10 Characteristics of the Perfect Gift Basket

g-Metropolitan-Food-Gift-BasketGift baskets are unique, personal, and cater to certain needs or occasions.  Most gift baskets have a particular theme that's just right for holidays,anniversaries,birthdays,sympathy, or special celebrations. Outlined below are 10 characteristics of the perfect gift basket.  You can compare gift baskets while shopping using these thoughtful distinctions to find that perfect gift for your loved one.

1.  Gift Basket Appropriate for the Occasion

Since gift baskets often haveunique themes, be sure the one you choose fits the occasion.  For example, you wouldn't send a bubbly, cheery gift basket meant for a surprise birthday gift to someone who has a terminal illness. Instead, you might choose an inspirational gift basket with some goodies and inspirational reading materials. You wouldn't give a bath-and-beauty gift basket to someone who's just lost a loved one.  You would likely give them a gift designed specifically forbereavement.

2. Gift Basket Filled with High-Quality Products and Goodies

Find food gift baskets that are filled with high quality items and foods.  Look for brand name goodies when buying a basket with chocolates, cookies, coffee, candies, cheeses, and other gourmet food items. Also, look for baskets with other high quality products such as lotions, soaps, candles, bath-n-body products, toys, teddy bears, books, etc.  You might pay a little more for better quality, but your loved one will appreciate the careful choosing of their gift.

3.  Personalized Gift Basket

Gift baskets should be personalized to fit the recipient's likes.  At Adorable Gift Baskets, you will find hundreds of basket styles and assortments to choose from so it's easier now than ever to find just the right one. You can cater to their wants and needs all in one basket. Look for a theme that best suits them.  The gift basket might contain candy or chocolate, gourmet foods, soup, wine and cheese, coffee, an inspirational book or book of poems, business items, gift certificates, "breakfast in bed" foods, spa therapy products, baby products, kids' stuff, and many other great gifts.

4. Gift Basket that Cheers or Pampers Someone

The perfect gift basket will cheer and pamper your loved one. It will bring a smile, laughter, or uplift the soul in times of need. It will say "I love you" or "I'm thinking of you" on any special occasion. It will cheer the heart of a loved one who lives far away or a friend who's near and dear to your heart.

5.  Gift Basket Creates a Desire to Indulge

Your gift should be so delightful that it causes your loved one to be anxious about opening it and indulging in all the wonderful goodies within. The assortment of gourmet cookies or goodies should look, smell, and taste delicious.  Choose a gift that shouts "open me now and enjoy!"

6.  Gift Basket Makes Recipient Feel Loved and Appreciated

A well-chosen gift basket causes your loved one to feel loved and appreciated.  When you take the time to carefully choose a basket with all their favorite items, it lets them know that you took the time to be thoughtful of them.  They’ll know you truly want to meet their needs and bring happiness know matter what the occasion.

7. Gift Basket Packaged with Unique Detail and Delight

Packaging is one aspect that makes a gift basket really special.  Gifts can be packaged carelessly with no organization or thought, or they can be packaged with special care and creativity. Choose a gift basket that is packaged well with all the frills and designs to make it unique.  Look for colors and designs that your loved one would likely prefer. Be sure you can include a personal note to your loved one if you plan to order online and wish to have it delivered directly to their home.

8. Gift Basket Displays Generosity

Be generous with your gift.  Avoid shopping by price only, but spend a little more to get a quality basket that your friend or loved one will adore.  Consider shopping online at Adorable Gift Baskets to save gas money and time so you can spend a little more for a beautiful gift basket. You might find some great bargains around the holidays or a great free shipping offer on ahigh quality basket.

9.  Gift Basket Surprises the Recipient

Gift baskets can be sent to your loved ones as a surprise gift for their birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or other occasion. Have the basket delivered to their home unexpectedly or leave it on their desk at work when they're not around.  They'll be surprised when they see a gorgeous basket with all their favorite goodies!

10.  A Gift Basket Your Loved One Can Actually Use   

 Choose a gift basket  with useful items and delicious goodies that your loved one, and all those around them, can enjoy.

