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Find perfect Easter gift baskets for Easter. Sending Easter baskets by mail is easy, fun and affordable. Buy Childrens Easter gift baskets online.

Send kids Easter candy basket gifts and find Easter basket ideas for grandchildren, family and friends. Our Easter gift baskets include Easter bunnies, gourmet food, Easter candy, chocolate, cookies and unique Easter springtime gifts.

How to Express Concern That Feels Like You Mean It

bb-Tea-Sympathy-Gift-Basket.jpgAnytime a person loses someone close to them it is a devastating event. When that loss is a member of the immediate family the devastation is intensified.

Comforting those who have lost a loved one isn't always easy. Reach out to your friends during times of grief to let them know that your thoughts are with them.

Bereavement gift baskets, comforting gifts and beautifully packaged sympathy gifts are a wonderful way to convey your condolences and respect. Send comfort gifts, gift baskets, care packages and presents packed with gourmet foods, fresh fruits, coffee, tea, flowers and booklets of encouragement and inspiration.

How to Express Concern That Feels Like You Mean It

It is typically difficult to watch someone you love going through a painful experience. It is hard to find the right words to say or the right thing to do. Quite often, it is easier not to say or do anything to avoid the uncertainty and fear of doing the wrong thing. Unfortunately, this type of behavior isn’t going to help much. Instead, why not learn how to act and what to say in order to make someone feel better when they are going through a difficult time.

Whether your friend or relative is going through a divorce, battling cancer, or experiencing the death of a loved one, it is important to do or say something so that you can make a positive difference in the way that this person feels. After all, if you don’t do or say anything at all, how is your friend or relative going to know that you care?

Express Concern, Sympathy, or Support

Despite how difficult this might be for you, express your concern, sympathy, or support for this individual so that she knows that you are there if she needs you. You do not have to make a speech or go into a long discussion. Instead, make a simple statement that mentions your care and concern for the individual or offer your help in a short heartfelt sentence. The tone of your voice is more important than the words at this point in time. Speak in a soft, gentle manner in a soothing tone of voice.

Later, after time has passed, you should make another attempt to offer your help and support. This second offer reinforces the sincerity of your concern. Remember that even small comments allow the other person to know that someone is thinking about them, a fact that offers some solace.

Another way that you can express your concern or sympathy is to send occasional emails or notes in the mail. This way, you are keeping the line of communication open without being overbearing or annoying. This type of repeat communication tells the individual who is going through a difficult time that you truly care.

Listen, Listen, Listen

Once you offer your sympathy or condolences, listen to the other person. Allow him to express his pain without interrupting him. Additionally, as you listen, avoid the urge to say that you understand how he is feeling. While you might have gone through similar circumstances, you do not know exactly how he is feeling. You might have an idea, but you are not going to know exactly how he is feeling.

You should also remember that sometimes listening to the other person includes listening to his silence. If he needs to just be near him without talking, this is what you should do. Sometimes, silence is just as important as having a conversation.

Important Words to Use When Expressing Your Concern

Knowing just the right phrases to say and how to say them can be difficult for anyone in a trying situation. Always speak in a personal tone of voice. Avoid negative words or negative comments. Try not to use the word “but” when speaking since it negates the part of the sentence that goes before it. You should use the word “and” instead to express your concern in a more positive way. Instead of saying something such as “I know it hurts now, but you will feel better later,” say “I know it hurts now, and I know that you will discover the strength to get through it.” Although it is a difficult time for your friend, you should focus on comforting words that make mention of pleasant times or circumstances.

  • Sympathy Gift Ideas
  • Terminal Illness, Death & Grief
  • End of Life, Helping Others Cope

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  • Cookie Baby Bouquets, New Baby Cookie Gifts, Baby Shower Ideas

    Find the perfect gift basket or cookie bouquet to celebrate a new baby. Select from new baby gift baskets and gifts for new arrival. Whether it's a girl or boy baby, send a fresh baked cookie the whole family will enjoy to welcome the new baby.

    Pink Bassinette baby Girl

    Price: 50.50

    It's a girl! Our keepsake pink bassinette is the best way to say congratulations - we are so happy for you! It can be personalized with the baby's name. birthday, and size. Be sure to tell us!

