Send a care package. Care packages say that you care and that they haven't been forgotten.

buy-care-packages-onlineWhat is a care package? A care package says you care and shows them they haven't been forgotten. Care packages are great moral boosters, spirit lifters and your personal gift of support and encouragement.

Sending a care package is a thoughtful gesture that will surprise someone and make them feel truly special and appreciated. Send care packages to let them know you're thinking of them. They'll be happy that someone took the time to care.

Care packages can include such goodies as chocolates, homemade cookies, fresh fruit, popcorn, gourmet food, snacks, caramel corn, nuts, trail mix, jelly beans, crunchy pretzels, dipping mustard, smoked sausage, crackers, creamy cheese, coffee, tea, books, pamper bath products, new baby gifts and much, much more.

Care packages are perfect gifts to send to anyone anytime. Send a care package to add that special touch to any occasion.

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CANDLES! No other gift can light up a life like candles, candle gifts and candle gift baskets.

buy-candlesAhhh, Candles!!! Simply sit back and enjoy their spellbinding glow. Are you feeling jaded and out of sorts? Do you need a lift that will light up your life and lighten your heart? Try a little aromatherapy. Candles are available in a beautiful range of fragrances that will suit every mood - or every desired mood.

Start by arranging some quality time in the bathroom. No quick showers before attending to the demands of the family. Tell everyone that you will be unavailable for at least an hour or two. You are going to take a long, luxurious soak in a candlelit bathroom, relaxing with a fragrance designed to suit your desired mood.
"I love your gift basket website. It's so much fun to just look through. Both my Mother and Mother-In-Law loved the Valentine gift baskets we sent last year from your Adorable Gift Baskets. Chris and I want to do the same this year. We'll be placing our gift basket order again soon."-Kelly Conerty - Urbana, IL - more
Want to blow away the cobwebs and feel relaxed, as if you had just enjoyed a day in the country? Try Lavender, Pine Forest or Fresh Linen. Set the candles on a small table in your bathroom with a glass or tiled top. If you don't have a table like that, a cane table or a shelf set with porcelain dishes will do just as well. Candles gifts are the perfect decorative accent; serving as a beautiful focal point in your home decor.

Set out your candles, and choose bath products to compliment. With the Lavender, Pine Forest and Fresh Linen scented candles,Click here for Floating Candles follow through the fresh theme with flower scented soap and bath salts, or use organic herbal bath products. You want to feel as if you have had a dip in unpolluted nature, restorative to your spirits. Use bath oil or salts that have a fresh aroma, so you will feel as if you are taking a dip in a pure stream.

If you can have music in your bathroom, choose some pleasant new age music based around natural sounds, like rain or birdsong. For a truly sensual experience that will leave you purring like a kitten, try vanilla. It’s not just for cakes! It can leave you feeling sweet and sexy. Set up your candles, and have bath products with a vanilla fragrance to compliment the aroma.

If you can't find vanilla scented bath products, you can make your own. Just buy some of the long black vanilla pods from a health food store. Split the pods and scrape out the seeds. Place two or three of the pods in some baby oil for a few days and leave in a warm place. For bath salts, bury the pods in a mixture of equal quantities of Epsom salts and crushed sea salt, and leave for a few days.

For real luxury, add some finely ground oatmeal to your bath salts for silky soft skin. Romantic love songs playing in the background complete the experience. You can add the vanilla oil or salts to your bath, and use the vanilla scented oil for a sensual body rub after the bath.

Special scented candles can also put you in the mood for fun and frivolity. Are you getting ready for a big Christmas or Thanksgiving party? Light some Cinnamon, Apple or Cranberry candles, and compliment the aromas with fresh, green scents in your bath products. You'll feel on top of the world and ready to party, especially if you play some lively seasonal music. Click here for Engraved, Personalized Candles

Want to feel nurtured, like a kid again? Seek out Strawberry, Butterscotch or Cotton Candy to whisk you off into a cosy comfort zone. Add to the nostalgia with songs from your youth.

Candles can help you relax and change your mood even without a luxurious soak in the bath. Keep plenty in stock, in different fragrances, and you will never be at a loss for an instant lift.
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The History of The Teddy Bear, Tebby Bear Gifts and Collectibles, We have a bear for you!

teddy-bearsThe teddy bear has not always been with us. In fact, the teddy bear did not make its entrance until late in 1902. Then, in one of lifes unexplainable synchronicities, the teddy bear appeared in the same year in two different parts of the world: Germany and the United States.

The Early Years: - In America, the teddy bear, according to tradition, got its start with a cartoon. The cartoon, drawn by Clifford Berryman and titled "Drawing the Line in Mississippi," showed President Theodore Roosevelt refusing to shoot a baby bear. According to this often told tale, Roosevelt had traveled to Mississippi to help settle a border dispute between that state and Louisiana, and his hosts, wanting to please this avid hunter, took him bear hunting. The hunting was so poor that someone finally captured a bear and invited Roosevelt to shoot. Roosevelt's refusal to fire at such a helpless target inspired Berryman to draw his cartoon with its play on the two ways Roosevelt was drawing a line--settling a border dispute and refusing to shoot a captive animal.

The teddy bear cartoons appeared in a panel of cartoons drawn by Cliffored Berryman in The Washington Post on November 16, 1902. It caused an immediate sensation and was reprinted widely. Apparently this cartoon even inspired Morris and Rose Michtom of Brooklyn, New York, to make a bear in honor of the presidents actions. The Michtoms named their bear "Teddy’s Bear" and placed it in the window of their candy and stationery store. Instead of looking fierce and standing on all four paws like previous toy bears, the Michtoms bear looked sweet, innocent, and upright, like the bear in Berryman's cartoon. Perhaps that's why "Teddy’s Bear" made a hit with the buying public. In fact, the demand was so strong that the Michtoms, with the help of a wholesale firm called Butler Brothers, founded the first teddy bear manufacturer in the United States, the Ideal Novelty and Toy Company.

