A Mother Is Thankful When We Remember Her Special Day

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    A mother is all the things in the world
    that are natural and grand
    like fireflies and lighting bugs
    and shiny shells found in the sand

    A mother is priceless for all that she does
    the wonderful and the mundane
    like fixing boo-boos and mopping the floor
    and teaching her children to write their name

    A mother is everything she loves so much
    without asking for anything in return
    like wiping the tears and big bear hugs
    It's through the love in her heart that we learn

    A mother is the light in her family's eyes
    holding everyone together at the seams
    keeping them close and making them strong
    and sending them forth to follow their dreams

    A mother is thankful when we remember her day
    because the many celebrations that are waiting in line
    she revels in the day that she works so hard for
    and the most deserving mother in the world is mine

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    Hats Off To Moms Everywhere. Mothers Don't Ask For Much.
    Let Mom Know How Much You Love Her!

    new-mothers-day-giftsSometimes in our busy lives we tend to forget the most important things. What with working and raising a family of our own we fail to stop and smell the roses so to speak. There are many people in our everyday lives mean a lot to us but none as important as our family. We need to stop everything for a while and pay tribute to the one member of our family who has done so much for us. Our Mothers!

    In my younger days I recall my mother doing the duties of three or four people. Coming from a family of thirteen kids, I did my part under the direct supervision of my mother. We lived on a farm so there was much to do and many mouths to feed. There was cooking, cleaning, canning, butchering, and mother also went to the fields with my father to plow, cultivate, and plant seed. Then there was hay to haul into the barn, along with harvest the crops when it was time. We also had a large garden and mother helped us weed, hoe, plow and pick vegetables. It just seemed there was never enough hours in the day. We sold eggs and fresh dressed fryers (we butchered and cleaned about 300 each summer). As I look back today I often wonder how she ever did it.

    I know that my mother wasn't the only mother who worked hard but she is my idol and is a good example of a dedicated mother. Now I think it is time to salute all of the moms out there who have spent the better part of their lives helping others. They certainly deserve a lot more credit than we give them most of the time.

    You hear of people multitasking on the computer or on the job, but none of those compare even a little to the multitasking of a stay at home mother. Not all mothers worked in the fields or washed clothes on a washboard and in a wringer washer with a baby on her hip, but they were there for us and they made sure we had food in our tummies and clothes on our backs. How many nights
    did they sit by our beds when we were sick and still have breakfast ready when we got up in the morning. And when I say breakfast, I mean eggs, sausage or bacon, pancakes, hash-browns (and not out of a box or package), along with fresh homemade biscuits and gravy. When and if she ever got sick, we didn't know it because she performed her duties as normal. With a baby on one hip and expecting another one, and stirring the gravy too. If that doesn't deserve respect, I don't know what would.

    Mother’s Day. The history of Mother's Day. In life you will only have one mother. How to make sure your mom has a great Mother’s Day.

    mothers-day-gifts-click-hereMother's Day was created in the early 1900's as a day to honor all Moms. Adorable Gift Baskets offers Mothers Day gift baskets, gifts, flowers, pampering presents and unique Mother's Day gift ideas.

    Mother's Day is truly a holiday for the Mom who has catered to, taken care of, and brought you to where you are today. Find a perfect gift for Mom, Grandmother, Mother-In-Law, Step Mother, God Mother, Aunt and all the special women who have represented Mother figures in your life.

    A Mother’s love deserves an unforgettable gift. Serve Mom royally, give your mother only the very best, and watch the delight in her eyes. Celebrate Mom this Mother's Day by sending her an adorable gift basket she will never forget.

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    Lose Weight by Eating Breakfast and Drinking Milk

    Did you know that dieting and weight loss are two of the most common resolutions or goals by many people but usually results to failure? Don’t give up yet. Stay committed and read through.

    If you really want to lose weight, forget the fad diets and eat breakfast and drink milk. Starting each day with milk and cereal may be the success for achieving a healthy weight.

    Many people don’t realize to eat breakfast but to skip entire morning tastes, either because you’re in rush or lazy, or just want to reduce weight. Considerable number of people finish with a soft drink or a cup of coffee as their morning meal. Chances are this is going to have an opposite effect on you because skipping meals almost always leads to overeating at lunchtime. This is especially true with breakfast, because you’ve just been asleep for 7 or 8 hours and your body needs to recover from this brief period of starvation.

    Studies show that people who regularly eat breakfast, particularly cereal with low fat or fat-free milk, tend to be leaner compared to those who skip the morning meal or eat other options. Also, breakfast eaters are more likely to have long-term success in maintaining a reasonable weight. There is a finding that a cereal and milk breakfast is a habit common to successful weight loss maintainers.

    Combine that with studies drinking 24 ounces of milk a day with healthy weight loss, and you’ve got a strategy that may lead to lost pounds. Multiple studies have shown that people who drink milk and get adequate amounts of calcium in their diets tend to weigh less than their peers who don’t drink milk. A diet deficient in calcium has a higher risk for being overweight.

    Weight Control by Eating Eggs

    Eating eggs for breakfast can reduce hunger and caloric intake by more than 400 calories, both at lunchtime and over the next 24 hours. As a result, eggs are useful in helping overweight people reduce their energy intakes, a prerequisite of losing weight. This is great news if you’re trying to lose weight as it means you may find it easier to cut calories without feeling hungry. In fact, you could expect to lose up to 2lb. a month, simply by eating eggs for breakfast!

    Eggs are packed with various nutrients but contain just 85 calories each. There’s also no limit to the number of eggs you can eat in a week contrary to popular belief.

    Other studies found that protein-based breakfasts improved weight loss better than carbohydrate-focused breakfasts. The better effects are increased when it’s combined with exercise.

    Should I avoid eating certain foods for the sake of weight loss?

    Forget about avoiding eating a certain food that you like to eat - that’s a dieters mentality and it doesn’t help you lose weight. It just makes you obsessed about food and eating. Instead, if you are really hungry, then eat, and stop as soon as you’re satisfied. Just don’t eat until you’re totally full! So, if you’re hungry during breakfast, then eat. If you’re not hungry during lunch or dinner, then have a smaller meal.

    Keep in mind that you should not eat too many sweet foods. No matter what time you eat sweets, if it’s more energy than your body can use, it will be stored, meaning excess kilos.

    Fad diets won’t work and only provide short-term results. Instead, always enjoy a wide variety of healthy foods and be physically active. Fad dieting is a hindrance that you don’t need in your life.

    Things to Remember:

  • Eating breakfast increases your metabolism and burns more kilojoules during the day, which can help you lose weight.
  • Protein-based breakfasts improved weight loss better than carbohydrate-focused breakfasts.
  • Eggs are great protein-rich breakfast, complete with zinc, iron and vitamins like A, B, D, E and B12. Long ago, people thought that eating many eggs contributed to health risks. This is not true and it’s already proven that they don’t contribute to high cholesterol or heart disease.
  • Don’t be afraid to eat a reasonable portion of your favorite dessert or snack food every now and then.
  • Try to eat steamed vegetables and drink soup in the morning. Did you know that this is common in Japan? It may take some time getting used to, but the benefits are: reduced fat and added nutrients from the vegetables.

    About the Author: Junji Takano is a Japanese health researcher and has been studying the causes of viruses since 1960s. In 1968, he invented Pyro-Energen, the first electrotherapy device that eradicates viral diseases in a non-narcotic way. Visit him at: Pyroenergen.com

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