    Snakes n Snails Boy

    Price: 54.50

    Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails- congratulate the new parents on their bouncing baby boy! You will have lots of delicious cookies to share with family and friends.

    A Star is Born

    Price: 48.50

    Celebrate the arrival of the New Star with this cute cookie bouquet. Be sure to tell us the baby's name and birthday, and we can personalize your cookies with this information.

    Baby Maternity

    Price: 48.50

    Did someone you know just find out that she is going to have a baby? What better way to say congratulations than with our adorable expectant bear and assorted baby cookies! Also, a really cute way to tell the expectant Dad.

    Radio Flyer Wagon

    Price: 65.50

    Our authentic Radio Flyer wagon is a wonderful keepsake and toy for years to come. It is filled with our delicious and adorabale cookies.

    Sugar n Spice

    Price: 54.50

    Little girls are everything nice! Congratulate the new family on the birth of their sweet baby girl.

    Congratulations, What Wonderful News

    Price: 54.50

    What a cute and fun way to say Congratulations - what wonderful news! The perfect gift for telling family and friends your good news. Our arrangement is also ideal for a baby shower.

    Gourmets in Plush Bunny

    Price: 51.50

    Our soft and cuddly bunny holds 2 dozen assorted delicious gourmet cookies. A great gift for nay age! Our bunny is available is pink or blue.

    Herd the Good News

    Price: 54.50

    Our adorable and whimsical cow cookies are sure to bring smiles to the new family and their friends.

    New Kid on the Block

    Price: 54.50

    Our New Kid on the Block basket is filled with our adorable block cookies. Please specify under special instructions if you want it done in mainly pink or mainly blue. If neither is specified it will be done as you see it. Also, please give us birthday, name and size if known.

    Give Mom a Mother’s Day Gift Basket Full of Love for Mother’s Day

    mothers-day-gifts-click-hereEvery year you agonize over the perfect Mother’s Day gift only to end up buying the same old roses or chocolates. Flowers and candy are nice, but why not show your mom you’ve actually put some thought into her gift this year? Creating your own gift basket is a way to pack a lot of thoughtful goodies into one beautiful package without breaking your bank account.

    Choosing Your Container

    Your gift basket doesn’t have to be large to make a big statement. In fact, a container that’s too big may leave you with an empty-looking basket. A smaller container makes it easier to arrange all of your gifts into a symmetrical design and gives it a much fuller look. It also allows you to hide a few items, giving your basket a bit of mystery.

    Keep in mind your container doesn’t have to be an actual basket. Almost anything can be used as the base of your gift, so unless your mom collects baskets, consider choosing something she’ll use again.

    Choosing Your Gift Items and Theme

    Think about all the things your mom loves. Does she have a favorite tea, coffee or candy? Is she interested in cooking, knitting or scrap booking? Does she love to read or listen to music?

    Choosing items that let your mom know you’re paying attention will mean a lot more than flowers or expensive jewelry. One way to do that is with a theme basket. Below are some theme ideas to help you get started.

    Spring/Garden Theme:

    If your mom loves to garden, a spring theme could be the perfect choice. Use a flower pot or planter and fill it with items such as garden gloves and tools, seed packets, gardening magazines, a watering can or whimsical wind chimes.

    For a slight twist, give your mom an herb garden. Buy a window planter, organic potting soil, decorative plant markers and three or four of her favorite herb plants. She can place it in her kitchen for fresh herbs year round.

    Destination Theme:

    You may not be able to send your mom on her dream vacation, but you can bring a little of her favorite destination to her. Travel books and magazines, imported food and wine and movies set in her dream location will let her get away without ever leaving the house. Use a keepsake or photo box decorated with her favorite locale and she’ll have something to enjoy long after the perishables are gone.

    Hobby Theme:

    If your mom is the crafty type, she will love a gift that centers around her hobby. Whether her favorite pastime is knitting, scrap booking or journaling, choose items you know she’ll use. Consider packing them in a pretty tote so she can take them with her wherever she goes.

