and over again, but to step up beside the survivor, empathize in the sadness and confirm your dedication by means of support.

    Share what’s in your heart, and your words will be a balm.

    How To Comfort A Grieving Friend

    Sympathy gift baskets have the power to change the mood to a world of beauty and peace. A comforting gift, sent during the days of grief after the death of the dear ones, will certainly lighten their mind.

    Express condolences to your friends, relatives, colleagues and family members by sending a beautiful sympathy gift basket.

    Sympathy gift baskets and gifts are excellent for politely expressing sympathy during times of suffering and loss. While we may not know what to do or say during these difficult times, sympathy gift baskets convey your condolences easily and with the utmost elegance.

    Send a sympathy basket, comforting care package, thinking of you gift box, fruit or food basket. Gourmet food baskets can include comfort food gifts such as gourmet, fruit, cookies and inspirational booklets with comforting messages.

    Of course, during difficult times, your most precious gift to the bereaved is the gift of simply letting them know that you care. During their time of sorrow and sadness this gift alone can make his or her grief more bearable.

    "I just wanted to write and tell you how quickly your customer care consultant acted on behalf of your company, Adorable Gift Baskets. After the death of my beloved sister I have had a very difficult time organizing my thoughts and taking care of the many thank yous that come with the death of a loved one. Your conscientious customer care has saved us such an incredible amount of hassle and trouble trying to get gifts out.

    Customer Service like this is what sets companies like yours apart and makes you stand out from the rest. So do your baskets which we think are superb. We are so impressed and grateful that we will sing your praises loud and clear to whomever we encounter. Thank you for a job well done. Sincerely, M. Dowling - New Fairfield, CT 06812"
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    How To Give Gifts Of Love and Inner Bonding

    gift-givingWhen we think of giving gifts, we usually think of things to buy for people. Yet if you think back on gifts you been given, it might not be the material gifts you received that are foremost in your mind. It might be the kind of gifts that deeply touched your heart and soul. It might be various ways, other than material things, that people expressed their love to you.

    There are five gifts of love that we can give to our families that can make a huge difference in their lives.


    We all yearn to feel cared for, yet many of us withhold caring and compassion for others. A profound gift we can give to our loved ones is to listen with our heart, to understand and accept rather than to judge, and to stay open to learning rather than to protect against being hurt.

    Think about the last time someone actually listened to you and gave you understanding and acceptance. The feeling of being understood and accepted with caring and compassion is one of the best feelings in the world. Instead of focusing on getting this from others, why not focus on giving it to others? You might be surprised at how wonderful you feel in giving this gift to your family.


    One of the best gifts we can give our loved ones is our own courage. This means being having the courage to stand in our truth, to be honest about what we want and don't want, what we will do and won't do, what is and what is not acceptable to us. It means having the courage to take good care of ourselves, even if others don't like it. It means not succumbing to our controlling behaviors that come from fear: anger, withdrawal, compliance, resistance, but instead being honest and above-board about ourselves. It means being willing to face conflict rather than give ourselves up to avoid it.

    When we have the courage to face conflict and tell the truth, we not only provide our family with a role model for courage, but we provide opportunities for our loved ones to step up to the plate in the face of our truth and learn to be courageous too.


    We are on this planet to learn to love ourselves and each other, and to help each other. One of the best gifts we can give our family is to role model this by doing service. Helping others fills the heart and soul in ways that nothing else can. If children do not see their parents doing service and helping others, they may never learn the great joy and fulfillment that comes from giving. One of the best gifts we can give to our family is to provide ways of doing service.


    All of us are born with various ways of expressing our creativity. Expressing creativity is a profound way of connecting with Spirit, since expressed creativity is a direct expression of Spirit. Providing your family with many ways of expressing their creativity is a great gift. Creativity can be expressed in so many ways of cooking, crafts, building things, music, art, movement, telling stories, writing, humor, photography and video; the possibilities are endless! Creative family projects are especially wonderful in creating family closeness.


    Lightness of being; fun, joy, laughter and playfulness is a great gift to give to others. Lightness of being is infectious. Our laughter and playfulness can help others take life less seriously and lighten up.

