Ten Great Gifts for Your College Student

d-study-snacks-care-packageWhether your college student is a freshman or in grad school, these gift ideas will help you find the perfect present. Most of these gifts are inexpensive and practical, but will be appreciated quite a bit.

Gift cards to discount-department stores are always good. Students can use the cards to buy groceries, a new DVD or even clothing if they want.

If your student has noisy roommates or likes to work around lots of other people, a pair of noise-canceling headphones can eliminate most of the distractions. The noise-filtering technology is even found in earbuds, which many students prefer, so style won’t be an issue.

A fleece or polyester throw with your student’s school logo is a nice way to keep him or her warm and show school spirit at the same time. Add a matching throw pillow to make things even more festive.

Many students miss home-cooked meals. You can’t necessarily send your son or daughter a turkey dinner during finals week, but you can send a college care package filled with baked treats, his or her favorite junk food and coffee.

There’s never enough storage space in a dorm room or on-campus apartment. Storage bins, lightweight shelves and other such solutions will be eagerly welcomed and much loved.

If your student doesn’t like waking up in the mornings (which isn’t surprising), find a unique alarm clock that fits his or her personality. Some are rubberized and designed to stop ringing when thrown against a wall – perfect for non-morning types. Other alarms vibrate: when put on your pillow, they can wake you up without disturbing dorm roommates. You can also buy alarms that play soothing ocean sounds (very nice during mid-terms and finals week), or systems that begin playing a favorite CD when it’s time to wake up.

Some students don’t have MP3 players. While these aren’t necessary, they do make the college experience more pleasant. Being able to flip through hundreds of songs with a few touches of a button makes the walk across campus a little nicer – especially during cold weather, when the student would really rather be in bed.

To help your student to properly back up his or her important work – such as the master’s thesis that’s been in progress for the past four months – send a USB flash drive. He or she can also use this handy device to store photos, video clips and other important things.

In many cases, on-campus housing is a few decades old and filled with dust and other gross things. You can help your student remain healthy despite these things with an air purifier. Today’s models are much smaller than the older versions, so you should be able to find one that doesn’t take up too much space.

And if you really want to please your favorite student, send along gift cards or certificates for fast-food restaurants. You can’t go wrong with the gift of pizza delivery or burgers and fries on demand.
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