Farewell and Retirement Gift Baskets, Heartfelt Gifts to Say Goodbye

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Going Away Gift Baskets, Presents and Farewell Party Planning Ideas. How to say good-bye in meaningful ways. Retirement gift basket ideas. Gift baskets you can give to a colleague, friend, relative or family member who is about to retire.

Most working men look forward to their retirement. Yet, the most common question a retiree deals with when the retirement party is over has to do with what he is supposed to do next. A retired person is often expected by others to live leisurely yet many retirees would rather maintain an active lifestyle. If you are wondering what to give as retirement gift to your soon-to-retire colleague, friend or family member, try to focus your search on items apt for his new life.

Retirement Gifts to Fit His Lifestyle

For the avid golfer in your life, the ideal retirement gift would be a lighter weight golf bag golf bag that is convenient to carry or lug around or a golf gift basket. Playing golf is more than sinking holes and swinging the clubs. It involves a great deal of socializing and conferring with buddies as they walk around. Let your retiree enjoy his time at the golf club more; don't saddle him with a monstrous golf bag that is more suitable for the pros and the younger guys.

The retiree who is bent on touring the world or going on a cruise will appreciate a set of luggage bags as a retirement gift. These bags don't have to be personalized but if you can get his monogram on the bags, that would be perfect.

A boat as a retirement gift is a dream come true to the retiree who is into sport fishing especially if he prefers to catch in large open waters. A fishing gift basket is a perfect gift for the retiree who loves to fish. Alternatively, you can consider a canoe or kayak, or perhaps a complete set of fishing gifts and paraphernalia. If your angler has always been spinning or bait casting, he may be interested to fly fish for salmon and trout if you give him the right gear. Through your retirement gift, you will help add another dimension to his retirement activity.

And if you’re the practical giver, a lawn lounge will make a nice retirement gift; it's less pricey but will be very much appreciated by the retiree who would rather rest beneath the branches of his favorite tree. The humbler string hammock will serve the same purpose if he has enough space for it. These items may be inexpensive but this type of retirement gifts are durable and very functional. They will inspire the retiree to reminisce his past experiences.

When selecting retirement gifts, you need not limit your choices to things the retiree will be using after retirement. Simple keepsakes from the work place will be the constant reminder of the good old days. Fancy and humorous items will always be a source of cheer, like a T-shirt with a funny illustration of life after retirement. Even mushy items make excellent retirement gifts, say a CD that contains video messages from his former colleagues. These are memories any one would like documented and revisit from time to time.

Using the Internet to Search for Retirement Gifts

Adorable Gift Baskets offers a rich source of retirement gift ideas and gifts to give as retirement gifts. For the sports fan our sport gift baskets make great retirement gifts. With countless gift basket, it is impossible not to find a gift basket that would please the retiree. At Adorable Gift Baskets you can even order your retirement gift online and have your retirement gifts delivered right to their door.

Your choices for the perfect retirement gifts for the man (women or men) in your life are endless. Simple and safe gifts include coffee gift baskets, monogrammed golf ball or customized baseball cap. You can also get a bottle of vintage wine. What about a gift certificate to a spa and massage, a cruise to the Caribbean, a gourmet food gift basket or dinner for two at an upscale restaurant. Also, the retiree would appreciate anything personalized like a gold pen, a check wallet, a watch, or a coffee mug.

Do remember that retirement gifts are not intended to serve as milestone markers but are rather meant to give the retiree the gifts he would use to enjoy this time of his life. And indeed, there are many gifts he could benefit from -- from those he can enjoy seeing around him to what he will use in the pursuit of his new activities. The retirement gifts or gift baskets can only be meaningful to the retiree if they can be enjoyed as a part of his new life ahead.

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