Meanwhile, across the ocean in Germany, Richard Steiff was working for his aunt, Margarete Steiff, in her stuffed toy business. Richard, a former art student, often visited the Stuttgart Zoo to sketch animals, particularly the bear cubs. In 1902, the same year the Michtoms made "Teddy's Bear," the Steiff firm made a prototype of a toy bear based on Richard's designs.

Though both the Michtoms and Steiff were working on bears at the same time, certainly neither knew, at a time of poor transatlantic communication, about the other's creation. Besides, the Michtoms' bear resembled the wide-eyed cub in the Berryman cartoon, while the Steiff bear, with its humped back and long snout, looked more like a real bear cub.

A few months later, in March 1903, at the Leipzig Toy Fair, Steiff introduced its first bear--Baer 55PB. The European buyers showed little interest, but an American toy buyer, who was aware of the growing interest in "Teddy's bears" in the States, ordered 3000. In America, people were beginning to get teddy bear fever, and Steiff was in the right place at the right time.

The Teddy Bear Craze:

By 1906, the teddy bear craze was in full swing in the United States. The excitement probably compared to the frenzy for Cabbage Patch dolls in the 1980s and Beanie Babies in the 1990s. Society ladies carried their teddies everywhere, and children had their pictures taken with their teddy bears. President Roosevelt, after using a bear as a mascot in his re-election bid, was serving his second term. Seymour Eaton, an educator and a newspaper columnist, was writing a series of children's books about the adventures of The Roosevelt Bears, and another American, composer J. K. Bratton, wrote "The Teddy Bear Two Step." That song would become, with the addition of words, "The Teddy Bear's Picnic."

Meanwhile, American manufacturers were turning out bears in all colors and all kinds, from teddy bears on roller skates to teddy bears with electric eyes. "Teddy bear," without the apostrophe and the s, became the accepted term for this plush bruin, first appearing in print in the October 1906 issue of Playthings Magazine. Even Steiff, a German company, adopted the name for its bears.

Steiff and Ideal were no longer the only players in the teddy bear business. In America, dozens of competitors sprang up. Almost all of these very early companies didn't last, with the notable exception of the Gund Manufacturing Corporation. Gund made its first bears in 1906 and is still making bears today.

American teddy bear companies faced stiff competition from all the teddy bears imported from Germany, and many of the U.S. companies didn't last long. In Germany, toymaking was an old and established industry, and many German firms, such as Bing, Schuco, and Hermann, joined with Steiff in making fine teddy bears.

In England, The J.K. Farnell & Co. got its start; in fact, the original Winnie the Pooh was a Farnell bear Christopher Robin Milne received as a first birthday present from his mother in 1921. Five years later, his father, A.A. Milne, would begin to publish the Winnie-the-Pooh books about his son Christopher's adventures with his bear and his other stuffed animals. Today you can see the original toys that inspired the Winnie-the-Pooh books on permanent display in the Central Children's Room of the Donnell Branch of the New York Public Library in New York City, while the Pooh books themselves are as popular as ever.

More Great Years:

With the exception of the four years when World War I raged in Europe, the next 25 years were kind to the teddy bear. Mass production had not yet taken over the teddy bear world, and people still preferred to buy high quality, hand-finished teddy bears.

Because World War I interrupted the flow of teddy bears from Germany, new teddy bear industries developed outside Germany. Chad Valley, Chiltern, and Dean''s joined Farnell in England; Pintel and Fadap were begun in France, and Joy Toys in Australia. The bears themselves changed, too. Boot-button eyes were replaced by glass, and excelsior stuffing was replaced by a softer alternative, kapok.

The United States was relatively untouched by the war, and its teddy bear industry continued to grow. For example, the Knickerbocker Toy Company got its start in 1920 and continues to make teddy bears today. Nine years later, though, the U.S. was hit by the Depression, and most teddy bear companies were hurt by the financial crisis. After 1929, many American companies either found cheaper ways to produce bears, or they closed.

In the 1920s and 30s, musical bears and mechanical bears were very popular, and they were produced all over the world. Perhaps the most noteworthy manufacturers of these novelty bears were Schuco and Bing. These two German companies made bears that walked, danced, played ball, and even turned somersaults.

But the outbreak of World War II in 1939 stopped the fun. Instead of making teddy bears, the world''s workers and factories were needed for the war effort. Some companies closed and never reopened. Made around 1929, the 9-inch mechanical duck by the German company of Bing was wound by a key.

The Lean Years:

While traditional teddy bear companies had always prided themselves on quality hand-finishing and had always used natural fibers to make their bears, all that changed after World War II. Fueled by a desire for washable toys, synthetic fibers were all the rage in the post-War years. Buyers liked the idea of washable toys, so bears were made from nylon or acrylic plush, and had plastic eyes and foam rubber stuffing.

Traditional teddy bear companies could adapt to this change in materials, however they were not prepared to compete against the flood of much cheaper, mass-produced teddy bears coming from eastern Asia. Even the old, well-established companies were hurt by the onslaught of inexpensive teddy bears from the Far East.

The Teddy Bear's Comeback: The Present

Strangely enough, the comeback of the teddy after years of mass-production was triggered, not by a bear maker, but by an actor. On television, British actor Peter Bull openly expressed his love for teddy bears and his belief in the teddy bear's importance in the emotional life of adults. After receiving 2000 letters in response to his public confession, Peter realized he wasn't alone. In 1969, inspired by this response, he wrote a book about his lifelong affection for teddy bears, Bear with Me, later called The Teddy Bear Book. His book struck an emotional chord in thousands who also believed in the importance of teddy bears. Without intending to, Bull created an ideal climate for the teddy bear's resurgence. The teddy bear began to regain its popularity, not so much as a children's toy, but as a collectible for adults.

In 1974, Beverly Port, an American dollmaker who also loved making teddy bears, dared to take a teddy bear she made to a doll show. At the show, she presented Theodore B. Bear holding the hand of one of her dolls. The next year, Beverly presented a slide show she had created about teddy bears for the United Federation of Doll Clubs. That show quickly became a sensation. Other people, first in the United States and then all over world, caught Beverly's affection for the teddy bear. They, too, began applying their talents to designing and making teddy bears. One by one, and by hand, teddy bear artistry was born with Beverly, who coined the term "teddy bear artist," often cited as the mother of teddy bear artistry. Today thousands of teddy bears artists, often working from their homes all over the world, create soft sculpture teddy bear art for eager collectors.

