Unique Gift Ideas For Aficionados of All Kinds

Themed gift ideas are some of the easiest types of gifts to purchase. In fact, today there are all sorts of items manufactured with an impressive medley of themes, making it simple to create a cute, extraordinary-looking gift basket. It’s best to make a list of ideas before you begin your shopping to avoid getting distracted and forgetting about something that you wanted to include in the gift basket.. Some ideas are presented below for various aficionados of all kinds. Simply purchase as many of the suggested or similar items as you can afford and a basket that will hold them.

Themed Gift Ideas

  • Gift ideas for the weather buff: a weather calendar, a book on weather-related topics, a weather-themed coffee mug, a weather vane, wind chimes, sun dial, outside thermometer, weather-themed wall art, and a DVD on hurricanes, storm series, or worst winter storms. Purchase a gift basket that will hold all of the items.
  • Gift ideas for  the traveler: a membership in AAA, a recently compiled collection of regional maps, and a few handy travel items, including a roll of quarters, flashlight, and first aid kit. You can either place the items in a large gift basket with a small duffle bag or you can purchase a large backpack to hold all of the gifts.
  • Gift ideas for  the gardener: a colorful array of new gardening supplies, books, and plants. Every gardener can use replacement tools after years of use so don’t worry that they might already have them.
  • Gift ideas for the fisherman: a deluxe tackle box, stuff to put inside the tackle box, a few books or DVDs on fishing, and a t-shirt with a fishing related theme.
  • Gift ideas for the deep-sea fisherman: a few tickets for fishing excursions throughout the season, DVDs about deep-sea fishing, and a fishing cap.
  • Gift ideas for the person with a new part-time career: items that will come in handy on the new job such as coupons for local eateries, date book, and stationary.
  • Gift ideas for the grandparent: a few photograph albums and journals, tickets or membership to a kid’s museum located near the grandchildren, coffee mugs stenciled with "grandparent," or key rings that have grandparent on them.
  • Gift ideas for the shut in: a year of premium television channels, prepaid membership to a book-a-month club, a month’s supply of canned goods, or a bunch of jigsaw puzzles.
  • Gift ideas for the college student: phone cards, snacks, stationary, gift cards, gift baskets filled with goodies, or prepaid memberships to movie theaters or local gyms.
  • Gift ideas for the tech-savvy individual: gift certificates to computer stores, computer software, or computer peripherals such as speakers and external hard drives.
  • Gift ideas for children: story books, videos or DVDs, music CDs, board games, computer games, toys, or gift cards.

Simply think about the kind of gifts  that you like and that you would like to receive. Then, think about the individual whom you are purchasing a gift for and try to come up with a unique spin on the type of gifts that they like. Include gift receipts whenever possible, just in case the gift recipient already has the item.

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