Wedding Gift Baskets Add the Final Touch to a Lovely Wedding


When wedding bells are ringing, friends and relatives must scurry to find that perfect wedding gift. Whether for the bridal shower or the couple's special gift table at the reception, you can express your congratulations easily and affordably with a wedding gift basket.  Gift baskets for weddings are available in a variety of themes to give the couple a gift that best characterizes their relationship.

So... why a wedding basket? Wedding gift baskets might not be found on the bridal registry, but they are still wonderful gift items. Baskets are particularly convenient if you're on a tight budget or have limited time, but still want to give a glamorous wedding gift. Also, wedding gift baskets are very decorative. They are often designed with lovely colorful ribbons, a beautiful basket, and delightful products to make them a real eye-catcher on the gift table.

Some ideas for wedding gift baskets include a gourmet food basket, champagne baskets, or luxury gift baskets. Gourmet food baskets for weddings may contain delicious goodies such as Ghirardelli chocolates or cocoa, breadsticks, crackers, toffee, cashews, cookies, tea, and other tasty wedding treats. Or, there are gorgeous romantic gift baskets for weddings with bath crystals, love butter, body lotion, a photo album, candles, and even luxurious spa towels.

Specialty baskets such as gourmet Italian gift baskets, kosher gift baskets, chocolate baskets, or even tea gift baskets are all creative wedding gifts. If the couple plans to move into a new home they've just purchased, choose a really nice housewarming gift basket. Or, if you're still not sure what to get, try a wedding basket with sparkling cider, coffee, caramels, truffles, pretzels, crackers, and salmon - something to satiate any taste bud. These appetizing treats are sure to be enjoyed during the honeymoon evening!

There are also numerous wedding shower gift baskets or bridal shower baskets if you plan to attend a shower. Keep in mind that you're not limited to give only a basket. Wedding shower gift baskets can be used to complement another wedding gift such as a romantic dinner gift certificate, a money gift, or some other surprise item. 

At Adorable Gift Baskets, you can easily browse our site to find decorative and affordable gift baskets for wedding showers or elegant gift baskets for the reception. There are numerous gift basket ideas for a bridal shower, so select one that fits their style and personality. If a loved one is getting married in another town, you can even send gift baskets to the couple if they live within the continental U.S.  It's now easier than ever to congratulate the bride and groom with an elegant wedding gift basket!

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