Artist bears set the stage for a new kind of manufactured bear, the artist-designed manufactured bear. Today artist-designed manufactured bears are offered by Ganz, Gund, Dean's, Knickerbocker, Grisly Spielwaren, and others; all offer collectors the opportunity to own artist-designed bears that cost less due to mass production.

This increased appreciation for the teddy bear as an adult collectible has also increased the value of antique teddy bears, the hand-finished, high-quality teddy bears manufactured in the first decades of the 20th century. In the 1970s and 1980s, these old, manufactured teddy bears began showing up in antique doll and toy auctions, and they began winning higher and higher bids. Today the current record price for one teddy bear, Teddy Girl by Steiff, is $176,000; that bear was sold at Christie's auction house in 1994.

So what's next for the teddy bear?

Certainly our love affair with the teddy bear shows no signs of abating. In 1999, in just the United States, collectors purchased $441 million worth of teddy bears. Certainly, as we begin our journey through a new century, we certainly need the teddy bear's gift of uncondtional acceptance, love, and reassurance more than ever.

--by Marianne Clay, Managing Editor, Teddy Bear and Friends
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Balloons, Balloons Are The Ideal Gift, Fun Balloon Bouquets Brighten Any Occasion

balloon-bouquet-same-day-deliveryThere are many occasions in life where the gift of a balloon would be appropriate. From Weddings, Christenings and Birthday parties to simply saying “I love you” or just to cheer someone up – balloons are the ideal gift.

Balloons come in all shapes and sizes, colours and designs. From plain coloured latex balloons, to multi coloured super shape foil balloons – it would be hard to think of a balloon design that doesn’t exist, however elaborate!

Latex balloons come in various sizes and most colour shades, they can be the usual “round” shape or heart or flowered shape etc. They can be filled with either air or helium and used singly or grouped together with some skill and know how to form simple but elegant table centrepieces or elaborate balloon sculptures. If you are hosting a small dinner party, then a simple 3 x latex balloon centrepiece would add the perfect finishing touch to your table. Have the balloons in your chosen colour theme to compliment the occasion.

Wedding receptions are wonderful opportunities for really going to town with balloon decorations – again, have them in colour shades and designs to compliment your wedding theme. Latex and/or foil balloons can then be arranged together as table centrepieces, archways, cloud 9’s (a special arrangement particularly suitable for the Top Table), heart sculptures – an ideal back drop for cutting the wedding cake- the list of possible designs is just endless. The plainest of venues can be transformed by the skillful balloon artist, using their skills and experience to ensure your special day is even more memorable and your once in a life time wedding photos are even more beautiful.

Children’s parties – another ideal balloon occasion. Every child loves a balloon – from a simple colourful latex balloon used for games to a foil balloon with their favourite cartoon character on it. Why not give a balloon to each child at the end of the party in place of the usual goody bag? The balloon will last longer than those sweets and doesn’t contain all that sugar!

Of course, although balloons are fun and exciting, there are safety aspects that must be considered, especially around children. Balloons should not be blown up by young children for obvious reasons. Adults should supervise children with balloons to ensure they are not being put in their mouth, an obvious choking hazard. Balloons filled with helium hold another serious safety issue. The inhalation of helium is very dangerous as it can cause asphyxiation and death, neither children nor adults should attempt to inhale helium. As long as these safety issues are noted and adhered to, balloons can be a safe and fun accompaniment to any event/function.

You don’t have to have a party to give a balloon as a gift, why not just give one to that special someone just to let them know you care? Balloons can come decorated with all sorts of special messages; I love you, You’re Special, Special Mum, Miss You, Get Well Soon, Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary etc, the list just goes on and on. To make the gift extra special, why not have the balloon delivered in a box? When the lid is lifted from the box, the balloon and so your special message, floats up to bring a smile to the face of the recipient.

Balloons make ideal gifts to send to people in hospital, many wards no longer accept flower deliveries so, instead, send a bouquet of balloons! The balloons won’t wilt in the heat of the hospital and they will cheer up the patients and staff alike by brightening up the ward.

New Baby? Then why not send a cuddly toy with a balloon attached, or a bouquet of balloons or even an air walker balloon for extra impact, in order to announce the new arrival. A new mum will not have time for arranging a vase of flowers, but the gift of the balloon requires no effort on her part and will be remembered for a long time.

Ever heard of a “Gift-in-a-Balloon”? This is a spectacular way of presenting your special gift. As long as the gift is not too sharp, big or heavy, (all of which risk popping the balloon!) it can be arranged on a bed of coloured tissue paper inside of the balloon and topped off with a beautiful bow and cascading ribbons. Cuddly toys make the ideal gift to go in a balloon, but other suitable gifts include chocolates, jewellery, lingerie, small bottles of champagne, even gift vouchers, the list is as endless as your imagination.

As this has demonstrated, balloons can be as exciting and imaginative as you allow them to be – the simplest of venues can be transformed to your desired theme or you can simply bring a smile to some ones day with the gift of a balloon. Opportunities for the use of balloons as decorations and gifts are endless. Talk to your local Balloon Artist and see what dazzling displays can be achieved with the use of balloons. Balloons- the perfect accompaniment to every occasion! By Heidi Howard discussing the many varied creative uses for foil and latex balloons.

Send One Dozen Beautiful Balloons

Surprise someone with a bright, festive balloon bouquet so vibrant, eye-catching and colorful that it will practically sing your message for you. The perfect way to relay your feelings and add warmth to any occasion. Arrives with your personal message.

