Gourmet Food Gift Baskets Can Help Build Your Corporate Image


Gourmet Food Gift Baskets Can Help Build Your Corporate Image

If you own a business, you realize the importance of building a solid corporate image. Customers, business associates, and vendors usually desire a personal relationship with the companies they work with. Now you can grow your business and create dependable relationships with your customers and associates with gourmet food gift baskets.

Gourmet food gift baskets can add life to any business gathering. Special corporate gift baskets may contain delectable treats such as cheese spreads, crackers, almonds, caramel cookies, luxurious chocolate snacks, olives, truffles, wafers, fruit, breadsticks, wine, or gourmet coffee. Gourmet food baskets for corporate gifts come in a variety of sizes, styles, and arrangements to suit every business occasion.

When hosting a company picnic, provide gourmet gift baskets for all attendees. During the holidays, surprise your employees with a gourmet basket gift bubbling over with goodies at their work station. When an employee or business associate experiences a loss or is sick, send a corporate gift basket to demonstrate your thoughtfulness.

Have you been trying to stir up more business with previous clients? Why not plan a special promotion to gain additional business from high-end clients and include a complementary gourmet food basket with your offer.  One satisfied client can be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars over a lifetime! Gourmet food gift baskets can also reward an "employee of the month" or an employee that goes the extra mile for the company's benefit.

Gourmet gift baskets can be arranged to fit any business occasion and can easily be ordered online at affordable prices. Adorable Gift Baskets has an amazing selection of gourmet food gift baskets with a variety of specialty foods and treats to fit every corporate need. Your clients will adore you; your associates will refer their friends to your company. With corporate gourmet baskets, your company will be known as the "company that cares

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Decorating With Baskets; Designer Touches To Make Your House A Home

Baskets For Decoration and Organization

d-sincere-condolence-gift-basketBaskets can be used in a variety of ways and they will also add an extra flavor to your decorating. The following tips are useful in helping you to maintain organization.

The kitchen is often the busiest room in the house, with people trying to get a meal, running through and leaving stuff behind. You can leave a large wicker basket by the door to collect shoes in during the summer months. This is not feasible for wintertime, as snow dripping off the shoes would eventually ruin the basket. You can also have a shelf with baskets for everyone living in the house. If they do not want to leave anything behind in the morning rush, they can put it in the basket the night before and it’s ready for them the next day. Another thing you can do is hang flat-backed baskets on the wall in the kitchen. You can hold things such as sponges, potholders, or even dish towels in them. This will free up some of your valuable cupboard space. A small basket sitting on the counter or table can hold items such as teabags, sugars, and even sample packets of jelly.

Baskets in the bathroom are wonderful for when space is an issue. You can buy decorative baskets and fill them with your toiletries, extra bottles of shampoo and conditioner, and even washcloths and towels. A tall narrow basket is good to keep extra toilet paper in. Basket hanging on the wall can hold extra razors, toothpaste, and even prescriptions. Or how about a small basket on the wall filled with potpourri?

In the den or living room, you can keep papers and mail sorted in individual baskets, as well as pens and pencils. Colored baskets can be used to match your décor. Leave a small basket on the coffee table to hold your remotes and they’ll never be lost again. Baskets with a dried flower arrangements make one of the best decorations for a coffee table or end table. Flat-backed baskets with dried flowers look wonderful on the wall of any living room. You can pick the dried flowers to match your color scheme.

Toys can also be stored in baskets for organization. In the child’s room, sort out types of toys and label the baskets with either a tag or picture, depending upon their age. When it is time to pick up, your child should have no problems putting toys in the right places.

When you decorate with baskets, you have many choices of types, sizes, and colors. Use these baskets for organization and your home will end up beautifully decorated, as well. ~ By Penny S. Harmon

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Unique Gift Baskets, Gifts, Online Mail Order Shopping

gift basket catalog woman

Unique Gift Baskets, Gifts,
Online Mail Order Shopping

GIFT BASKETS filled with delicious gourmet food, fresh fruit, coffee, tea, snacks, chocolates, books,cookies and goodies are perfect all occasion gifts.


Incredible gifts for
every occasion!

flower delivery"I wanted to thank you for your very prompt attention. My order concern was handled efficiently and promptly with little frustration and difficulty and as this was the first time I have ordered anything on the internet this left a very good impression with me. In future when ordering a gift, I will certainly keep your company in mind and let others know you have a great selection of interesting gifts and your customer service is excellent. Best regards," - K. Leigh Cornish, (B.C.). Read more >>>
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Gift basket catalog. Fast mail order gift delivery. Find gift baskets, care packages and unique gift ideas for clients, friends and family

a-new-california-food-collect-gift-basketWant to Send a Gift Basket Full of Goodies to Your Friend or Loved One? We've made it easy for you at Adorable Gift Baskets….

If you need a simple solution to gift-giving, Adorable Gift Baskets provides an easy way for you to effortlessly send cheerful baskets to your friends, loved ones, or employees. Your gift will arrive with blistering speed to your specified recipient's home or office… or even to a hospital for "get well" baskets. We want you to be completely satisfied, and we’re sure you'll treasure our baskets and the joy they bring to your loved one.

