De-stress gift baskets and gift ideas. Stress-reducing gifts to help eliminate physical and mental stress.

Reduce Stress with Spa Secrets at Home

(ARA) - Ahh...the spa. The tranquil sounds, low lighting and refreshing treatments are just what the doctor ordered to add some peace and serenity to the hustle and bustle of your busy life. But most of us don’t have the time (or funds) to interrupt our daily routine and make spa visits more than an occasional treat. Luckily, there are many ways that you can treat yourself to “spa-tacular” experiences each and every day.
Here are a few ideas to add some “spa” to your day and achieve a more serene state of mind.
Shower Worries Away

From the minute you awake in the morning, step into a spa sanctuary with a revitalizing shower. Start by updating your current showerhead with an oversized rain shower, such as Moen’s Inspire 9-inch Rainshower with InvigoRain pressurized spray, which provides a strong, invigorating rain shower experience with full coverage that envelops the entire body in high- performance water sprays. Or if you’d prefer a variety of spray options, try a multi-setting showerhead. Moen’s Inspire multi-setting showerheads allow you to choose the distinct spray setting that suits your mood. These showerheads are available at Lowe’s in today’s most popular finishes.
Create a Pleasant “Scentmosphere”

As you slip out of the shower, continue to stimulate your senses by smoothing aromatherapy oils over your skin. Products with essential oils provide both psychological and physical benefits; the aroma stimulates the brain, while the oils leave your skin feeling clean and moisturized. Some brands, such as Aveda, even offer a variety of body oils to “balance,” “calm” or “refresh” your senses.
Mood Music
Music has powerful effects on our mood. In fact, numerous studies prove that music can ease tension and uplift our frame of mind. As you start or end your workday, keep the pressures and stresses outside the car by swapping your Top-40 tunes for more tranquil harmonies. has a variety of great CD ideas, such as “Calm the Mind,” a compilation of relaxing piano compositions and the soothing sounds of nature, or “Peace: Pure Classical Calm,” a broad array of soothing classical tunes, or create your own serene mix by downloading your favorites from iTunes.

Less Stress at Your Desk
Does work have you stressed out and tense? Take a few moments at your desk for the art of reflexology. This age-old technique involves applying pressure to the reflex points on the hands to improve circulation and stimulate relaxation. Start by pinching each of your fingertips. Then, grasp each finger at its base and tug firmly. Allow your grip to loosen slightly, graduating it from the base to the finger tip until your finger slips out of your grasp completely. Within minutes you’ll be feeling less stressed and ready to finish out the day.
Fancy Feet

Whether you’re on your feet at work or just suffering from those stylish, but not so comfy shoes, the end of the day can leave you with sore and swollen feet. Luckily, treating your tootsies is simple to incorporate into your day – even while working on other tasks.  Try a footbath with a variety of features, such as bubbles, jets and loofah, to energize your sore soles. Or for an easy (and inexpensive) fix, use a small, frozen plastic water bottle and roll your feet over it to stimulate pressure points and reduce swelling. Both treatments will refresh fatigued feet and are simple enough for you to enjoy while multi-tasking.
By adding just a few of these spa-like secrets to your day, you’ll soon be feeling cool, calm and collected – all without an appointment.
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Garden gift baskets, gardening gifts, perfect garden basket planters and garden themed presents for your aspiring or experienced gardener friends.

Gardening Gift Guide

(ARA) – Whether you have a few plants at your desk, a container garden on your deck, or a full-fledged garden in your backyard, gardening is enjoyed on many different levels. According to the National Gardening Association, more than 75 percent of Americans participate in gardening, making it one of the most popular pastimes in the country.

If you know someone who enjoys plants, flowers, vegetables, and all things green, a gardening gift is sure to brighten their day. Here are some ideas to make your favorite gardener happy:

1) Grow bigger and faster with oxygenized water.

How would your favorite gardener like to brag about having a 58 percent higher bell pepper yield and 28 percent more petunia flowers? Recent studies have shown oxygen is a key element for successful plant growth because it stimulates root systems.

The eco-friendly Enki Watering Device takes this knowledge and puts it right in the hands of gardeners. The enhanced watering device oxygenates water by up to 150 percent, far surpassing the oxygen levels in tap water or even that of rain water. Tests conducted by Dr. Albert Markhart, a professor of horticulture at the University of Minnesota, reveal substantial benefits. Super oxygenated water helps to achieve earlier flowering with more vibrant colors and increased numbers of flowers and vegetables. This unique gift idea can be used on both indoor and outdoor plants, and is great for container gardening.

2) Learn from the best with gardening classes.

Gardening classes are conducted at gardening centers and nurseries, schools and community education centers. Why not give the gift of knowledge for that special someone? Whether for your mother, the family gardener or your recently graduated cousin who just moved into a new home, a gardening or landscape class can benefit them. They might meet some new people that share their interest or can help answer their questions as well.

