Unique Mother's Day Gift for Mom; How to Create A Memory Book For Mothers

mothers-day-gift-basket-delivery-gift-ideas-for-momTo Mother With Love - How To Create Memory Gift Book For Mom

As Mother's Day approached and I stumbled to find the perfect gift to give this remarkable woman who gives so much of herself, without any thought of something in return, and I remembered once more the little things and created a book of memories for Mom on Mother's Day.

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Once I became a Mother I started to notice all the little things I do for my babies that go un-noticed. Like making sure there are enough diapers for the next day, or that baby's favorite toy is beside him so he'll see it the minute he wakes up, or that we always have a supply of his favorite food in the house. Little things just like that. This made me consider all the things that my Mother did for me as I was growing up and I wondered how many of them she thought were forgotten or un-noticed acts of love.

The instructions for creating this incredible Mother's Day gift are simple, but it takes thought and a little time to get it all down, and that’s what makes it special to Mothers – for what better gift can anyone give to a Mother, but the gift of their time? For the record, my Mother loves this tiny book and told me that she often takes it out and reads it – for not only does she see that I have remembered all these little things – but each one of them brings back a special memory for her, a memory of a little girl who grew to be a Mother who didn't forget.

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To create your Mother's Day To Mother –With Love gift book, you need:

  • A tiny little notebook – one with pages just a couple of inches high and wide. You’ll be placing one sentence about your mother per page so small and neat looking works well. Be sure to pick a book with a pretty cover.
  • Gel pens in assorted colors to write your Mother's Day notes
  • Your computer or a jotter pad for making your list of special memories
  • Some tissue paper and a thin piece of pretty ribbon.


  • Count the number of pages in the little notebook. Decide if you will write a special memory of your mother on one side or both.
  • On the computer or in the jotter pad, make a list of all the things you remember your Mother doing for you over the years. Even if it seems inconsequential – remember it’s the little things that we think get forgotten or un-noticed. Add in birthdays, Christmas, holidays, illnesses, special treats and surprises – things long since buried beneath the minutiae of everyday living. Dig them all out and note them one by one.
  • Count them. If you haven’t included enough – dig deeper into your memory of mom! If you have more than enough – are there some that are related and can double up, otherwise you'll have a tough decision to let some of them go.
  • Once you have the right amount, put them into some sort of order – or not – depending on your preference.
  • Choose a quiet time and start writing. Alternate the color of pen ink so that each memory is in a different color to the one before and after it – so that it stands out. Remember one special memory of mom per page.
  • Finally write To Mother – With Love on the inside cover with your personal dedication to and message of thanks to your Mother, and the date.
  • Wrap in the tissue paper and tie a beautiful ribbon around it.

    There you are! Your Mother's Day gift is finished. A simple gift of memories from the heart; a Mother's Day gift for your Mother to cherish.
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