    Lightness of being is one the results of all the other gifts of caring, courage, service and creativity. When we give these gifts, we feel a wonderful lightness within, the lightness that is the result of fully giving from the heart. Our own lightness of being can bring lightness into our whole family. Children love it when their parents are playful, fun-loving and joyful. Laughing together as a family is one of the most precious experiences in life.

    We need to focus of giving these gifts each day, not just during a holiday season or special occasions. These gifts are far more important than any material thing we can buy for someone. In fact, we might not be so focused on material gifts if we frequently give the gift of love, of caring, compassion, courage, service, creativity, and lightness of being.

    Margaret Paul, Ph.D. is the best-selling author and co-author of eight books, including, "Do I Have To Give Up Me To Be Loved By You?". Visit her web site for a FREE Inner Bonding course: Inner Bonding

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    Writing a Healing Get Well Soon Message

    g-thinking-of-you.jpgGet well, sympathy, comfort...Know someone who could use a little recovery treat? This gift basket is perfect for anyone who needs a little cheering up.

    Sadly, sometimes we find our loved ones in ill health, requiring medical attention. It is in times like these that the perfect get well soon message is needed. A message that not only wishes them a speedy recovery but warms their heart, letting them know that they are not alone.

    The aim of such messages is to arm those we care about with hope when they really need it- hope that is underestimated all too often- and to reassure them of our love and support.

    Before writing your get well soon message, it is important to try to imagine the mindset and emotional state of the receiver. Perhaps they have just received some bad news, or they are feeling lonely in a hospital bed surrounded by strangers. This will help you to tailor your words to their emotional needs and comfort.

    Considering that get well soon messages are informal, it is important to use the recipient’s first name. This adds a personal feel to you words right from the beginning.

    Start by informing the person how sorry you are to hear that they are unwell. And to complement this, mention how much they are missed. For example:

    Dearest Laura,
    I am sorry to hear that you are unwell. We all miss you! Things here are just not the same without you.

    For the main body of your message, show the person exactly how much they mean to you and mention that you are thinking of them and, perhaps, praying for their speedy recovery. A personal touch, that always works well, is to recall a previous situation that you know will put a smile on their face. This will work to cheer your friend or loved one up and distract them from their illness.

    To conclude your message, express your hope for their recovery, maintaining your friendly and affectionate tone. For example:

    I hope you get well very soon! I can’t wait to see you fit and well again.

    Always keep the aim of your message in mind. It may help to imagine your friend or loved one’s face expression when reading what you are writing for them. With this in mind, it is no doubt clear that you must be positive. Your positivity will encourage them to fell better within themselves regardless of their physical condition.

    Here at Adorable Gift Baskets we specialize in cheerful, uplifting get well gift baskets and gifts. Choose from a huge variety of get well gifts designed to brighten the day. Popular get well gifts include fresh fruit, bath and body gifts, book gift baskets, tasty food snacks and more. Send an encouraging get well gift basket to an ill friend today.

    "Just a note to say Thank You for the excellent customer service I received today. I have ordered from Adorable Baskets on several occasions and it is a pleasure to work with your staff. The recipients are always delighted with the baskets and the "live help" line is terrific." - Trish Jewett, Project Mgr. - Dubuque, IA

    Be The Sunshine in someone's life. Send perfect get well gifts that are thoughtful and will remembered forever in the recipient’s heart. Adorable Gift Baskets offers get well gift baskets with meaning; gifts that reflect your message of well wishes, care and concern. Popular get well gifts include a flower bouquet with your warm message, get well gift baskets containing doctor theme gift items, breakfast in bed gift trays filled with coffee, pancakes and breakfast food, get well cookies, fruit baskets and gifts of tasty gourmet food, pampering bath and body gifts, spa baskets and scented candles.

    When you want to share your thoughtfulness with a sick loved one, Adorable Gift Baskets has just the right get well gift baskets to make them smile. Whether your loved one is suffering from a long-term illness such as cancer or has recently undergone surgery, a get well basket can help cheer them and show them you care.

    Perhaps you have a co-worker that's been out of work due to sickness, or maybe you own a company and want to express your wishes to employees while they're out of work on sick leave. A get well gift basket from Adorable Gift Baskets can be hand-delivered to their door or even to the hospital.