Choose a theme when you checkout:

  • Happy birthday
  • Over The Hill
  • Get Well
  • Thank You
  • Graduation
  • Valentine's Day
  • Congratulations
  • Children
  • Kids
  • New Baby
  • Thinking of You
  • Anniversary
  • I Love You

    Even More Gift Options: Why not make your gift even more special by adding a box of delicious chocolates and/or an adorable plush bear.

    send-a-box-of-chocolates Add a box of chocolates. Send an extra special message with a box of tasty chocolate. ($15.00 extra)

    send-a-teddy-bearAdd A Bear When you can't be there to give a hug, let this cuddly plush bear do it for you. ($15.00 extra)

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  • Gourmet Food Gifts, Fruit, snacks and chocolates.

    w-Lasting-Impressions-fine-food-basketFood gift baskets are perfect gifts for clients, friends and family.

    Buy Food Gift Baskets and Gifts Online including executive gifts, professional gift ideas for clients, business associates, customers, sales, marketing, employee appreciation and retirement gifts

    Popular Food Gift Basket Themes include Holiday, Birthday, Get Well, Thank You, Sympathy, New Baby, Congratulations, Anniversary and Housewarming.

    Find Gourmet Food Baskets filled with delicious gourmet food, treats, snacks, chocolate, tea and coffee.

    Hello, The recipient just phoned us giving her thanks! She was RAVING about the basket and said everyone in her office was so envious since it was a better gift than anyone else received! We appreciate your beautiful baskets! Thanks, Linda

  • Hickory Farms Gourmet Food Gifts
  • Lobster Gram Gift Certificate Sale!
  • Legal Sea Foods Shop Today
  • Party Food
  • Lobsters, Crab, Shrimp...Hungry? Fresh seafood
  • Cake Delivery
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  • Gift Towers - What Is A Gift Tower? Dazzling gift boxes stacked sky high and filled with ...

    Gift_baskets_delivered_free_shipping_USAWhat is a gift tower? Gift towers are elegant gift boxes stacked high and filled with fine, tasty gourmet food treats and confections tucked inside each dazzling box.

    Gift Towers Make Unique Corporate and Personal Christmas Gifts, Thank You Gifts, Get Well or Congratulations Gifts.

    Send Gift Towers For All Gift Giving Occasions To Employees, Secretary, Administrative Assistants, Receptionist, Staff, Family and Friends.

    Mary of Falls Church, VA. writes... "Hello, I would like to acknowledge your great and prompt customer service and thank you. I believe this is the best overall service I have ever received from an online shopping experience (and btw, I value this as my company is in the consumer internet space--we bond online sellers so their buyers know they are trusted sellers, etc.). In any event, thanks for the great service and be assured that folks like me do appreciate it, even if many folks don't always say thanks!! And, you are really helping to differentiate your company from others by being so customer service focus. Keep up the good work!!" Read more....
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    Valentine's Day “Textpert” Dating Advice

    valentine's day gift romantic valentine giftsThis Valentine’s Day men and women across the country have some big decisions to make when it comes to expressing their feelings. No longer are the carefully crafted words in a drugstore card the only way to go. E-cards, instant messages, even text messages, are all ways to send romantic thoughts. In fact, sending a text message from a cell phone to share romantic feelings is on the rise, according to the first annual T9 Texting Outlook Survey. Sixty percent of those who sent text messages have sent one to tell someone they love them or miss them.

    Meanwhile, 27 percent have sent a flirtatious or sexy text message and 26 percent have used cell phone text messaging to say “Happy Valentine’s Day.” Seven percent have even sent a text message to ask someone out on a date – so keep that phone charged up at all times!

    Given the rise in text messaging, which is now used for breaking up, making up and for asking out dates, Tegic Communications teamed up with John Gray, author of best-seller “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” and AOL Love & Sex Coach, for texting tips to help ensure successful coupling in 2006.

    Texting and Dating: Top Ten Do’s and Don’ts

    DO reply to a cell phone text message in a timely manner. No one wants to press “send” only to be left waiting (and waiting) for a reply.

    DON’T read too much into whether he or she has (or hasn’t!) signed off with X’s and O’s for kisses and hugs.

    DO carefully consider the effect your text message is going to have on the reader. Send a note that will put a smile on her face, not leave her wondering why she gave you her number in the first place.

    DON’T overuse emoticons, such as smileys, and text speak, and make sure the recipient knows what you mean. You don’t want to scare off a potential date who thinks you mean “lots of love” rather than “laugh out loud” when you type LOL.

    DO wait until at least the third date before you engage in “textual relations” with a new love interest. Be sure sexy or intimate texts are well-received before firing off note after note.

    DON’T assume he is awake and of sound mind just because you are. If you receive an outlandish reply at 3 in the morning or no reply at all, wait 12 hours and try again.

    DO flirt and send love letters via text. But be careful about sending texts that you wouldn’t want read by anyone other than the intended recipient.

    DON’T read too much into failure to reply to your text message. However, if you’ve texted three times without a reply, it may be time to move on.

    DO make sure you’re sending a text message to the right person in your phone book. It will be uncomfortable to learn you’ve sent some hot and steamy love notes to your grandmother.

    DON’T be a bad speller. It makes less of an impact on the intended to learn that you want to “kips” rather than “kiss” them.

    T9 predictive text software anticipates the word that a user is entering as they press a key just once for each letter. For example, typing “love” requires just four keystrokes (5-6-8-3) instead of 11 when tapping out letters individually. And “Valentine” can be reached in 9 steps instead of 19.

    For users new to predictive text entry on cell phones, check out - ARA
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    Easter Gift Baskets, Gifts and Presents to bring your family together and create beautiful Springtime memories.

    Easter-baskets-by-Adorable-Gift-BasketsEaster Gift Baskets Online, Find adorable Easter baskets, Easter bunny gifts for children, kids, babies, mom, dad, family and friends. Get them hopping for joy this Easter with a delightful Easter basket filled with plush Easter bunnies, Easter eggs and Springtime gifts.