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Holiday Gift Basket Ideas, perfect holiday gift basket for everyone on your shopping list.

a-new-california-food-collect-gift-basketJust by exploring different avenues of your imagination, you can come up with many ideas for making the perfect Christmas basket. To begin with, you need to first decide who you are creating the gift basket for. Next you want to get an idea of something that person really likes. A gift basket that is put together with a certain person in mind according to what they like, shows you put forth an effort to picking out the perfect gift. You will find that the baskets are more appreciated if you spend a little time on putting them together.

For example, if you are putting together a gift basket for your thirteen year old niece, and her favorite things are makeup and music, you have many different ways to go. You could start off with picking out her favorite bottle of perfume, and then add several different shades of nail polish. You could then pick out a large bottle of fruity bubble bath, since this is a favorite when it comes to gifts for women. Find out her favorite music artist and finish the basket off with a couple CD’s by her favorite artist.

If you are putting together gift baskets for a large number of family members, or acquaintances, you may want to consider cooking. You could whip up a batch of homemade peanut brittle and wrap pieces individually. Next you can make your famous chocolate brownies. Chocolate chip cookies are another holiday favorite as well as hand decorated sugar cookies. Amish friendship bread can finish the basket off. Wrap your homemade goodies in red and green plastic wrap. Finish off the baskets by adding holiday bows. This way you can kill two birds with one stone. You just make enough goodies to fill several baskets at once.

Should you need a holiday gift basket for an office party, you could start off with a nice bottle of sparkling cider. You could then create a fresh fruit basket by adding several apples and oranges to the basket. Next, add some green and red seedless grapes for color, and to keep with the theme. Finish the basket with a chocolate dipping sauce or add chocolate dipped strawberries.

What about needing a gift basket for a man or male teenager? Most all teenage boys these days have some sort of gaming system that rules the TV after homework is done. You are going to want to find out what type of game system they have and a name of a game they may be interest in. Start you basket with that game. The newest rage with teenage boys after gaming systems is magazines about the games. These magazines contain codes that allow them to find different passageways to the games. Add a gaming magazine to your basket. Next, you can pick out a tee shirt that you think he would like. You can finish the gift basket with his favorite cologne.

These are just a few ideas on putting together the perfect holiday gift basket. You can come up with a million more yourself. Keep in mind that people all like different things. If you design a basket according to the persons likes, you will get an instantaneous smile. This will make the person feel special that you took the time to put together a basket just for them. The holidays are about making people feel special.

Four Easy Choices for a Hassle-Free Picnic

g-grand-indulgence-giftsThis article offers easy suggestions for a picnic any time of the year. The beauty of this list is that there is no planning required. Just take this article with you to the store and grab the items off the shelf. When you are at the store, you may find another item on the same shelf that you like better. Go ahead and grab it! Think of these ideas as jump-starters for picnic success.

These foods have been chosen carefully because they are inexpensive and do not require refrigeration. This is the perfect solution for a long car ride to your picnic destination. The only other items required are: a cooler with ice (for the drinks), plastic silverware, plates, cups, and napkins.

The first food is the appetizer of crackers and spreadable cheese. You can find an assortment of tasty, nonperishable cheeses in cans or jars at your grocery store. If you have packed a plastic knife, the cheese is easy to spread, but a fork or knife will also do the trick.

The second is food that does not require refrigeration. You can pack a loaf of bread, a bunch of fresh bananas, and a jar of peanut butter. For a yummy sandwich, spread one or two pieces of bread with peanut butter. Then add a layer of sliced banana pieces (like pepperonis on a pizza) in the middle. Some people might even prefer the added touch of a layer of mayonnaise on this sandwich.

The third item is a tray of fresh cut vegetables and a non-perishable container of French onion dip. If you are serving avid snackers, grab two or three containers of dip and a couple of bags of potato chips. French onion dip tastes great with potato chips. If you are anticipating guests with lactose intolerance, be sure to also grab a container of bean dip.