    Tea or Coffee Theme:

    Does your mom enjoy her afternoon cup of tea or coffee? A basket filled with a variety of teas or coffees, chocolates, shortbread cookies and crackers will make her daily ritual even more special. Include a special cup with a matching saucer or tea bag holder for a gift she’ll treasure for years to come. If you want to go with a smaller gift, use a tea pot or oversized mug as your container.

    Spa Theme:

    If your mom is busy taking care of everyone else, encourage her to pamper herself for a change. Choose items such as loofah sponges, fluffy slippers, bath salts, candles and body washes in her favorite scent. Top it off with a relaxation cd and a book by her favorite author for a truly enjoyable experience.

    Putting Your Basket Together

    Once you have your container and your gift items, you’re ready to put them all together. Line the bottom of your container with shred, filler or even crumpled newspaper to create a base. Place your items into the container, starting with the largest ones first. Work your way from back to front, letting the items lean against each other for support.

    Once you have all the items situated, wrap the package with cellophane or a shrink wrap bag. Shrink wrap bags are great for holding everything in place and you can usually find them in hobby stores or online. To shrink the bag, turn your hairdryer on low and gently sweep the hot air over the bag until it tightens into place. Be careful not to hold the dryer in one spot too long or you’ll end up melting the plastic.

    Once your gift basket is wrapped, tie up the top and add a pretty ribbon or bow. You now have a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift that’s almost as unique as your mom.

    No time to do it yourself? No problem. We have a wonderful selection of delightful Mother’s Day gift baskets ready for delivery. Click here to view.
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    Easter Baskets and Candies of the 1950’s and 60’s

    Easter-baskets-by-Adorable-Gift-BasketsEaster Gift Baskets

    Whatever your Easter celebration may hold, we hope you enjoy the beauty of Easter and find very special Easter gift baskets to share with friends and family while you're at it.

    Easter Baskets and Candies of the 1950’s and 60’s

    If you have a sweet tooth and grew up in the 1950’s and 60’s, Easter was a wonderful time of year. Easter baskets were used to collect the eggs you found out on the hunt, but they were also used to hold all your sweet Easter goodies. Some of the most popular Easter treats were: Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs, Robin’s Eggs, Peeps, Cadbury Crème Eggs, and jelly beans.

    And, of course, who could forget the chocolate Easter Bunny? During the Easter season, school-aged children would swarm the five-and-dime stores of the day, F.W. Woolworth’s and S.S. Kresge’s (the predecessor to K-mart). Inside the variety stores, there were rows upon rows of chocolate bunnies in colorful pastel cardboard boxes with cellophane windows. Bunnies, as small as two inches tall, were made of solid chocolate, but the giant foot-tall variety of chocolate bunnies were hollow with sugar candy eyes.

    If you lived in a typical household back then, Mom or Grandma made a big production of designing special Easter baskets for each child. Easter baskets were lined with green or clear cellophane straw and filled with the particular candy favorites of each recipient. Frequently, there were plastic break-apart eggs filled with nickels, dimes and pennies. (That was a fortune to a child back in those days!) When you came home from church, dressed in your Sunday best, your Easter basket, filled with all the delicious Easter candy and plush bunnies, would be waiting for you on the dining room table.

    Easter is every bit as exciting today, for kids of all ages, as it was back then. Send one of our delightful Easter baskets to that special grandchild, best friend or good neighbor. They'll be glad you did!
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    Farewell and Retirement Gift Baskets, Heartfelt Gifts to Say Goodbye

    w-Executive-food-basket Gourmet Food Gifts Delivered - Buy gourmet food gift baskets filled with the most sought after gourmet delicacies. Choose from chocolates, desserts, snacks and gourmet food perfect for all occasions.

    Going Away Gift Baskets, Presents and Farewell Party Planning Ideas. How to say good-bye in meaningful ways. Retirement gift basket ideas. Gift baskets you can give to a colleague, friend, relative or family member who is about to retire.

    Most working men look forward to their retirement. Yet, the most common question a retiree deals with when the retirement party is over has to do with what he is supposed to do next. A retired person is often expected by others to live leisurely yet many retirees would rather maintain an active lifestyle. If you are wondering what to give as retirement gift to your soon-to-retire colleague, friend or family member, try to focus your search on items apt for his new life.