  • Easter Baskets, Gifts, Bunnies
  • Easter Flowers and Gifts

    Select Easter Baskets filled with imaginative and practical Easter gifts and goodies for everyone on your list. Chocolate Easter Bunnies are only the beginning. Buy Easter Bunny Baskets For Girls, Boys, Happy Easter Basket Gifts for Kids, Family, Friends, Men, Women, Children, Babies, Grandchildren, Grandpa, Grandma and Everyone! Send Gourmet Food Baskets, Candy, Chocolate, Jelly Belly, Easter Flowers, Fruit, Plush Lambs, Chicks and Bunnies.

    bunniesEaster Holiday TraditionsSome Fun Facts About Easter, The beauty of Easter lies in its versatility. No matter what your Easter celebration may hold, we hope you enjoy these fun facts about this very special day and find some very special Easter gifts while you're at it.

    bunniesEaster Decorating and Fun Easter ideas

    Easter fireplace and springtime decorating should be an important focal point in your home as Spring approaches. Here are some nearly-instant ideas for delightful springtime and Easter mantel decorating.

    bunniesMommy, Daddy, why does the Easter bunny bring us candy? Easter is a time to reflect on the gift of hope that we all have been given. Can the Easter Bunny be viewed as a reflection of that hope on a level which our children can somewhat understand?
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  • Valentine's Day Gift Baskets, Valentine Gifts, Romantic gift ideas for pampering your lover.

    valentine gift romantic valentines day giftsValentine's Day celebration dates back to the ancient times when the 'Feast of Lupercal' was celebrated in the honour of the Roman God of Fertility. This day falls on the 15th of February every year.

    According to a time worn custom, on the eve of Lupercalia (14th of Feb) a ritual of 'name drawing' was followed, during which a young man drew the name of a girl from the lot, who was to be his sweetheart for the whole year.

    Romance, has, of course always made the world go round but we must say that these Romans knew how to make it official. Since then, this day (14th of Feb) has been considered as the day of Cupid, the mischievous son of Venus -the Roman Goddess of Love.

    Lovers through the ages have taken this day as their own - a day to celebrate the finest human emotion. The reason for celebration is ageless, but it was much later that a great lover gave the day his name.

    The eternal lover that gave us the famous word 'Valentine' and originated the tradition of writing love letters on this day, is believed to be Bishop Valentine. He was a priest in Rome when, the city was ruled by 'Claudius the Cruel'. Inspite of the fact that Claudius had forbidden Christian conversions and Christian marriages, the Bishop refused to surrender to Roman Gods and carried on his religious duties in secret.

    He was imprisoned for disobedience, but even in prison he converted the convicts. While he was in prison, the jailer's daughter became his friend and was loyal to him through his ordeal. When Claudius came to know that imprisonment had not broken his enduring Christian spirit, the bishop was executed. However, on the day of his death Valentine wrote a note to his friend, 'the jailer's daughter' and signed it - 'From Your Valentine'.

    romance-romantic-gifts-baskets-2This great man who died for his beliefs, for his enduring love of the Christian God, was chosen as the patron Saint of lovers. 14th February has since been celebrated as Valentine's Day.

    Romantic souls all over the world have preferred to focus on the romantic twist of this tale, the story of the man who united lovers in the holy bond of marriage; a man who loved his jailer's daughter and started the tradition of writing love notes.
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    House Warming Gift Ideas, New Home, Condo, Apartment Gift, New Neighbor, Real Estate Closing Gifts

    b-welcome-wagon-giftTo have a home of your own is every body's dream. A few of the most popular housewarming gift ideas include Tea Time gift baskets, Fancy Food gift baskets, Garden Planter Basket, Welcome Home Housewarming Gift, Coffee Gift Basket, Gardenia Fragrance Candle Collection, Good Times Barbecue, Moving Day House Warming, Coffee Table Inspiration, Showtime Blockbuster Gift Box, Showtime Movie Gifts, Candle Light Gift Collection, Flowering Plants, etc.

    Fruit baskets are an excellent gift choice for housewarming gifts and will provide the family with a bit of healthy food while the cupboards are still being stocked.

    Greet Your New Neighbor With a Housewarming Gift Basket, New Home Gifts for New Home Owner, Gifts and Presents.

    Real Estate Closing Gifts, Client Gift Baskets, Welcome Home, New Apartment Gift, Welcome New Neighbor, Congratulations New Home, Realtor Gift Baskets and Gifts.

    Find unique house warming gift ideas for new house, first home, new apartment, new neighbor, remodeled home, housewarming party gifts. Send thoughtful, caring new home gifts, housewarming gifts and baskets online.


  • Real Estate Closing Gifts
  • Black Hound House Warming Gifts
  • Home Decorating Tips
  • Are You A Basket Case?
  • Real Estate Contracts
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  • Snack Gift Baskets, Cookies Gift Boxes, Snack Gifts, Snack Care Packages, Candy, Cookies, Cheese, Crackers

    u-cookie-basketA snack food (commonly shortened to snack) is seen in Western culture as a type of food not meant to be eaten as a main meal of the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) but one that is intended rather to assuage a person's hunger between these meals, providing a brief supply of energy for the body, or as a food item consumed between meals purely for the enjoyment of its taste.

    Snack foods are generally designed to be portable, quick and satisfying. Processed snack foods are designed to be less perishable, more durable, and/or more appealing than prepared foods. They often contain substantial amounts of sweeteners, preservatives, and appealing ingredients such as chocolate, peanuts, and specially designed flavors (such as flavored potato chips).

    Adorable Gift Baskets offers a huge selection of snack gift baskets, snack food gift boxes, care packages and snack food gift ideas. For example our most popular snack gift baskets can include candy cookies, cheese, crackers and other snack food favorites.

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    Wedding Hair Styles - How To Achieve The Perfect Beautiful, But Formal Look

    beach-wedding-invitationsFormal hairstyling trends taking a step back from the rigidly crafted styles of yesterday, today’s wedding hair styles are free, natural and a great deal easier to attain than they were a few years ago. But even though this is true, the bridal hair style is probably the most important style that you are going to choose for quite a while so it is best served by a little research and practice before the big day.

    On your wedding day, hundreds of eyes will be on you, and your chosen bridal hair style can either complete the picture or detract from it. That is why it is so important to choose the perfect formal hairstyle well in advance of the big day so that you and your stylist can get it right and make custom additions to your wedding hair style. Nothing is worse than a hastily crafted coif decided upon only minutes before the ceremony.