The dessert idea is simply selecting your favorite assortment of cookies (such as peanut butter or sugar cookies) from the dry goods aisle or the bakery. Cookies are popular among many eaters, and most cookies do not require refrigeration.

These recommended items should be easy to pick up in one quick trip to the grocery store. You can go on a spontaneous picnic and forget the trouble of meal planning. Don’t forget to pick up your favorite beverages to round out the meal. Enjoy your hassle-free picnic with easy cleanup and only dry food containers to bring home.

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Great Gift Ideas for Grandparents Who Have Everything

Surpassing preteens as the most difficult to buy for at the holidays, are our grandmas, grandpas and other seniors we know. They already seem to have everything they could possibly need or want. Vases, clocks, figurines and nice towels fill every room. When you ask them what they want for Christmas, they might tell you that they just want health and happiness for their family, or nothing at all, because they already have everything they need. As sweet as their answers can be, you still want to show them your love at the holidays, birthdays, Grandparent's Day, anniversaries, Easter and all occasions with a special gift.

Try some of the following gift ideas:

Gift Certificates. Encourage them to treat themselves by getting them a gift certificate in any amount within your budget. The great thing about these is that you know they will be able to select exactly what they want and will use and that they will think of you when they do. For a bonus, try to spend an afternoon taking them out to their favorite place yourself. You both will enjoy the time together.

Gourmet Gift Baskets. It is so easy to find a variety of delightful gift baskets to please any taste buds. There are also plenty of baskets which cater to certain diet restrictions, or conditions, in case you are worried about getting them something they can't eat. Try searching our online gift catalog for some great gift ideas. Send grandma and grandpa delicious cheese, fruit, crackers, teas, chocolates and jams. Just browse through our gourmet food gifts to find tasty snack food gift baskets, care packages, fresh baked cookies and a huge variety unique gift ideas. A thoughtfully selected gift basket is a gift which you know they will be sure to savor.

Flowers and Plants. You can sign them up for a flower of the month which will send them gorgeous bouquets every month, or every other month. Having fresh arrangements delivered to their home will fill them with happiness and warmth. For green thumb grandparent, you can do plants or send them a gardening gift basket as well.

So, maybe Grandpa has everything, but what grandfather wouldn't love to receive an antique gift chest filled with tasty snacks and treats. And grandmother is sure to enjoy a relaxing gift basket filled with bath and body products to help her relax. new set of pajamas once a year? Splurge on high-quality picnic basket filled with delicious picnic foods and sparkling cider. Or, buy them a good bedside book to polish off the bedtime package.

Coffee Gift Baskets are favorite gifts for grandparents. Grandmothers especially enjoy our charmingteapot gift baskets filled with all flavors of gourmet tea, tea cookies and goodies.

Is grandpa a sports fan? Then he's sure to enjoy one of our unique sports gift baskets. Golfing, fishing, football, racing fan; you will be able to find him the perfect gift to fit his interest.

Whatever you do buy, have fun with it. When in doubt, go with something practical you know they will use, or with something simple like flowers. Most grandparents will agree that they just want to spend time with their families, so make sure that you don't stress about their gifts. Enjoy the Christmas holidays with them, celebrate their birthday or anniversary with them, and they will always consider that the best gift.

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Holiday Gift Shop, Discount Coupons, Christmas Presents, Gifts, Gourmet Food and Fruit Gift Baskets, Chocolates, Cookies

discount-coupons-holiday-giftsThe Holidays Are Near - As soon as the weather turns colder our hearts jump up with the warm feeling of the holiday season and the excitement of gifts, fruits, sweets and cheer fill our minds. More than ever before, we wish to make the time of year more enjoyable, happier, much more beautiful and colorful than all the rest of the year combined.

Adorable Gift Baskets online holiday gift selection provides you with so many different gifts, gift baskets and incredible gift ideas for memorable holiday gift-giving this festive season. Our complete holiday gift catalog affords you the opportunity to make the best holiday gift selections of great value and unsurpassed elegance.

