Snack Food Gift Baskets filled with Gourmet Snacks, Packs, Boxes, Care Packages, Popcorn, Pretzels, Candy, Fresh Baked Cookies and Sweets

d-Refresher-nuts-cider-giftSend a Snack Food Gift Basket filled with Gourmet Snacks, Packs, Boxes, Care Packages, Popcorn, Pretzels, Candy Fresh Baked Cookies and Sweets.Snack Gift Basket Themes, Include Birthday, Get Well, Thank You, Sympathy, New Baby, Congratulations, Anniversary, Housewarming, Holidays and All Occasion Snack Gifts. Snacks Gift Baskets are Terrific Gift Ideas & Gift Solutions for Clients, Business Associates, Family, Friends and College Students.

 Great Gifts for College StudentsCheese & Sausage

Whether your college student is a freshman or in grad school, these gift ideas will help you find the perfect present. Most of these gifts are inexpensive and practical, but will be appreciated quite a bit.

Many students miss home-cooked meals. You can’t necessarily send your son or daughter a turkey dinner during finals week, but you can send a care package filled with fresh baked cookies, his or her favorite junk food and coffee.  Of course a basket of fresh delicious fruit is always a hit.

There’s never enough storage space in a dorm room or on-campus apartment. Storage bins, lightweight shelves and other such solutions will be eagerly welcomed and much loved.

If your student doesn’t like waking up in the mornings (which isn’t surprising), find a unique alarm clock that fits his or her personality. Some are rubberized and designed to stop ringing when thrown against a wall – perfect for non-morning types. Other alarms vibrate: when put on your pillow, they can wake you up without disturbing dorm roommates. You can also buy alarms that play soothing ocean sounds (very nice during mid-terms and finals week), or systems that begin playing a favorite CD when it’s time to wake up.

Some students spend their birthdays away at school.   Birthday gifts can be fun for the whole dorm.  Send a cheerful happy birthday gift basket    or  bright birthday balloon bouquet. While these gifts aren’t necessary, they do make the college experience more pleasant.    Movie gift baskets are also very popular and well received by college students.  Receiving a delicious snack package from home makes campus life a little nicer. 

To help your student celebrate a successful exam nothing beats receiving one of our delicious congratulations gift baskets to celebrate  his or her important work – such as the master’s thesis that’s been in progress for the past four months.

Send a hungry college student this delicious care package!   Our new college gift crates  include  an assortment of dried fruits, nuts and chocolate covered fruits and lots of goodies for late-night studying packed in an attractive reusable wooden crates.

In many cases, on-campus housing is a few decades old and filled with dust and other gross things. You can help your student remain healthy despite these things with an air purifier. Today’s models are much smaller than the older versions, so you should be able to find one that doesn’t take up too much space.

And if you really want to please your daughter student, send along a cuddly teddy bear or a relaxing bath and body gift basket.  Of course, you can’t go wrong with the gift of pizza delivery or burgers and fries on demand.

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