    You can begin your search for the perfect bridal hair styles and bridesmaid hair styles by browsing through style books that highlight formal updos and popular wedding hair styles. While looking, keep in mind the style of dress that you have selected and choose wedding hair styles that compliment the style, era and cut of the dress. The same thing goes for your bridesmaids dresses.

    Another important thing to consider when choosing bridal hair styles are the styles, lengths and textures of the bridal party’s hair. For example: if every member of the bridal party save one has short hair, selecting a French Twist as your only bridesmaid hair style would not be very feasible. But you could do a French Twist on the one member with long hair and select different wedding hair styles for the rest of the party as long as it doesn’t bother you that everyone is not going to look identical.

    When it comes to coordinating your wedding hair styles for your wedding party, you do not have to choose cookie-cutter styles for each member of the party. Look instead at bridal hair styles that compliment each member’s personality, facial structure and hair texture. Let your
    wedding party members have some say in how they would like to wear their hair and set some practical guidelines such as whether or not the bridesmaid hair style should be pinned up off of the neck or allowed to flow free down the back.

    Then, coordinate the individual bridal hair styles by using matching accessories and placing them in similar patterns on each member. These pointers apply for the bridal party only; the bridal hair style should set the bride apart from the others and be more intricate and beautiful than all other wedding hair styles chosen by members of the wedding party.

    Once all bridal hair styles have been chosen, have a practice run where all of the ladies meet at the same salon and allow the stylists that are going to do the wedding party’s hair on the big day have a crack at crafting the intricate wedding hair styles that you have chosen. While it may cost you a little bit of money to do this, it will save you a great deal of headache on the big day.

    Buy romantic gifts, gift baskets, flowers and presents specially designed to help you pay the small attentions that are so integral to lasting romance. Find romantic gifts for him, loving gifts for her, presents for your wife, husband, sweetheart, girlfriend, boyfriend, friend or lover. Romantic Gift Baskets and Loving gifts for lovers are Essentials for romance and pampering gift ideas meant for the one you love.

    Spoil her with gifts that cater to the romantic impulses and a taste for fine things; candles, soft music, roses, chocolates, pamper bath baskets, spa, massage, and luxurious gifts that she wouldn't normally buy for herself.
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    Tea Gift Baskets, Tea Gift Boxes, Gourmet Tea Gift Delivery, Tea Basket Gifts and Teapots Delivered

    English-tea-room Our wonderful tea selections makes it easy to order tea online.

    Buy a tea gift, teapot gift basket and tea gifts of the highest quality and presentation. Adorable Gift Baskets online tea store is a great place to buy gourmet tea online.

    Find a holiday tea gift to please every tea connoisseur on your shopping list. Christmas tea gift baskets are always a delight to give and receive for all occasions.

  • How To Create A Tea Room
  • Miniature Tea Sets
  • How To Make Perfect Hot Tea
  • Ancient Secrets Of Green Tea
  • Interesting Facts About Tea
  • How To Brew Green Tea
  • Tea Cookies
  • Herbal Teas

    Find unique tea gift ideas, teapot gift baskets, upscale gourmet tea gift baskets filled with delicious tea time snacks and goodies to enjoy. Relax and enjoy a cup to tea while enjoying the recently suggested health benefits of tea.
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  • Valentine's Day Gifts, Valentine Gift Baskets, Valentine

    valentine's day gift romantic valentine giftsSend romantic Valentine's Day surprise gifts to the one you love.

    From our lavish spa baskets to soft flickering candles, our Valentine gifts are meant to initiate love and romance.

    Choose romantic valentines, gourmet food, chocolates, breakfast in bed, pamper bath, candles, roses and more.

    Buy romantic gifts, gift baskets, flowers and presents specially designed to help you pay the small attentions that are so integral to lasting romance. Find Valentine gifts for him, loving gifts for her, Valentine presents for your wife, husband, sweetheart, girlfriend, boyfriend, friend or lover.

    Buy Flowers Online

  • The History of Valentine's Day
  • Romantic Dating Advice - Top 10 Do's & Don'ts
  • Valentine Sweets Good For The Heart
  • How To Write Your Sweetheart A Love Letter
  • Symbolism of Wedding Rings
  • Romantic Flowers
  • Symbolism of Roses

    Roses are the universal symbol of love, romance, and friendship. Roses make the perfect gift for anyone and any occasion! Send one dozen long-stemmed Roses in an unforgettable, elegantly displayed bouquet. You can even surprise her with a box of delicious chocolate truffles and an adorable teddy bear if you like. Place your order now!
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  • SYMPATHY GIFT BASKETS AND GIFTS to Comfort The Broken Hearted.

    Beautifully packaged, visually uplifting sympathy gifts touch the heart as no other gift can do. Let our stylish gift basket arrangements deliver your messages of condolence, thoughtfulness and respect.
  • Funeral Flowers
  • Plants
  • Fruit
  • Sympathy Gift Ideas
  • Coping With Terminal Illness, Death & Grief
  • Helping Others Cope With Grief and End of Life

    Create a Bright Spot With a Sympathy Gift Basket - In our busy world many types of sudden tragedies and accidents can occur.  An accident or sudden death can happen so suddenly that it takes everyone by surprise, causing devastation and despair.  Car accidents, sudden injuries on the job, children getting hurt while playing - all of these can cause despair for close friends and family members in only a moment's time.  You might feel helpless if this happens to a friend or loved one, but you don't have to be. 

    There are ways you can help, gifts you can give such as sympathy gift baskets, and words you can say that create a bright spot during a crisis.  Here are some ideas to help you become the type of person who helps others without delay.  It's easier than you think.

    Don't Delay Action - When a crisis hits someone you love, don't delay your actions.  Have a sympathy gift basket in mind that you can order on the spot.  Even online orders for gift baskets can be made around the clock.  The faster you get the order in, the faster it will be delivered to your loved one.

