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d-Bejeweled-Candalabra-Gift-SetCANDLE GIFT BASKETS, Candle Gifts, Scented Candles, Candle Therapy. Candle gifts light up a life and lighten any mood. Simply sit back and enjoy their relaxing, spellbinding glow.

Candle Gift Baskets and Gifts by Adorable Gift Baskets – Candles Make Perfect Gift for Christmas, Holidays and All Occasions

For many people shopping for Christmas gifts, a candle-themed item gift basket is the perfect gift solution. Candle gifts are also perfect for any other holiday or gift-giving occasion throughout the year including housewarming, birthday, thank you and get well. Here are three reasons to choose a candle gift basket and three candle gift ideas.

Why should you buy a candle gift basket for Christmas? First, a candle gift appeals to people of all ages and genders, including people with unique lifestyles and customs. Second, there are so many sizes, shapes, and scents of candles that you can come up with a unique candle gift basket every time. There are many candle gift possibilities. Third, the interesting thing about candle gifts is that the recipient will never know how much you paid.

Now here are three gift ideas involving candles. The first gift is a pillar candle and candleholder designed for a holiday, special occasion or for other usees around the house. The seasonal candle may be color or theme specific. For example, a Christmas candle with its holder could be a peppermint (red and white) pillar candle in a silver candleholder. The combination for any time of the year could be a navy candle decorated with white sailboats atop a white candleholder. Candles, candle gift baskets and candleholders come in many prices, from a few dollars to over a hundred dollars. When choosing the right pillar candle and candleholder, remember to get creative with the scent of the candle, not just the theme and colors involved.

The second candle gift idea is a ring centerpiece for the dining room table. This centerpiece can hold one candle or multiple candles. One idea is the Advent wreath with the appropriate color candles. Another candle gift idea is a silver or gold centerpiece with a leaf design and four built-in rings for candles. It is similar in design to the Advent wreath, but not specifically for a holiday season. One simple and elegant way to decorate this candle centerpiece is a box of plain white candlesticks that fit the rings built into the centerpiece.

The third candle gift idea is the candle display for the bathroom. Candle displays in a bathroom are nice. You can place small tea-light candles or larger candles. If you purchase a beautiful candle holder that stands on the floor, the user can place it on the floor in an unobtrusive corner of the bathroom. This candle gift is perfect for burning aromatherapy candles during a relaxing bath. The candle display is versatile because it can be used anywhere in the house.

If you are looking for a great candle gift basket for a birthday, wedding, Christmas, or other occasion, the candle gift that includes at least one candle and some type of holder is sensible, affordable, and unlikely to go out of style. Browse our wonderful collection of candle gift baskets and gifts online and buy a candle gift for your next gift giving occasion.
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