    Retirement Gifts to Fit His Lifestyle

    For the avid golfer in your life, the ideal retirement gift would be a lighter weight golf bag golf bag that is convenient to carry or lug around or a golf gift basket. Playing golf is more than sinking holes and swinging the clubs. It involves a great deal of socializing and conferring with buddies as they walk around. Let your retiree enjoy his time at the golf club more; don't saddle him with a monstrous golf bag that is more suitable for the pros and the younger guys.

    The retiree who is bent on touring the world or going on a cruise will appreciate a set of luggage bags as a retirement gift. These bags don't have to be personalized but if you can get his monogram on the bags, that would be perfect.

    A boat as a retirement gift is a dream come true to the retiree who is into sport fishing especially if he prefers to catch in large open waters. A fishing gift basket is a perfect gift for the retiree who loves to fish. Alternatively, you can consider a canoe or kayak, or perhaps a complete set of fishing gifts and paraphernalia. If your angler has always been spinning or bait casting, he may be interested to fly fish for salmon and trout if you give him the right gear. Through your retirement gift, you will help add another dimension to his retirement activity.

    And if you’re the practical giver, a lawn lounge will make a nice retirement gift; it's less pricey but will be very much appreciated by the retiree who would rather rest beneath the branches of his favorite tree. The humbler string hammock will serve the same purpose if he has enough space for it. These items may be inexpensive but this type of retirement gifts are durable and very functional. They will inspire the retiree to reminisce his past experiences.

    When selecting retirement gifts, you need not limit your choices to things the retiree will be using after retirement. Simple keepsakes from the work place will be the constant reminder of the good old days. Fancy and humorous items will always be a source of cheer, like a T-shirt with a funny illustration of life after retirement. Even mushy items make excellent retirement gifts, say a CD that contains video messages from his former colleagues. These are memories any one would like documented and revisit from time to time.

    Using the Internet to Search for Retirement Gifts

    Adorable Gift Baskets offers a rich source of retirement gift ideas and gifts to give as retirement gifts. For the sports fan our sport gift baskets make great retirement gifts. With countless gift basket, it is impossible not to find a gift basket that would please the retiree. At Adorable Gift Baskets you can even order your retirement gift online and have your retirement gifts delivered right to their door.

    Your choices for the perfect retirement gifts for the man (women or men) in your life are endless. Simple and safe gifts include coffee gift baskets, monogrammed golf ball or customized baseball cap. You can also get a bottle of vintage wine. What about a gift certificate to a spa and massage, a cruise to the Caribbean, a gourmet food gift basket or dinner for two at an upscale restaurant. Also, the retiree would appreciate anything personalized like a gold pen, a check wallet, a watch, or a coffee mug.

    Do remember that retirement gifts are not intended to serve as milestone markers but are rather meant to give the retiree the gifts he would use to enjoy this time of his life. And indeed, there are many gifts he could benefit from -- from those he can enjoy seeing around him to what he will use in the pursuit of his new activities. The retirement gifts or gift baskets can only be meaningful to the retiree if they can be enjoyed as a part of his new life ahead.

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    The Origins of Easter; Easter ideas to bring your family together and create beautiful Springtime memories.


    Easter is the most significant day in the Christian calendar, and is celebrated in many different ways with a variety of customs and traditions. People may be surprised to discover that some of these observances actually predate Christianity, and were originally intended to celebrate the arrival of spring.

    The History of Easter

    Historians tell us that the holiday was named for Eostre, the ancient Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring. The month we now call April was named after her, and the Christian holiday that was observed around that time became known as “Easter” in English-speaking countries. During the second century A.D., missionaries who sought to convert the tribes living in northern Europe discovered that the holiday commemorating Jesus’ resurrection seemed to dovetail with the yearly Teutonic celebrations, which also stressed the renewal of life.

    Easter eggs

    The egg has symbolized fertility and new life since the dawn of history. The Romans, Egyptians, and Persians—along with other ancient societies—used eggs in the celebration of their spring festivals. In the Middle Ages, Christians were not allowed to eat eggs during the penitential season of Lent, and the eggs that were preserved during those 40 days became an essential part of the Easter meal. They also became a gift that was prized by both servants and children.