3) Accessories make any garden great.

There is such a variety of garden accessories available, it’s easy to pick out one for your favorite green thumb. New plant containers have intricate designs that mimic expensive materials at a fraction of the cost. Options are available that look like wood, stone, clay and other traditional materials, but are much lighter and last longer. Enhance any garden area with accessories like a small sculpture, a colorful gazing ball or a stone with an inspirational phrase engraved on it. A bird bath or bird feeder for feathered friends is also a popular gift idea.

4) Gift certificates are just the right fit.

Do you want to give something to your dad who loves to garden, but he’s so picky you’re afraid you’ll get him something he won’t use? Or maybe you’re not sure of your friend’s decor tastes, and think it’s best if she picks out her own garden accessories. The good news is that almost every garden center offers gift certificates, so you can show you care and they can go get what they really want for their garden. With more and more people buying gift certificates, it’s socially acceptable and a much appreciated gesture.

5) Gardening literature is the gift that keeps giving.

Books and magazines are a great way to keep your favorite gardener educated, and there are options available to suit any interest. From flowers to herbs to vegetables, reference books help encourage successful gardening year after year. Choose a book that is specific to the region in which the person will be gardening. An alternative is a magazine subscription, which keeps them thinking “green” all year long.

Gardening gifts are great for almost anyone, whether they are a casual gardener or die-hard green thumb. For more information on great gardening gift ideas visit

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Gift Baskets and Gifts For Delivery; Finest selections of gourmet food gift baskets

Extra-Large Fancy Cashews Gift Tin - 20 oz. - Wisconsin Cheeseman

Carefully selected for flavor and freshness, our Extra-Large Cashews are truly a gift of distinction, the ultimate in premium nuts.

12 oz. Unsalted Mixed Nuts in Gift Tin - Wisconsin Cheeseman

Whether you choose unsalted nuts for the taste or because you are one of the many people on a low sodium diet, you will find our Unsalted Deluxe Mixed Nuts full of rich flavor and very satisfying to eat. Packed in a reusable red tin.

Sugar-Free Fancy Chocolates in Gift Box - Wisconsin Cheeseman

A beautiful assortment of Milk and Dark Chocolates Espresso Truffle, Vanilla Marshmallow, Fudge Meltaway, Coconut Clusters, Grand Marnier, Raspberry Truffles, Caramels, Pecan Patties, and Cherry Cordials. Sweetened with Maltitol, Sorbitol, Sucralose, and Acesulfame-K. Net wt. 8 oz. per box.

Cashew Brittle Gift Tin - Wisconsin Cheeseman

Golden luxury brittle, made with crispy, crunchy, irresistible, fresh-roasted cashews. A splendid southern confection. Net wt. 1 lb. 8 oz.

Wisconsin Buttery Baby Swiss - 2 Lbs. - Wisconsin Cheeseman

Carefully made and very patiently aged to a creamy mellowness and outstanding taste. Natural firm-textured cheese, with a mild nutty flavor - a mighty tasteful gift for family and friends...on any occasion.

Sausage Master: Cheese & All-Beef Sausage Gift Box - Wisconsin Cheeseman

There's pleasure galore in this fine assortment of zesty sausage and outstanding cheese with a hearty 3/4 pound All-Beef Sausage, almost 1 foot long, smoked and cured to perfection, two savory Sausages, natural Aged Cheddar, Edam, Brick, Monterey Jack, Mellow Cheddar, and Colby Cheese plus Tuscany, Amstel, Kumin, and Edel-Swiss spreads. Net wt. 2 lb. 12 oz.

Holiday Greetings Gift Pack - Wisconsin Cheeseman

Express warm holiday greetings with this fine selection of cheese and sausage: Salami, Mesquite Smoked, and Original Beef Sausage links; Aged Cheddar, Brick, Edam, and Mellow Cheddar Cheese bars, plus Smoky and Sharp Cheddar Spreads. Net wt. 1 lb. 13 oz.

Wisconsin Aged Cheddar Cheese - 1.5 Lbs. - Wisconsin Cheeseman

A cheese masterpiece! For those who appreciate and enjoy a rich, tangy, vintage Cheddar Cheese with the character and flavor that comes only from careful curing.

Mixed Nuts with Pistachios Gift Tin - Wisconsin Cheeseman

Pistachios are often given as a gesture of good will. We have created the perfect gesture of good taste for you in our 50% Pistachios/50% Deluxe Nut mix.
Net wt. 12 oz.

Butter, Cheddar & Caramel Popcorn Trio Gift Tin - Wisconsin Cheeseman

Crisp fluffy popcorn is coated with sweet caramel, rich butter, and tangy cheddar flavors . . .guaranteed to delight hungry snackers. Net wt. 1 lb. 4 oz.

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