Remember Holidays Past when each year it was the same old drill of pushing your way through crowded shopping malls to find your gifts, standing in long checkout lines, dragging home pounds of luggage that had to be wrapped and standing in long lines at the post office. Well, great news, those days are long gone. We have taken the pain out of holiday shopping for you.

Online Holiday Gift Shopping at Adorable Gift Baskets is safe and secure enabling you to find perfect gift selections fast and easy. Shopping at Adorable Gift Baskets is a wonderful experience keeping you safe and comfortable in your own home or at your office. Simply point and click. We do the rest and you get all the credit.

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Thank You Gift Ideas for Expressing Gratitude, Recognition, Appreciation and Thanks

g-thank-you-gift-boxThank you gift baskets are one of the most significant gestures to express ones appreciation, demonstrate recognition or to reward a contribution. Thank you gifts are often overlooked as a way to impress the other. Thank you gift ideas include gift baskets filled with gourmet food, fresh fruit, snacks, candy and thoughtful gifts that delight the person with much appreciation.

Thank you gift ideas vary for different occasions and individuals. In a business, for example, a thank you gift is perfect for your client after negotiations and can be a basket of fruit, bouquet full of flowers or a gourmet food basket.

A show of appreciation for staff members in a company is extremely important. Gifts of appreciation encourage employee loyalty and helps to ensure the futuristic growth of the company. Thank you gift ideas for the employees can be something which they enjoy such as a book gift, movie theme or snacks, relaxation gifts, a live plant or fresh cut flowers.

Your thank you gift should always be something which exceeds the expectation of the recipient. Gift baskets are affordable and the most popular of thank you gift ideas for the corporate employees.

Thank you gift ideas for your friends can be gift baskets of sweets, chocolates, cheese, cookies, gift towers etc. As per my opinion there aren’t many folks who don't like chocolates, and that may be the reason why everybody embraces chocolate as one of their perfect thank you gift ideas.

Giving praise and thanks for a specific task as soon as possible as the event occurs is the most effective way of conveying your gratitude. Adorable Gift Baskets offers the most memorable thank you gift baskets for clients, personal and corporate gift giving with fast delivery.
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Reindeer Food for Santa's Reindeer; A Gift For Kids To Give

reindeerThis week we’re going to talk about reindeer food. What do you leave out for Santa’s reindeer on Christmas Eve? I usually leave a couple of carrots near Santa’s milk and cookies for him to give to the reindeer when he returns to the sleigh.

I’ve been thinking this over and the reindeer must be getting very tired of carrots. So I thought about what else reindeer might like to eat and I came up with a recipe. I also thought that children might like to eat some sort of reindeer Christmas treat. The following recipes are what I came up with.

Reindeer Food; What you will need:

  • 2 cups of oatmeal
  • ¼ cup brown sugar (if you don't have brown sugar, you may substitute white, however, brown is better for the reindeer.)
  • ½ cup carrots, finely diced
  • 2 tablespoons of cake sprinkles
  • Water

    What to do:

  • Mix all the ingredients together in a medium sized mixing bowl.
  • Add water a bit at a time and mix with your hands. When the mixture is crumbly, you are finished.
  • On Christmas Eve, spread the mixture across the front lawn for Santa’s reindeer.

    They will be able to have their snack while Santa is putting your gifts under the tree and enjoying his milk and cookies. The oats in the recipe will give Santa's reindeer lots of energy for their trip.

    Now for a snack for the good girls and boys on Santa’s list. This is fun and you will enjoy both making and eating these delicious muffins.

    Reindeer Muffins; What you will need:

  • 1 package of oatmeal muffin mix
  • ¼ cup of shredded carrots (be sure and shred them finely)
  • 2 chocolate chips (raisins can be substituted) for each muffin
  • chocolate icing
  • maraschino cherry for each muffin
  • red licorice

    What to do:

  • Make muffin mix according to the package directions
  • Add ¼ cup of shredded carrots
  • Bake according to package directions.
  • When muffins are done, remove them from the oven and let cool.
  • Ice with chocolate frosting. Add a cherry for the nose, chocolate chips or raisins for the eyes and 2 small pieces of red licorice for the antlers. Delicious!!!

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