    Greek Orthodox Christians painted their eggs a bright red, symbolizing the blood Christ shed on Good Friday. In Armenia, eggs were drained of their contents and decorated with various religious figures, while Germans hung them on trees and gave green eggs as gifts on Holy Thursday. Austrians covered them with tiny plants before boiling them, which created a white pattern when they were removed. In Ukraine and Poland, the traditions were particularly elaborate, and people often painted their eggs gold and silver. A “pysanky” egg involved the careful application of wax patterns on an egg. After the egg was dyed, wax was reapplied to preserve the original color, and the process was repeated—resulting in a multi-color patterned or striped egg.

    Today, coloring Easter eggs is a longstanding tradition, and they are usually painted, dyed, or decorated, in any number of ways. Over the years, they became part of various holiday games, and parents hid eggs for the children’s Easter egg hunt. Egg-rolling contests were also held, including the one on the White House lawn that is featured in the news each year.

    Easter bunnies

    The rabbit has also long been regarded as a symbol of fertility. In Germany, children were told stories about an “Easter hare” that would lay eggs for them to find. When Germans immigrated to the United States, they continued the tradition, began baking Easter cakes in the shape of rabbits, and may have originated the idea of making chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies.

    Easter Outfits and Parades

    When they were baptized, the early Christians wore white robes throughout Easter week as a sign of the new life they had begun. Those who were already baptized did the same as a symbol of the life they shared with their Savior. Robed in white, Christians would take a stroll after participating in the Easter Mass. Someone carrying either the Easter candle or a crucifix led the procession. This has evolved into our modern Easter parade, where people wear their Easter finery and the Easter bonnet is celebrated in song

    bunniesFun Facts About Easter ~ Easter holds a special meaning for people from all walks of life, rich and poor, young and old, male and female. For many people, Easter means fond memories of waking up to an overflowing Easter basket. To others it means special times with family and friends and to others Easter means building on past family traditions to create a special celebration for your own family. Click here to read more...

    bunniesMommy, Daddy Why Does The Easter Bunny Bring Us Candy? ~ What are you teaching your children and why? As a parent of young children I have had to recently address this very topic. Daddy, why does the Easter Bunny bring us candy? Hmmm... my initial answer, "I'm going to have to get back to you on this one." So let's take a look at that question. Yep, kids do keep you on your toes. Click hereto read more...

    bunniesEaster Decorating Tips and Ideas ~ Sure you decorate your fireplace and mantel for the winter holidays, but don’t forget this important focal point in your room as Spring approaches. Click here for some nearly-instant decorating ideas for springtime and Easter fireplace.

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    New Jersey Gift Baskets Help Keep Friendships Alive


    Gift baskets aren't only for one's enjoyment...the right gift basket selection might help seal your friendships for a lifetime. But what type of gift basket should you buy for a long distance friend that lives in New Jersey? A heart-warming gift basket is always a winner. At Adorable Gift Baskets, our NJ gift baskets are designed to strengthen friendships and let them know you really care about their happiness.

    Our gift baskets sent to New Jersey enable you to go the extra mile when it comes to gift giving. Lavish your special friend or loved one with a gourmet food basket packed with all their favorite goodies. Our flavorful chocolate gift baskets delivered to New Jersey will surpass all their expectations. The melt-in-your-mouth Godiva, Ghirardelli and world class chocolate snacks will satisfy their sweet tooth as they thank you for their lovely gift. And for your friends who are not "chocolate lovers", you're sure to find a fitting NJ gift basket that will surprise and delight them beyond their expectations.

    Gourmet foods galore are found throughout our NJ gift basket delivery catalog. From cheeses to crackers, sausage to nut varieties, there's plenty to munch on within every basket. For the coffee lover, our gourmet coffee baskets and gifts delivered to NJ will make their mornings seem a little brighter. And of course, we always have bright fresh fruit baskets for a friend that prefers something healthier such as apples, oranges and bananas!

