Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

Mom has served countless meals, washed thousands of dishes, kissed hundreds of "owies" and been there to hold your hand for those monumental catastrophes as well as little "molehill" disappointments.

While you may not have agreed with everything Mom did or said, you could always count on your Mother's love and care. Serve Mom royally, give your mother only the very best, and watch the delight in her eyes. If mom is far away and you cannot travel on Mother's Day, try telephoning, and let all the kids say "HI" to mom, grandmother nana or granny.

When you send mom a card, enclose a few special treats - such as pretty flowery postage stamps, a roll of elegant address labels, or a unique checkbook covered that you made by applying contact paper to a pre-existing cover, but personalizing it as only you could.

If mom is in a care facility, make it a top priority to visit. Bring gifts that she will enjoy and treasure: hairpins or combs that you have hot-glued birthstones of each of her children or grandchildren; picture frames a collage of small photos, teddy bears, small boxes to hold "special" mom things, lap quilts, or personal items in a carrying case you made just for her. Store bought items are nice, but hand-made are exceptionally endearing and comforting to hold and admire time after time.
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