Gift Baskets Make Great Party Favors, Gift Basket Ideas

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Throwing a party is lots of fun, but choosing the right party favors can be frustrating at times. It can seem like all the great gift ideas have already been tried, and finding a truly unique party favor can be quite a challenge. Those looking for a different take on the whole party favor thing may want to look at gift baskets for their guests.

The beauty of gift baskets is that they are perfect for any occasion, from the most casual to the most elegant. Whether you are throwing a casual party in your backyard or a fancy wedding at the local country club you can present gift baskets that your guests will remember for years. And those gift baskets can be perfect for each guest, filled with special treats and unique gift items. And of course those guests can enjoy their reusable keepsake basket long after all those goodies are gone.

Gourmet Food Gift Baskets Gift baskets stocked with gourmet goodies and food snacks are always a hit as party favors. The foods included do not have to be elaborate or expensive. Indeed, a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies in an inexpensive gift basket can be quite a charming gift for any occasion. Those who want to give more elaborate gift baskets are should do so, and those baskets will be welcome gifts as well.

Tea and Coffee Gift Baskets make wonderful gift additions as well. Coffee lovers will enjoy sampling an assortment of gourmet coffees from around the world, and tea lovers will love checking out the many teas available as well. Party hosts and hostesses can also create simple and inexpensive party favors by filling a generously sized coffee mug with an assortment of sample size coffees, teas, hot chocolates and other treats.

That simple gift basket can even be personalized. Simply adorn each coffee mug with the name of the guest and some additional decorations. These great party favors can even serve as place cards for wedding receptions and other events, helping each guest find their seat and showing them how much their presence is appreciated.

Theme Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are also perfect for holiday gift basket parties and other themed gatherings. From Halloween themed gift baskets filled with candy and other sweet treats to pool party favors filled with fun pool toys and drink adornments to Christmas gift baskets full of gift tags and special ornaments, everyone at the party will enjoy their special gift.

The ideas for theme gift baskets are nearly endless, and these great party favors can be customized to delight every guest at the party. Gift baskets allow party hosts and hostesses to give each guest a special treat, and everyone at the party something to remember.
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