    So, what type of New Jersey gift baskets will you find while browsing our online gift basket catalog? Adorable Gift Baskets offers NJ gift basket delivery for any occasion. If you need to welcome a new baby, then be sure to browse our cute and cuddly baby gift baskets. To shower your friend with gifts that relax and pamper, try our spa baskets filled with bath oils, soaps, lotions and scented candles. Greet your close friend for Christmas with a festive holiday basket stuffed with Christmas cookies, candy canes and more. Or, select a gorgeous flower arrangement when you want to send a quick "hello" with a unique gift.

    Interesting Facts About New Jersey

  • New Jersey was the 3rd state to be granted statehood. December 18, 1787.

  • The New Jersey state flag was instituted in 1896.

  • The capital of New Jersey is Trenton.

  • New Jersey’s official insect is the honeybee.

  • New Jersey’s official flower is the Common Meadow Violet.

  • New Jersey’s official bird is the Eastern Goldfinch.

  • New Jersey’s official tree is the red oak

  • New Jersey’s official memorial tree is the Dogwood.

  • New Jersey’s official colors are the Buff and Jersey Blue.

  • New Jersey’s official animal is the horse.

  • New Jersey’s official dinosaur is the Hadrosaurus Foulkii.

  • New Jersey’s official fish is the Brook Trout.

  • New Jersey’s official fruit is the Highbush Blueberry.

  • New Jersey’s official shell is the Knobbed Whelk.

  • New Jersey’s official Tall ship is the A.J. Meerwald.

  • There are 21 counties in the state of New Jersey.

  • New Jersey’s official motto is "Liberty and Prosperity".

  • New Jersey’s nickname is "The Garden State".

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  • Bath Gift Baskets, Relaxing Stress Relief Gifts For Delivery

    gbv-serenity-spa-basket-bat.jpgFind the best stress relieving gifts for her, spa gift baskets for a woman and relaxing, stress relief bath & body gift sets. Women love to receive relaxation gift baskets filled with luxurious aromatherapy scents and soothers.

    Luxury spa baskets by Adorable Gift Baskets provide you with all the accessories you'll need (bundled in gorgeous arrangements) to fulfill your spouse's every desire on your wedding anniversary, her birthday, or even on Valentine's Day.

    If she already owns plenty of luxury spa and bath products, try one of our bath and body gift baskets containing foot massage necessities. Help her relax her feet a while with foot bath and gel, foot cream, a foot brush, and other soothing items. Besides, when her feet feel wonderful, this will create a serene feeling in her whole being.

    Bath and body gift baskets delivered to her office will make her the envy of her friends. And you don't need a special occasion to express your love. Pick a day when she least expects it and have the bath and body gift basket delivered along with a lovely floral arrangement and a card - just to say "I love you!" She'll treasure your gift - and you - for a lifetime.

    Adorable Gift Baskets also provides a variety of bath and body gift baskets for Mother's Day, the holidays, get well gifts, gifts of thanks, friends, loved ones, co-workers, and others. Luxury spa baskets are great for a new baby greeting to help the mother relax and enjoy her time at home with the baby.

    With our easy shopping methods and fast, affordable shipping, you'll discover endless ways to show you care with bath and body gift baskets. Browse our selection and choose baskets that are creatively packaged with all the spa essentials your wife or loved one will adore.

    Relaxing Gift Baskets, Stress Relief Gifts, Relaxation Therapy. Pamper spa gift baskets are the perfect way to say "I love you," or "I'm thinking about you" to someone in need of a little rest and relaxation. When you want to share your love with the woman in your life, whether it's your wife, girlfriend, or even your mother, Adorable Gift Baskets for women offer a wonderful, easy solution. She'll adore our elegant gift basket arrangements garnished with fine merchandise and goodies to make her feel like the special woman she is.

    How to De-Stress: Take a Hot Bubble Bath. The soothing suds and warm water can wash your cares away while relaxing your tired, aching muscles. To enhance the healing effects, turn on some soft music and just daydream the night away.

    "Thank you...my friend said it was the best gift she has ever received. I will continue ordering from your website. Its easy, convenient and most of all, the gifts are significant." -Melissa Stanley

    How to Reduce Stress with Spa Secrets at Home