    Get well gift baskets are not only thoughtful, they're also practical for every need. You can pick and choose which get well basket will be appropriate for the occasion. If your loved one is too sick to eat anything, try baskets with floral arrangements or plants. At Adorable Gift Baskets, you'll find distinctive gifts such as green garden plant arrangements, mixed African violet flowers, a Victorian teapot bouquet, and many other beautiful gifts.

    You can also send one of our inspirational gift baskets for a sick loved one or bath and body relaxation baskets to enhance the healing process. Help them bust boredom while on a long hospital stay with a basket full of small games (chess, checkers, dominoes, etc.) and puzzle books. Comfort your sick loved one with a prayerful basket from Adorable Gift Baskets containing a serenity prayer book and soothing herbal tea. Or, warm their heart (and their tummy) with a chicken noodle soup get well basket.

    Food get well gift baskets offer a variety of treats such as gourmet foods, chocolates, cookies, candies, coffee, tea, fruit, nuts, and many others. Adorable Gift Baskets also features healthy snack get well baskets and sugar free get well gifts for the diabetic. With a value-packed get well gift basket from Adorable Gift Baskets, you're sure to surprise your loved one and help them to a speedy recovery. It's just what the doctor ordered!
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    Best Selling Christmas Gift Baskets

    Ten Popular Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

    If you are stuck for an idea about what to get someone for Christmas, a gift basket is always a convenient choice. In addition to your typical fruit basket, there are so many creative Christmas gift options and countless ways to customize them. Here are just a few of the most popular Christmas holiday gift basket ideas.

    (1) Gourmet gift baskets. Your recipients will love indulging in a specialty food basket, especially if it contains something rare or fancy that they are not likely to buy for themselves. Imported gifts, such as Italian or French products, are extremely popular. You can even find kosher and vegetarian gourmet gift baskets.

    (2) Coffee or tea gift baskets. These baskets are usually a safe bet, even if you don’t know exactly what type of gift someone might like. You might choose them for a corporate client or another recipient that you don’t know well. People usually appreciate a selection of different flavors.

    (3)Chocolate gift baskets. Chocolate comes in so many forms that you practically can’t go wrong with a chocolate lover’s gift basket. Candies, hot cocoa and cookies are just some of the sweet treats you can order. Get creative with novelties such as chocolate-covered fruit or similar gifts.

    (4) Dessert gift baskets. For a loved one with a sweet tooth, chocolate is not the only option. Cheesecakes and cookies are just two of the many other available types of treats. You can order them ready to eat, or, for those who like to bake, as mixes with recipes to make your own.

    (5) Picnic gift baskets. There is not much meal planning required of recipients of these fun gifts. The only thing they will need to complete their leisurely breakfast or lunch is the Sunday paper. Some examples of popular breakfast gifts include waffle, pancake or scone mixes, accompanied by syrups or preserves.

    (6) Movie night gift baskets. These are fun for kids of all ages, whether they’re hosting a screening for a large group or an intimate date night. Popcorn with seasonings and movie theater boxed candy are key components of these gift sets.

    (7) Regional or hard-to-find gifts. Perhaps your sister moved across the country and is longing for a “taste of home.” Many merchants specialize in “nostalgic” products or gifts that might be specific to a certain area of the country, for instance.

    (8) Fruit gift baskets. Traditional holiday gift baskets have nearly always contained fruit, featuring some of the most beautiful types of oranges and pears, for example. This is a gift appreciated by many, especially those living in cold winter climates.

    (9) Bath and body, or spa, gift baskets. Most people, men and women alike, love to be pampered. Soaps, lotions, and candles are just a few of the luxurious gifts that you can include in a spa gift basket. Pick a scent theme, if you know what they prefer, or provide a mix of various options for them to try.

    (10) Kids’ gift baskets. Treat the young ones on your Christmas list to a special surprise by choosing custom gift baskets just for them. Holiday baskets can be personalized for any boy or girl, incorporating themes like sports or books. Include a stuffed animal and some yummy snacks for a gift that is sure to be appreciated.

    Sending gift baskets for Christmas takes very little effort. Buying them online requires a few simple clicks, and your selections are packed and shipped for you. When holiday shopping becomes stressful for everyone else, you can relax knowing that you have plenty of convenient and affordable gift options waiting for you.


