Four Easy Choices for a Hassle-Free Picnic

g-grand-indulgence-giftsThis article offers easy suggestions for a picnic any time of the year. The beauty of this list is that there is no planning required. Just take this article with you to the store and grab the items off the shelf. When you are at the store, you may find another item on the same shelf that you like better. Go ahead and grab it! Think of these ideas as jump-starters for picnic success.

These foods have been chosen carefully because they are inexpensive and do not require refrigeration. This is the perfect solution for a long car ride to your picnic destination. The only other items required are: a cooler with ice (for the drinks), plastic silverware, plates, cups, and napkins.

The first food is the appetizer of crackers and spreadable cheese. You can find an assortment of tasty, nonperishable cheeses in cans or jars at your grocery store. If you have packed a plastic knife, the cheese is easy to spread, but a fork or knife will also do the trick.

The second is food that does not require refrigeration. You can pack a loaf of bread, a bunch of fresh bananas, and a jar of peanut butter. For a yummy sandwich, spread one or two pieces of bread with peanut butter. Then add a layer of sliced banana pieces (like pepperonis on a pizza) in the middle. Some people might even prefer the added touch of a layer of mayonnaise on this sandwich.

The third item is a tray of fresh cut vegetables and a non-perishable container of French onion dip. If you are serving avid snackers, grab two or three containers of dip and a couple of bags of potato chips. French onion dip tastes great with potato chips. If you are anticipating guests with lactose intolerance, be sure to also grab a container of bean dip.

The dessert idea is simply selecting your favorite assortment of cookies (such as peanut butter or sugar cookies) from the dry goods aisle or the bakery. Cookies are popular among many eaters, and most cookies do not require refrigeration.

These recommended items should be easy to pick up in one quick trip to the grocery store. You can go on a spontaneous picnic and forget the trouble of meal planning. Don’t forget to pick up your favorite beverages to round out the meal. Enjoy your hassle-free picnic with easy cleanup and only dry food containers to bring home.

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