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CANDLES! No other gift can light up a life like candles, candle gifts and candle gift baskets.

buy-candlesAhhh, Candles!!! Simply sit back and enjoy their spellbinding glow. Are you feeling jaded and out of sorts? Do you need a lift that will light up your life and lighten your heart? Try a little aromatherapy. Candles are available in a beautiful range of fragrances that will suit every mood - or every desired mood.

Start by arranging some quality time in the bathroom. No quick showers before attending to the demands of the family. Tell everyone that you will be unavailable for at least an hour or two. You are going to take a long, luxurious soak in a candlelit bathroom, relaxing with a fragrance designed to suit your desired mood.
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Want to blow away the cobwebs and feel relaxed, as if you had just enjoyed a day in the country? Try Lavender, Pine Forest or Fresh Linen. Set the candles on a small table in your bathroom with a glass or tiled top. If you don't have a table like that, a cane table or a shelf set with porcelain dishes will do just as well. Candles gifts are the perfect decorative accent; serving as a beautiful focal point in your home decor.

Set out your candles, and choose bath products to compliment. With the Lavender, Pine Forest and Fresh Linen scented candles,Click here for Floating Candles follow through the fresh theme with flower scented soap and bath salts, or use organic herbal bath products. You want to feel as if you have had a dip in unpolluted nature, restorative to your spirits. Use bath oil or salts that have a fresh aroma, so you will feel as if you are taking a dip in a pure stream.

If you can have music in your bathroom, choose some pleasant new age music based around natural sounds, like rain or birdsong. For a truly sensual experience that will leave you purring like a kitten, try vanilla. It’s not just for cakes! It can leave you feeling sweet and sexy. Set up your candles, and have bath products with a vanilla fragrance to compliment the aroma.

If you can't find vanilla scented bath products, you can make your own. Just buy some of the long black vanilla pods from a health food store. Split the pods and scrape out the seeds. Place two or three of the pods in some baby oil for a few days and leave in a warm place. For bath salts, bury the pods in a mixture of equal quantities of Epsom salts and crushed sea salt, and leave for a few days.

For real luxury, add some finely ground oatmeal to your bath salts for silky soft skin. Romantic love songs playing in the background complete the experience. You can add the vanilla oil or salts to your bath, and use the vanilla scented oil for a sensual body rub after the bath.

Special scented candles can also put you in the mood for fun and frivolity. Are you getting ready for a big Christmas or Thanksgiving party? Light some Cinnamon, Apple or Cranberry candles, and compliment the aromas with fresh, green scents in your bath products. You'll feel on top of the world and ready to party, especially if you play some lively seasonal music. Click here for Engraved, Personalized Candles

Want to feel nurtured, like a kid again? Seek out Strawberry, Butterscotch or Cotton Candy to whisk you off into a cosy comfort zone. Add to the nostalgia with songs from your youth.

Candles can help you relax and change your mood even without a luxurious soak in the bath. Keep plenty in stock, in different fragrances, and you will never be at a loss for an instant lift.
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