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Extra-Large Fancy Cashews Gift Tin - 20 oz. - Wisconsin Cheeseman

Carefully selected for flavor and freshness, our Extra-Large Cashews are truly a gift of distinction, the ultimate in premium nuts.

12 oz. Unsalted Mixed Nuts in Gift Tin - Wisconsin Cheeseman

Whether you choose unsalted nuts for the taste or because you are one of the many people on a low sodium diet, you will find our Unsalted Deluxe Mixed Nuts full of rich flavor and very satisfying to eat. Packed in a reusable red tin.

Sugar-Free Fancy Chocolates in Gift Box - Wisconsin Cheeseman

A beautiful assortment of Milk and Dark Chocolates Espresso Truffle, Vanilla Marshmallow, Fudge Meltaway, Coconut Clusters, Grand Marnier, Raspberry Truffles, Caramels, Pecan Patties, and Cherry Cordials. Sweetened with Maltitol, Sorbitol, Sucralose, and Acesulfame-K. Net wt. 8 oz. per box.

Cashew Brittle Gift Tin - Wisconsin Cheeseman

Golden luxury brittle, made with crispy, crunchy, irresistible, fresh-roasted cashews. A splendid southern confection. Net wt. 1 lb. 8 oz.

Wisconsin Buttery Baby Swiss - 2 Lbs. - Wisconsin Cheeseman

Carefully made and very patiently aged to a creamy mellowness and outstanding taste. Natural firm-textured cheese, with a mild nutty flavor - a mighty tasteful gift for family and friends...on any occasion.

Sausage Master: Cheese & All-Beef Sausage Gift Box - Wisconsin Cheeseman

There's pleasure galore in this fine assortment of zesty sausage and outstanding cheese with a hearty 3/4 pound All-Beef Sausage, almost 1 foot long, smoked and cured to perfection, two savory Sausages, natural Aged Cheddar, Edam, Brick, Monterey Jack, Mellow Cheddar, and Colby Cheese plus Tuscany, Amstel, Kumin, and Edel-Swiss spreads. Net wt. 2 lb. 12 oz.

Holiday Greetings Gift Pack - Wisconsin Cheeseman

Express warm holiday greetings with this fine selection of cheese and sausage: Salami, Mesquite Smoked, and Original Beef Sausage links; Aged Cheddar, Brick, Edam, and Mellow Cheddar Cheese bars, plus Smoky and Sharp Cheddar Spreads. Net wt. 1 lb. 13 oz.

Wisconsin Aged Cheddar Cheese - 1.5 Lbs. - Wisconsin Cheeseman

A cheese masterpiece! For those who appreciate and enjoy a rich, tangy, vintage Cheddar Cheese with the character and flavor that comes only from careful curing.

Mixed Nuts with Pistachios Gift Tin - Wisconsin Cheeseman

Pistachios are often given as a gesture of good will. We have created the perfect gesture of good taste for you in our 50% Pistachios/50% Deluxe Nut mix.
Net wt. 12 oz.

Butter, Cheddar & Caramel Popcorn Trio Gift Tin - Wisconsin Cheeseman

Crisp fluffy popcorn is coated with sweet caramel, rich butter, and tangy cheddar flavors . . .guaranteed to delight hungry snackers. Net wt. 1 lb. 4 oz.

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