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10 Characteristics of the Perfect Gift Basket

g-Metropolitan-Food-Gift-BasketGift baskets are unique, personal, and cater to certain needs or occasions.  Most gift baskets have a particular theme that's just right for holidays,anniversaries,birthdays,sympathy, or special celebrations. Outlined below are 10 characteristics of the perfect gift basket.  You can compare gift baskets while shopping using these thoughtful distinctions to find that perfect gift for your loved one.

1.  Gift Basket Appropriate for the Occasion

Since gift baskets often haveunique themes, be sure the one you choose fits the occasion.  For example, you wouldn't send a bubbly, cheery gift basket meant for a surprise birthday gift to someone who has a terminal illness. Instead, you might choose an inspirational gift basket with some goodies and inspirational reading materials. You wouldn't give a bath-and-beauty gift basket to someone who's just lost a loved one.  You would likely give them a gift designed specifically forbereavement.

2. Gift Basket Filled with High-Quality Products and Goodies

Find food gift baskets that are filled with high quality items and foods.  Look for brand name goodies when buying a basket with chocolates, cookies, coffee, candies, cheeses, and other gourmet food items. Also, look for baskets with other high quality products such as lotions, soaps, candles, bath-n-body products, toys, teddy bears, books, etc.  You might pay a little more for better quality, but your loved one will appreciate the careful choosing of their gift.

3.  Personalized Gift Basket

Gift baskets should be personalized to fit the recipient's likes.  At Adorable Gift Baskets, you will find hundreds of basket styles and assortments to choose from so it's easier now than ever to find just the right one. You can cater to their wants and needs all in one basket. Look for a theme that best suits them.  The gift basket might contain candy or chocolate, gourmet foods, soup, wine and cheese, coffee, an inspirational book or book of poems, business items, gift certificates, "breakfast in bed" foods, spa therapy products, baby products, kids' stuff, and many other great gifts.

4. Gift Basket that Cheers or Pampers Someone

The perfect gift basket will cheer and pamper your loved one. It will bring a smile, laughter, or uplift the soul in times of need. It will say "I love you" or "I'm thinking of you" on any special occasion. It will cheer the heart of a loved one who lives far away or a friend who's near and dear to your heart.

5.  Gift Basket Creates a Desire to Indulge

Your gift should be so delightful that it causes your loved one to be anxious about opening it and indulging in all the wonderful goodies within. The assortment of gourmet cookies or goodies should look, smell, and taste delicious.  Choose a gift that shouts "open me now and enjoy!"

6.  Gift Basket Makes Recipient Feel Loved and Appreciated

A well-chosen gift basket causes your loved one to feel loved and appreciated.  When you take the time to carefully choose a basket with all their favorite items, it lets them know that you took the time to be thoughtful of them.  They’ll know you truly want to meet their needs and bring happiness know matter what the occasion.

7. Gift Basket Packaged with Unique Detail and Delight

Packaging is one aspect that makes a gift basket really special.  Gifts can be packaged carelessly with no organization or thought, or they can be packaged with special care and creativity. Choose a gift basket that is packaged well with all the frills and designs to make it unique.  Look for colors and designs that your loved one would likely prefer. Be sure you can include a personal note to your loved one if you plan to order online and wish to have it delivered directly to their home.

8. Gift Basket Displays Generosity

Be generous with your gift.  Avoid shopping by price only, but spend a little more to get a quality basket that your friend or loved one will adore.  Consider shopping online at Adorable Gift Baskets to save gas money and time so you can spend a little more for a beautiful gift basket. You might find some great bargains around the holidays or a great free shipping offer on ahigh quality basket.

9.  Gift Basket Surprises the Recipient

Gift baskets can be sent to your loved ones as a surprise gift for their birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or other occasion. Have the basket delivered to their home unexpectedly or leave it on their desk at work when they're not around.  They'll be surprised when they see a gorgeous basket with all their favorite goodies!

10.  A Gift Basket Your Loved One Can Actually Use   

 Choose a gift basket  with useful items and delicious goodies that your loved one, and all those around them, can enjoy.

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