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Creative Gift Basket Ideas for Your Guy

d-Football-Fanatic-Sports-Gift-Basket It can be difficult to come up with gift ideas for the guy in your life. If you think outside the box, you can create a fun gift basket idea that he will love. Whether you need a gift for Father's day, Christmas or a birthday, the following are creative gift basket ideas for him. Get started with these five fun ideas and make them your own to suit your guy!

Coffee always hits the spot. If the guy in your life enjoys his coffee, create a coffee themed gift basket. Instead of the traditional basket, use a sturdy gift box, large coffee mug or coffee pot to create this fun idea. Fill up the container with exotic coffee beans, chocolate covered beans and flavored syrups. If your guy is always on the run, use a coffee thermos and throw in a gift certificate for his favorite coffee place along with a package of trail mix. Cellophane your gift and tie up with a coffee colored ribbon.

Tea is just as good as coffee. If the guy in your life prefers tea, create a tea themed gift basket. Tea enthusiasts love tasting all sorts of tea flavors from around the world. Hit the most popular tea shop in your city or online and gather up individual teabags or loose teas. Use a sturdy gift box or large tea cup as the container for your gift basket idea. Fill it up with tea goodies that your recipient doesn’t have and print out fun tea facts to use as your note card. Wrap up your gift basket with cellophane and tie it up with a tea bag string.

The geek in your man can make it hard for you to come up with something fun or so you think. You can make a geek gift basket in no time! Use an office tray, big pencil holder or small cardboard box as the start of your container. Add the latest geeky magazines he enjoys reading, office essentials he needs and a gift card to his favorite coffee place. Wrap up this geek gift basket idea with cellophane and use tape instead of ribbon to seal up. If you're super crafty, you can make your own geek container using old disks by gluing them together to form a square container. This could be fun if you have time. Fill it up with a geek t-shirt, latest electronic gadget and pens inscribed with his geek nickname.

Pet lovers would enjoy a gift basket for their pet. Find out what your guy needs for his pet and get started! If he enjoys his fish aquarium, fill up a small tank he could use as a hospital tank as the starting point. Fill it up with packages of colorful pebbles, cool fish homes and the latest magazine about the fish he collects. You don't even need to cellophane this cool gift idea. Just stick a big bow on the front and he'll love it! If your guy has a pet dog or cat, use a pet bed as the starting point for the pet themed gift basket. Fill it with dog or cat treats, a pet blanket and a couple of fun pet toys. Wrap this up in a big cellophane bag and tie up with a matching ribbon.

If the guy in your life is handy with tools and enjoys spending the weekend working on his home, a tool themed gift basket idea would be unique. Start with an empty tool box and fill with tools you know he needs and a new tool belt. If you're unsure of what tools he needs, use an empty paint container to start with. Fill it with shredded paper to elevate the items you'll be adding into the paint container. Add a gift card to his favorite home renovations store, latest renovation magazine and new work gloves.
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