    By nature, you probably have a tendency to wait around and see what is needed, or let someone else take the initial step towards helping the person in need.  What would be better is to go ahead and take the initiative.  You can be ready to go as soon as you're needed, with your gift in hand or at least on the way.  If at work, ask if you can leave early.  If asleep, jump up and get dressed to go.  If out of town, be willing to return home if necessary.  Even if it's not a death situation, it could be very important to your loved one.

    Choosing a Sympathy Gift Basket - Most sympathy gift baskets contain foods such as sweet candies or chocolates, fruit, crackers, cheese, sausage, homemade cookies, etc.  If you know the person well, you can probably choose a basket according to their likes and those of their family.  Be thoughtful when choosing the sympathy gift basket by considering their children, spouse and other close relatives such as parents or siblings.  The sympathy gift basket will probably be a comfort to all those around, not just the one receiving it.

    Many sympathy gift baskets contain a booklet with inspirational writings or comforting messages.  Choose one that fits the occasion.

    Don't Fret when Your Loved One Needs Time Alone - Often when tragedy strikes, the person asks to be alone for a while.  If this happens to you, don't worry.  It's not personal.  Your sympathy gift basket will go a long way in showing you care even if you can't be present always.

    With a lovely sympathy gift basket, you can show you care in many little ways - all wrapped in one thoughtful package.  Your loved one will appreciate your caring thoughts.

    "I just wanted to write and tell you how quickly your customer care consultant acted on behalf of your company, Adorable Gift Baskets.

    After the death of my beloved sister I have had a very difficult time organizing my thoughts and taking care of the many thank yous that come with the death of a loved one. Your conscientious customer care has saved us such an incredible amount of hassle and trouble trying to get gifts out.

    Customer Service like this is what sets companies like yours apart and makes you stand out from the rest. So do your baskets which we think are superb. We are so impressed and grateful that we will sing your praises loud and clear to whomever we encounter. Thank you for a job well done. - Sincerely, Mary Dowling, Marketing & Creative Services - New Fairfield, CT 06812"
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  • Romantic, Loving Gifts, Gift Baskets, Presents and Gift Ideas For Lovers.

    romantic giftsFind incredibly romantic presents for people in love.

    Sometimes words just aren't enough to describe how you feel. This Valentine's Day, surprise the one you love. Show your sweetheart how you feel with unique gifts that say "I Love You". Send tender, loving presents designed for romance and pampering your sweetheart, wife, girlfriend, or that special someone in your life.

    Shop for engagement, wedding anniversary and memorable gifts for that special person in your life.

  • Anniversary Gift Baskets and Gifts
  • Romanti Gifts To Make Her Adore You
  • Find Your Soulmate
  • How To Comquer The Dating Scene
  • Unique Picnic Wedding Gifts
  • The most creative romantic gift ideas.
  • Wedding Blog
  • Bridal Gifts
  • Roses, The Symbol Of Love
  • Look Great On Your Wedding Day
  • Wedding Hairstyles
  • Rekindle Your Romance
  • Write Your Sweetheart A Love Letter
  • Looking For Love
  • Wedding Planning On The Web
  • Wedding Trivia

    "I want to thank you. The package arrived at the perfect time in the evening after we spent the day together then picked up the kids. It actually brought tears to her eyes. Thank you again," - Gary Wright, PA
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  • Real Estate Closing Gifts; Extreme Marketing Strategies Better Than Thank You Notes


    Real estate agents, property managers, brokers and developers - this warning is for you!

    It's not a warning of danger to come, but of missed opportunities for future sales; opportunities you can't afford to miss.

    Whether selling a home, building a new construction or renting an apartment to tenants, it always feels great when you close a sale.  You've worked with the client to reach a successful end. However, when you do make a sale, don't sit back and relax. Go the extra mile and give your client or tenant a real estate closing gift such as a "New Home" gift basket or other useful gift.

    Better than "Thank You" Notes

    Sending a "thank you" note is great.  Many companies do this to show appreciation, and it's certainly better than sending nothing at all.  But, imagine how your client will feel if a unique gift is special delivered to their home. You can still send the note of thanks, but send it along with something useful.  This is what closing gifts are all about - a way to say "thanks" and be remembered for years to come.

    Who Else Gets a Real Estate Closing Gift?

    Clients aren't the only ones who should receive closing gifts from your company.  You should also consider all those you've worked with throughout the sales or rental process.  There are closing lawyers, lending institutions, mortgage companies, home improvement specialists, appraisers, insurance agents, housekeepers, etc.  All those who contribute to making your real estate sales possible should receive a closing gift from you.  Also, don't forget to send a gift to those who refer others to you!

    Marketing Benefits of Real Estate Closing Gifts

    The benefits of giving closing gifts are tremendous.  One reason you'll want to make this a normal practice is it will increase your real estate referrals dramatically.  Imagine the increase in leads of potential buyers and sellers if you suddenly have everyone you work with referring you sincerely to others!

    The Wisconsin Cheeseman - Perfect Gift

    *The client refers you because the purchase went smoothly AND they received a lovely closing gift from you.

    *The closing attorney works with many people in real estate, even potential real estate buyers or sellers.  You're the real estate agent who stands out because you show such appreciation for the attorney.

    *The person who cleans the homes or apartments for you may have family and friends who are interested in buying, selling or renting a home.

    *The home improvement specialist makes repairs for you, and also for others who might be getting ready to sell their home.  Because of your thoughtfulness, you always come to mind when real estate conversations arise.

    Another benefit is the potential of repeat business when your clients get ready to buy, sell, build or rent again.  How you treat clients during and after the sale will make an everlasting impression.  A closing gift makes the final impression.

    More Benefits for Rental Property Managers

    If you're a rental property owner or manager, giving a housewarming gift basket to a tenant is a great way to say "thank you" and to let them know you'll be there when they need you.  This helps with both new tenant referrals and resident retention. You can also give gifts to those who work with you to clean or repair the rental property.  Your thoughtfulness will go a long way.

    With all the legal restrictions of marketing a real estate agency, you can't afford to miss this amazing opportunity.  Closing gifts can be an effective tool in building a solid foundation for your business!