In today's fast paced world, ordering gift baskets online is an appealing alternative for many people, and it's a thoughtful, affordable, and hassle free way to give gifts. Adorable Gift Baskets makes ordering easy. You can order gift baskets by phone, fax, or order online at your convenience. We're available to promptly answer your questions about our selection and the ordering process.

Browse our FAQ to learn more about our policies for shipping, hospital/hotel delivery, returns, and ordering.  Or, read below as our happy customers share their gift-giving experience using Adorable Gift Baskets.....

Find Holiday Gift Baskets, Corporate Gift Baskets, and Gifts for Every Occasion

Adorable Gift Baskets carefully packages gift baskets for all occasions. Want to send a gift to a loved one for the holidays? With Adorable Gift Baskets, you can easily complete your gift checklist for the holidays without ever leaving your home! You'll find a colorful assortment of Christmas gift baskets with delicious treats or delightful scents. Need to create a lasting impression with a new business client? Select from our corporate gift baskets filled with elegant items such as golf accessories, coffee, fruit, thank you care packages, and more. 

Or, have us create a gift basket for other occasions. We also carry a charming assortment of baby shower gift baskets, bath gift baskets, Valentine's gift baskets, birthday gift baskets, baby gifts, anniversary gift baskets, aromatherapy gifts, romantic gift baskets, sport gift baskets, organic gift baskets, and many others.

We can fashion your gift basket to display your caring thoughtfulness and to fit your budget.  Whether it's a gift basket for him or her, or a gift basket for a special event, you can browse the baskets at our site and know exactly what will be included in your gift. With our one stop gift shopping, you'll save time and money. From coast to coast, your gift basket will be packaged and shipped with tender care!

Browse our gift basket selection using our navigation links or visit our FAQ section for more details....

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Snack Food Gift Baskets filled with Gourmet Snacks, Packs, Boxes, Care Packages, Popcorn, Pretzels, Candy, Fresh Baked Cookies and Sweets

A snack food (commonly shortened to snack) is seen in Western culture as a type of food not meant to be eaten as a main meal of the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) but one that is intended rather to assuage a person's hunger between these meals, providing a brief supply of energy for the body, or as a food item consumed between meals purely for the enjoyment of its taste.

Snack foods are generally designed to be portable, quick and satisfying. Processed snack foods are designed to be less perishable, more durable, and/or more appealing than prepared foods. They often contain substantial amounts of sweeteners, preservatives, and appealing ingredients such as chocolate, peanuts, and specially designed flavors (such as flavored potato chips).

Adorable Gift Baskets offers a huge selection of snack gift baskets, snack food gift boxes, care packages and snack food gift ideas. For example our most popular snack gift baskets can include candy cookies, cheese, crackers and other snack food favorites.

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How To Make A Fruit Basket, Instruction For Making Gift Baskets


Fruits are nature's gift to mankind filled with nutrients and essentials. No side effect what so ever, really tasty, no preparation required, just ready to eat. The prospect seems inviting and I really love fruits. Everyone would know that fruits just give and take nothing in return, they are sans cholesterol, without fats, no added flavors, harmful toxins are not there, no preservatives, Full of fibers, vitamins, minerals and help in digestion too. Fruits such as carrots benefit eyes, bananas have lots of calcium giving strength to the body, similarly all fruits have nutrients essential for the body to function in a healthy way.

Here we will learn the tricks of preparing a fruit basket to be given to a person for whose health you care. From mangoes to apples, from real coconut water to sweat berries there exist so many varieties of fruits that even those who dislike most fruits would find something to suit their tastes. There are so many fruits in the market that you can design a theme based fruit basket having Northwest Pears, Bing Cherries, Apples, Rainer Cherries, Peaches, Nectarines, Blueberries, or then a seasonal fruit basket having winter or summer selection of fruits. While making a fruit basket a selection of gourmet items like Fine Cheeses, Smoked Salmon, Chocolate draped Cherries or Mixed Nuts, Blueberries and more.

These baskets can be made rather easily. Fruit baskets do not require extensive planning or like looking all over the city for decorative like process. What is important here that your choice of good looking & fresh fruits, a nice basket preferably a traditionally woven one, other basket can also be used as per choice. A few fillers would also do, like cellophane strips, crumpled tissue papers or anything that you would like to use as decorative but nothing that will damage the fruits. Perforated cellophane papers ( translucent light colored papers recommended; or then to add a personal touch color the outside of the basket with real colors, use some ribbon decoration over the handle of the basket.

Now that you are ready to place the fruits inside the basket, here are some points to give the entire basket a perfect look. Always prepare the fruits basket in the end, not just before leaving but a couple of hours before that. Place the harder fruits right at the bottom of the basket and the little more ripe, juicy and soft ones one over the other gently till the top.

To protect them from getting damaged put some fillers. Also ensure that none of the fruits are wet or have moisture content on them or else it may spill over the cellophane paper. Its always better to get the fruits on the same day so that when to have to gift them they haven't got rotten in any ways. Perforated paper helps in keeping it aerated. Note the way to make it and the people who you present the basket to will certainly take note of the manner in which you have prepared the basket and shall also be thankful for thinking so nicely about their health.

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