    Best Selling Christmas Gift Baskets

    Shopping for a Christmas gift can be a bit of a challenge. Deciding what to get that special someone in your life is only the first half of the battle. Finding something you like is the other half. A blouse for mother, slippers for Dad, a pullover sweater for your sister are all nice gift ideas to consider, but that’s so yesterday. A gift basket is a better gift idea for so many reasons.

    Christmas gift baskets make terrific gifts because they let you rest assured you will not have to return a gift that doesn’t fit. They also delight the recipient with surprise after surprise as this person discovers the many special gifts inside the gift basket. Gift baskets also make your gift recipient feel important since a gift basket can be specially made to hold all the things your gift recipient likes.

    How heartwarming is it to know someone cares enough about you to take the time to select a special gift basket just for you. Whether it’s food, flowers or something else you know your gift recipient will be happy to receive, the list of gift baskets to choose from is extensive.

    Children love gift baskets because they contain so many cool gifts. A young child will spend hours playing with the toys she or he gets. Older children may spend hours talking to their friends about all the nice gifts they found tucked inside their basket.

    A Christmas gift basket is also suitable for a young child to give as a present since a parent can help the child select the gift basket. A gift basket is also a nice gift to send to a child who lives away from home.

    Ordering a Christmas gift basket online is a convenient way to shop online. You never have to waste your time standing on long lines in the stores and you don’t have to fight your way through crowded shopping malls in search of a gift.

    And, wrapping gifts is a thing of the past. Wrapping the gift yourself is unnecessary when you order a Christmas gift basket online since the basket is elegantly wrapped for you for holiday gift giving. Christmas gift baskets are so beautifully wrapped, your recipient may just want to take a picture of it before using the gifts inside. Wrapped in true Christmas spirit, gift baskets are cherished by young and old alike.

    As long as you have access to a computer to place your order online, or a fax machine to send your order by fax, you can shop for the perfect Christmas gift basket in the comfort of your own home or office and still have enough time to do something for yourself once you place your order.
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    Chocolate Gift Baskets Bring Pure Savory Delight for any Occasion

      g-chocolate-Valentine.jpgChocolate Madness Gift Basket   $105.00buy-gift-basket 
    Extravagant chocolate gift basket overflowing with fine gourmet chocolates from around the world. The fortunate recipient will be delighted with every delicious bite.

    Know someone who is mad about chocolate? Then this gift basket is the sweetest way to their heart! But beware, this extravagant gift basket offers such a generous supply of indulgent treats it could push even the most die-hard chocoholic over the edge! Adorned with silk ivy, silk roses and beautiful silk ribbon our Chocolate Madness gift basket makes an irresistible gift that they will never forget!

    Chocolate gift basket includes:

  • Triple Chocolate Bliss Cookies
  • Handmade Key Lime White Chocolate Cookies
  • Creamy Chocolate Smothered Grahams
  • Decadent Belgian Chocolate Truffles
  • Italian Chocolate dipped Hazelnut Biscotti
  • Double Chocolate Biscotti
  • Chocolate drizzled Popcorn
  • Chocolate Caramel Nut Clusters
  • Creamy Dark Chocolate Filled Butter Wafer Cookies
  • Golden Walnut shaped Cookies
  • Rich Fudge
  • Raspberry Chocolate filled Golden Walnut Cookies

    To send your wishes to someone on a birthday, holiday or any time of the year shows your kindheartedness toward that individual. Chocolates are an all-time favorite when it comes to gift choices. Many people adore chocolate and appreciate this delicious treat as a special gift. And today, you're no longer confined to giving just a “box of chocolates.” There are many delightful chocolate gift baskets to satisfy the sweet tooth of your friend or loved one.

    Chocolate gift baskets offer a magical opportunity to say, "I love you" or "I'm thinking of you!" Chocolate treats in a decorated basket make wonderful personal gifts and can be delivered to your loved one's doorstep with a personal greeting. Chocolate basket delivery can work for almost any occasion.

