Unique Wedding Gifts for the Bride and Groom

d-unforgettable-romance-gift-boxEverything about weddings tends to be special from the floral arrangements to the selection of the banquet facilities to the choice of a honeymoon to the wedding menu itself. The bride and groom are celebrating their love for each other and each of the guests have been invited to share in this very special occasion. Wouldn’t a unique and entirely unusual gift be just a bit desirable as well?

Of course it would, but today, just about everything has been thought of and given as a wedding gift. However, a few things still exist that haven’t become common or ordinary gifts for the bride and groom. A few of these are listed below. Even if some of the choices do not appeal to you, some of them might. Additionally, you can always put your own spin on the gift ideas.

Plan a night of romance and remembrance for the bride and groom. Locate a restaurant that can duplicate the wedding menu for dinner. This shouldn’t be too difficult due to the sheer abundance of fine dining establishments. Talk to the owner of the restaurant about personalizing the gift certificate to include the prearranged meal. Include a bottle of the same champagne that is used in the wedding toast. If possible, be secretive about the actual details of the planned dinner on the gift certificate so that everything is a big surprise for the couple.

Use details you’ve gleaned from your relationship with the couple to create a scrapbook detailing their life together to date. Ask other friends and family for input or additional photographs, etc. Leave several blank pages at the end of the book so the happy couple can continue the scrapbook on their own.

If you have literary talent in your blood, write a short story that tells the story of romance surrounding the bride and groom. Have someone illustrate the book and get it professionally bound. Be sure to include a personal dedication in the front of the book.

Find out the bride and groom’s favorite songs and purchase a collection of CDs of the original artists for each of the songs. Search for magazine or newspaper articles on each of the artists and put together a small booklet.

Put together a video or DVD using photographs and personal commentary. Again, ask others to contribute to this project. Personalize the container that holds the video or DVD.

Re-enact the couple’s first date. If this isn’t possible, mimic the details to the best of your ability. Purchase tickets, make reservations, and even throw in some spending money.

Purchase a yearlong supply of congratulatory gift baskets to be delivered to the couple’s home once a month. Arrange to incorporate a different theme for each basket. For example, send the couple a holiday themed basket for each month that includes one such as a Valentine’s basket in February and a Halloween basket in October. You can arrange to be billed monthly or pay for everything up front.

Purchase a yearlong membership for two at an area attraction. The list of possibilities is endless- museums, zoos, movie theaters, theatrical venues, and more. This small token of your appreciation guarantees lots of opportunities for the happy couple to get out on an inexpensive date.

Purchase a yearlong supply of gift certificates that can only be used one month at a time. Again, this provides the couple with an opportunity to get out on an inexpensive date once a month. Plus, you can vary the restaurants that the gift certificates are good at. Either stick with the tried and true favorites of the bride and groom or include restaurants that might be out of their financial reach.

Purchase a weekend getaway at a resort for several months from the date of the wedding. Check with family members to see if the date you select will be good. Alternatively, you can arrange with the resort that you select for some flexibility with the details. How nice for the happy couple to get a second honeymoon, even if it is a shorter one.

If the bride and groom have purchased a home, and no regulations exist against in their neighborhood, purchase an ornamental tree of high quality. You can arrange to have the actual tree delivered after they return from their honeymoon. This will be a constant reminder of the growing love the two of them share.

Although any wedding gift is certainly appreciated by brides and grooms the world over, a wedding gift that goes the extra mile in thoughtfulness is certainly going to create a memorable impact. Use a little imagination to modify the ideas listed above to create an even more personalized version of your own to create the wow factor in the gift you choose to give to the bride and groom.
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