Gourmet Dinner For Four Gift Basket, Our Dinner For Four may be gourmet, but it’s quick and easy to prepare and enjoy.

Gourmet Dinner For Four Gift Basket
- $ 122.95

Our Dinner For Four may be gourmet, but it’s quick and easy to prepare and enjoy.

Start with a trio of appetizers that need no preparation. We begin with Lemon & Garlic Marinated Chickpeas which are a staple in Mediterranean cuisine. Simple, yet flavorful, they can be served as part of an antipasti appetizer, tossed into salads or as a side dish. For a simple and delicious dip, puree until smooth and serve with warm pita slices.

Our next selection is Caramelized Onion, Fennel & Golden Raisin. Red onions are slow- cooked over low heat until caramelized, then tossed with sauted fresh fennel and plump golden raisins in a delicious savory yet sweet vinegar sauce. Serve as an antipasti appetizer, or use as topping for foccacia bread topped with gorgonzola

We complete our trio with Roasted Sweet Balsamic Peppers. Miniature whole golden and crimson peppers are slow roasted in the oven then drizzled with Italian balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil for a deliciously sweet and savory antipasti, pizza topping or side dish for roasted chicken.

We have one pound of Fussilli pasta to be served with a creamy San Marzano Vodka Sauce.

Adding a salad will be easy with the Lemon Herb Agrumato EVOO.

And for dessert, a gourmet assortment of Venchi Chocolates and Il Perfecto Espresso by Lavazza.

Our meal is artfully presented in a beautiful wooden, shaker style hat box which is reusable and perfect for storing any number of treasures.

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