    In the scientific world, chocolate has been coined as an emotional food. What better way to thrill the emotions of your mate or cheer a sick loved one, or even show sympathy for someone's loss? What better treat to offer on a birthday, holiday, or anniversary? Chocolates are often tucked into get well baskets, food baskets, and many others.

    The occasions for chocolate-filled baskets are almost endless. Valentine gift baskets are often overflowing with chocolate delights. Holiday gift baskets often include a few chocolate indulgences. Easter gift baskets greet kids on Easter morn with chocolate bunnies. Even romantic gift baskets usually feature a few chocolate treats.

    In the business world, you'll find corporate gift baskets or business gift baskets filled with chocolates to welcome a new client or to reward employees. Chocolate baskets provide numerous ways to demonstrate your thoughtfulness or gratitude. And, what treasures might your recipient discover in their chocolate gift basket? You guessed it - Godiva or Ghirardelli chocolates, caramels, chocolate pretzels, gourmet chocolate cookies, and a host of other chocolate assortments.

    Adorable Gift Baskets offers many chocolate treats in our inexpensive gift baskets. You can browse gourmet chocolate lover gift baskets such as Godiva Pure Decadence, Chocolate Visions Cookie Gift Basket, Ghirardelli Gift Assortments, Say It With Chocolates, A Chocolate Gold Mine, Sweet & Savory Expressions, and many others. Gift basket delivery is right at your fingertips to anyone in the continental U.S., so go ahead and browse our selection of affordable chocolate gift baskets today.

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  • Gift Towers as Beautiful on the Outside as they are Delicious on the Inside.

    g-summer-sky.jpgDesigned to impress, gift towers offer a variety of looks and prices to fit every budget and complement every theme or holiday. Each gift tower is created with great attention to detail, leaving you nothing to think of except the idea of sending an amazing gift to family, friends and valued clients for your next gift-giving occasion.

    Send A Gift Towers hand packed with delicious chocolates, candies, nuts, pretzels, popcorn, desserts and snacks, stacked to make a gift tower, tied with a coordinating ribbon and topped off with a bow, ornament or other decorative trim.

    Created with the utmost care, friends, business associates and loved ones will enjoy digging into each beautiful gift box. Gift towers are a joy to open, creating an unforgettable feast for the most discriminating gift recipient. These pretty gift boxes make wonderful keepsakes because recipients can use them for storing their favorite things.

    The Wonderful Gift Tower Arrived!

    My grandmother, who resides at a retirement community, stated that she was tickled to receive such a big, beautiful stack of gift boxes.

    She enjoyed opening each box of sweet treats and commented on how beautiful the boxes and ribbon were, how durable and impressive the boxes were constructed and how each treat was such a variety of some of her favorite candies and cookies.

    This is the first time I have placed an order with Adorable Gift Baskets and I wanted to tell you how terrific your service is! Thank you so much for making my delivery to my grandmother the happiest event of her week. She couldn't have been happier and I couldn't either! Thank you from a VERY satisfied customer that will be placing more orders soon! ~ M. Keller"
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    Four Ways to Win Repeat Business From Clients

    A bottle of Chardonnay, Merlot, or luxurious Champagne accompanies our classic fruit basket. Add an optional second bottle of wine to make it an even more memorable gift. Perfect for a corporate thank-you or any other occasion, this basket is filled with fresh seasonal fruit such as apples, oranges, bananas, grapes, and kiwi (as available). Sprinkled with chocolates and a selection of gourmet cheese, sausage, and crackers, this gift will win over any client.

    Adorable Gift Baskets offers the best gift basket ideas for clients, team recognition, administrative professionals and business associates.

    As a small business owner, it is easier and more cost-effective to win repeat business from existing clients than to gain new clients. Existing clients have already reaped the rewards of using your services and know that you can be relied upon to do a good job. Here are four ways in which you can maximize your chances of winning repeat business.

    Always Meet Your Deadlines and Try to Deliver Work Ahead of Schedule. If you consistently deliver high quality work on time or even before your deadlines, the client will turn to you first when he has extra work as he knows that you can be relied upon to meet your commitments in a timely fashion.

    Bear this in mind when negotiating deadlines. Do not feel obliged to accept a deadline that is too tight. It is better to ask for some extra time in which you will be able to deliver a high quality product than it is to agree to a tight deadline and produce sub-standard work. The client will be more likely to remember the quality of your work than the fact that you met a tight deadline.

