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    Mother's Day is one of the most popular holidays in the United States, and one of the biggest days for florists, card stores and other sellers of gifts. But just how did this popular holiday get its start? When did we first start setting a day aside to celebrate mothers and all that they do for their families? The history of Mother's Day is a fascinating one and one that is well worth exploring.

    MOTHERS-DAY-FLOWERS-FOR-MOMIn the U.S. Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. When the holiday first got its start it was based loosely on a similar holiday in Britain. A lady by the name of Julia Ward Howe imported the idea for Mother's Day from England, but the intent was much different back then.

    In 1870 Ms. Howe saw the holiday of Mother's Day as a call that would unite the women of the country and the world against the scourge of war. The Mother's Day proclamation she wrote was intended to be a call for peace and disarmament, but Ms. Howe failed to receive formal recognition for her Mother's Day for Peace idea.

    The idea that Julia Ward Howe developed had in turn been inspired by an earlier attempt to organize mothers to fight war and its associated horrors. In 1858 a young homemaker from the Appalachia region came up with the Mother's Work Days concept. These special work days were intended to improve sanitation throughout the region, and the efforts continued through the Civil War years. Mother's Work Days were organized as an effort to bring better sanitation to both sides in the conflict, and the work continued even after the war had ended. Beginning in 1868 Ms. Jarvis attempted to reconcile the differences between her Union and Confederate neighbors and thus the idea for Mothers Day for Peace was born.

    Upon Jarvis' death in 1907 her daughter Anna began a crusade to establish a memorial day for women. The first such memorial day was celebrated in the town of Grafton, West Virginia on May 10, 1908. The celebration was held in the very church where Anna's mother had taught Sunday school for so many years, and to this day Grafton is home to the official International Mother's Day Shrine.

    What began in Grafton quickly spread to other parts of the country, and eventually Mother's Day would become an official U.S. holiday. The Mother's Day holiday received its official declaration in 1912, and President Woodrow Wilson declared the first national Mother's Day two years later in 1914. The purpose of this first Mother's Day was to honor those mother's who had lost their sons to war, and all Americans were urged to fly the flag in to honor their sacrifice.

    It only took a short time for the Mother's Day holiday to become highly commercialized, so much so that Anna Jarvis objected to what her mother's holiday had become. Although her protests surely had some effect, the Mother's Day holiday remains a commercial one, and sales of restaurant meals, flowers, gift baskets, presents, cards and other gifts continue to spike as the second Sunday in May approaches each year.

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