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Mother's Day Flowers In life you will only have one mother and she should always be remembered. You want her to know how much you love her now, not wonder if she ever knew. Mothers are there for you through thick and thin, and love you no matter what you do. Make sure your mom has a great Mother’s Day and keep the tradition flowing.

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Mother’s Day Throughout the Years

Mother’s Day is a special day of the year that we honor our own mothers. Whether you are preparing her breakfast in bed or helping the children make her hand printed cards that say, “I love you, Mom” or even taking the kids out for the day to leave mom at peace. It doesn’t matter what you do to show her you care, she‘ll know you do.

The Earliest of Celebrations

Mother’s Day is celebrated all around the world, it’s not just a U. S. tradition, actually it didn’t even begin in the United States but in Greece with the Greek Gods. In the ancient Greek Empire they would honor the Greek Goddess, Rhea, who was the mother of all Gods and Goddesses. They would begin picking flowers and eating honey cakes at dawn.

In Rome, they would later celebrate, Cybele, a Mother Goddess. The celebration was called, “Hilaria” and it lasted for three whole days from March 15-18. Hilaria means a joyful celebration, this event was full of fun, dancing, drums and everyone dressed up in disguises.

Christians celebrated “Mothering” on Lent, which was the fourth Sunday of the month. They did this to honor Mary, the mother of Christ. It would soon become a day that everyone stayed home to go to their church to honor the day.

Mothering Sunday

Things have changed a lot since the BC period, it has now become a day that we actually celebrate or honor our own mothers. England actually started what is called, “Mothering Sunday” back in the 1600’s for all moms. In England many of the poor families would send their children off to work for the rich as slaves and due to how far away they lived the slave would live there. But on Mothering Sunday, the fourth Sunday during Lent, they were given the weekend off to spend time with their own mothers on this special occasion. After Mothering Sunday the children would return to work and would not see their families again until Christmas rolled around. The tradition was to bring a Mothering Cake, also known as a Simnel Cake, flowers or some other small token of their affection. A Mothering Cake was a rich fruit cake with almond icing.

Anna R. Jarvis - Anna R. Jarvis started campaigning in 1858 for what she called, “Mother’s Work Day.” This was to try to raise attention to the poor economic and health conditions the communities were living in, situations that affected the children. Anna died in 1905 before ever getting her dream of having a “Mother’s Work Day.” ....Click here to continue
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