    Always Answer Emails and Return Telephone Calls Promptly. This does not mean that you should rush to answer a client’s question. If you don’t know the answer immediately, just send the client a quick reply thanking her for her question and saying that you will get back to her with an answer as soon as possible. It is much better to keep the channels of communication open in this way than to ignore an email or telephone message from a client because you are unsure of the correct response.

    At the End of a Project, Thank the Client With A Gift Basket. Thank the client for the opportunity to have worked with him on this project. Say that you have enjoyed working with him and that you look forward to the opportunity to work together again in future. Express your genuine feelings about your good working relationship without being pushy or over-the-top.

    Keep in Touch with the Client Regularly. This does not mean that you should ring the client every week asking her if she has more work. Instead, send a link to an article that you think may be of interest to her or forward information on a conference that she may be interested in attending. Don’t do this too often. Once every one to two months is often enough for the client to remember you and to be grateful for the snippets of information that you bring to her attention.

    If you follow these tips, there is every chance that your client will turn to you first when he requires someone with your expertise to work on a project. If your client changes jobs, you may even find that he calls on your services from his new company, thereby enabling you to win business at a new client company and extend your list of clients. 

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    Special Events in New Orleans, LA

    Premium Wine and Gourmet Basket

    Premium Wine and Gourmet Basket
    Send this delicious and beautifully presented basket to those you wish to impress or congratulate. Your choice of two well-regarded wines or one bottle of distinctive champagne is nestled in a traditional basket filled with an array of delicious foods guaranteed to be please. Imagine the delight of the recipient to discover not only the wine, but a basket filled with a variety of specialty foods such as crackers, cheese, dips, cookies, candies, teas, or coffees. When only the finest is required, this wine basket is a perfect choice.

    New Orleans, the melting pot of music, food, and culture, will truly be a unique, enjoyable, and memorable experience for any visitor. Tourists have their pick of festivals: music, culinary, art, multi-cultural, film & literary, as well as theater. Quite a few special events to enjoy while visiting New Orleans are the festivals. There are multiple festivals taking place throughout the year.

    There are sports events such as the Sugar Bowl, held at the Superdome, in January. Even though the game is the most anticipated event, there’s also a pep rally, sailing, basketball, horse racing, and more. Other sporting events are the Zurich Golf Classic, for golfers, and the Crescent City Classic, the largest 10k race, for runners.

    The top festival in New Orleans is the ever-popular Mardi Gras held in February. More than a parade, Mardi Gras is a celebration with madness and music, romance and revelry, parades, colorful floats, beads, and more. In order to understand the spirit of Mardi Gras, it has to be experienced upfront.

    New Orleans also has the Jazz & Heritage Festival (Jazz Fest) which takes place the last weekend of April on the Fair Grounds Race Course. Featuring 13 stages, it showcases almost every genre of music and helps preserve the city’s music culture. With over 60 food vendors, craft booths, and artists demonstrations this special event is fascinating and entertaining.

    Food festivals are a delicious special event to partake in. Savor the succulent flavor of shrimp, at the Shrimp Festival in September. Enjoy alligator burgers and fried alligator at the Alligator Festival also held in September. The Voodoo Music Festival takes place in October at City Park, just in time to cast a spell of fun and festivities over the entire city. With plenty to do for the whole family, the Oak Street Po-Boy Festival in November celebrates the “hoagie” or “submarine sandwich.”

    Close out the old year with a bang, and ring in the New Year at the biggest outdoor celebration in the city. At the New Year’s Eve festival in December everyone can party to their heart’s content. This special event takes place from Bourbon Street to Jackson Square. Instead of watching a ball drop, spectators get to count down as the Baby Bacchus descends from Jax Brewery.

    For more information, visit New Orleans Official Tourism Web Site - Plan your New Orleans vacation with our FREE New Orleans guide book. Find coupons, maps, and complete information on hotels, dining, festivals, events and New Orleans tourism.

    New Orleans Gift Baskets - New Orleans, Louisiana gift basket delivery. New Orleans food baskets , Christmas holiday, presents and gifts for all occasions delivered to New Orleans.
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