    Wisconsin Cheese & Sausage Gift Baskets & Boxes

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    New Mother Gift Baskets, New mom, expectant mothers and moms-to-be gifts,

    new-mom-gifts-new-mother-gift-basketsNew mom gift ideas for new mothers experiencing the most wonderful event of their lives. Giving birth to her tender new baby can be beautified even more by your thoughtful New Mother Gifts.

    Sentimental, loving memories, associated with her newborn baby, are ever remembered in the life of the new mother. Remind her that you share her joy by showering her with pleasant, unique new mother gifts such as pamper bath, candles, flowers, Teddy Bears and relaxing gifts.

    Pampering gifts make wonderful presents for new moms who have so little time to themselves. New mom gifts, gift baskets, gift ideas and presents for moms and expectant mothers. Select from a large array of unique gifts designed for the new mom and presents for expectant mothers.

    PajamaGram (Vermont Teddy Bear Company)
  • Transition To Motherhood
  • Expectant Mothers Stress Management
  • Mother's Day Gift Baskets
  • New Mom Exhaustion
  • Baby Bath Time
  • New Mother Gift Ideas
  • Decorating New Baby Nursery

    Melissa Stanley writes..."Thank friend said it was the best gift she has ever received. Melissa Stanley
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  • Mother’s Day Gifts, Gift Baskets and Special Presents For Mom,

    Mother's Day Flowers In life you will only have one mother and she should always be remembered. You want her to know how much you love her now, not wonder if she ever knew. Mothers are there for you through thick and thin, and love you no matter what you do. Make sure your mom has a great Mother’s Day and keep the tradition flowing.

    Unique Gifts for Mom

    Mother’s Day Throughout the Years

    Mother’s Day is a special day of the year that we honor our own mothers. Whether you are preparing her breakfast in bed or helping the children make her hand printed cards that say, “I love you, Mom” or even taking the kids out for the day to leave mom at peace. It doesn’t matter what you do to show her you care, she‘ll know you do.

    The Earliest of Celebrations

    Mother’s Day is celebrated all around the world, it’s not just a U. S. tradition, actually it didn’t even begin in the United States but in Greece with the Greek Gods. In the ancient Greek Empire they would honor the Greek Goddess, Rhea, who was the mother of all Gods and Goddesses. They would begin picking flowers and eating honey cakes at dawn.

    In Rome, they would later celebrate, Cybele, a Mother Goddess. The celebration was called, “Hilaria” and it lasted for three whole days from March 15-18. Hilaria means a joyful celebration, this event was full of fun, dancing, drums and everyone dressed up in disguises.

    Christians celebrated “Mothering” on Lent, which was the fourth Sunday of the month. They did this to honor Mary, the mother of Christ. It would soon become a day that everyone stayed home to go to their church to honor the day.

    Mothering Sunday

    Things have changed a lot since the BC period, it has now become a day that we actually celebrate or honor our own mothers. England actually started what is called, “Mothering Sunday” back in the 1600’s for all moms. In England many of the poor families would send their children off to work for the rich as slaves and due to how far away they lived the slave would live there. But on Mothering Sunday, the fourth Sunday during Lent, they were given the weekend off to spend time with their own mothers on this special occasion. After Mothering Sunday the children would return to work and would not see their families again until Christmas rolled around. The tradition was to bring a Mothering Cake, also known as a Simnel Cake, flowers or some other small token of their affection. A Mothering Cake was a rich fruit cake with almond icing.

    Anna R. Jarvis - Anna R. Jarvis started campaigning in 1858 for what she called, “Mother’s Work Day.” This was to try to raise attention to the poor economic and health conditions the communities were living in, situations that affected the children. Anna died in 1905 before ever getting her dream of having a “Mother’s Work Day.” ....Click here to continue
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    Easter Flowers, Gifts, Bunny Baskets, Kids Presents

    Easter-gift-baskets-and-giftsEaster Gift Baskets, Unique Easter Basket Gifts and Presents to bring your family together and create beautiful Springtime memories.

    Send Easter Baskets, imaginative, practical Easter gifts and goodies. Find Easter Gift Ideas, select Easter gifts and presents. Chocolate Easter Bunnies and Eggs are only the beginning.
  • Easter Holiday Traditions
  • Easter Flowers and Gifts
  • More Easter Baskets
  • Easter Flowers
  • Easter Cookies
    bunniesEaster Decorating and Fun Easter ideas Easter fireplace and springtime decorating should be an important focal point in your home as Spring approaches. Here are some nearly-instant ideas for delightful springtime and Easter mantel decorating.

    bunniesMommy, Daddy, why does the Easter bunny bring us candy? Easter is a time to reflect on the gift of hope that we all have been given. Can the Easter Bunny be viewed as a reflection of that hope on a level which our children can somewhat understand?

    Easter Fun Trivia - Mary M. Alward
    - Over two billion dollars is spent on Easter candy each year in the US alone.74% of children eat the ears off their chocolate Easter bunny before eating any other part of it. 10% eat the feet first and 13% eat the tail first.The most popular Easter candy is chocolate eggs.The favorite flavor of Easter jellybeans is cherry, followed closely by strawberry. Each year there are 118 million Easter cards mailed world wide. In the US each year, there are over a million eggs found in Easter egg hunts.An Easter egg hunt is organized each year and takes place on the lawn of the White House.
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  • HOLIDAY GIFTS, Christmas Gift Baskets , Food, Cookies, Chocolates, Fruit and Teddy Bears

    buy gift baskets nowHolidays are perfect for showing family, friends, business associates and clients how much you appreciate them. Adorable Gift Baskets offers a large selection of elegantly designed holiday gifts making it easy to find the perfect gift to send you holiday wishes.

  • Holiday Food Gifts
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  • Nursing Home Holiday Gift Ideas
  • Shop Early For The Holidays and Save
  • Christmas Traditions; Gifts of Kings
  • Homemade Christmas Candy Recipes
  • Send a Gourmet Holiday Cake Today!
  • Unique Christmas Gifts
  • ChristmasFlowers

    Holiday Flowers
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